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Mournful Congregation - Biography




Mournful Congregation is a doom metal band from Loxton, South Australia, Australia which was founded in 1993, and has included members of Chalice, though none of the founding members were ever a apart of the band. They have funeral doom metal and death/doom metal influences.

The music is mainly driven by very slow, depressing guitar harmonies, occasionally mixed with acoustic guitar and is further characterized by minimal drums, and growled and whispered vocals. The main lyrical themes are personal spirituality, mysticism and depression/doom.

In the 1990s they released several demos; the last of these re-released as an LP in 2002. All these are included with the single "The Epitome of Gods and Men Alike" on the double CD The Dawning of Mournful Hymns. This was followed by the release of another 7" titled "A Slow March to the Burial". 2005 saw the release of The Monad of Creation, although most of the material is much older, some even dates back to 1994.

2009 saw both their first live performance as well as a new full length album, The June Frost.