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Secret Sphere - Biography



Secret Sphere start for an idea of Aldo Lonobile, on July 1997. The first line-up features Aldo Lonobile (guitar), Andrea Buratto (bass), Cristiano Scagliotti (drums), Gianmaria Saggi (guitar), and Ramon (vocals). After many changes finally on December 97 the band finds stability with two new members: Antonio Agate (keyboards) and Paco Gianotti (guitar). The music that Secret Sphere love and begin to play takes inspiration from Hard Rock, Melodic Metal and classical music. In their lyrics you can meet fantasy atmospheres and real life moments. On September 1998 there is the first concrete step for Secret Sphere; they record their first demo "Between Story and Legend". After it Cristiano Scagliotti leaves the band to be immediately replaced by Luca Cartasegna. This line-up is the last one. The demo is very well reviewed everywhere final and actual line-up, since 1998(also top demo on Metal Hammer), so that after few days it catches the attention of Elevate Records. On June 1999 they record at Luigi Stefanini's New Sin Studios (Labyrinth, Eldrich, Domine, White Skull) their first full length CD, "Mistress of The Shadowlight". After the success of "Mistress of the Shadowlight" (especially in Japan, France, Brazil and Chile) and some live shows across Italy, they start recording on June 2000 the song "How many tears" for the Helloween tribute "Keepers of Jericho" for "ARISE RECORDS" that features many international big names (Metallium, Heaven's Gate, Sonata Artica, Labyrinth, Rhapsody and many more). Four months later they record the new album "A Time Nevercome" once more at New Sin Studios. It was top album on almost all heavy metal magazines for personality and originality as well as taste and good production. The sound is quite different, more energetic than before, and surely more mature; they play now heavy metal in many of its facets; the choirs are sung by Roberto Bruccoleri (Projecto), Terence Holler (Eldritch) and Francesca Ferrara. On early 2001, Secret Sphere are contacted by Hard Staff management and after a short time they play with Kiko Lorueiro (from Angra) in a couple of live shows. On 9th March they prepare a party for the release of "A Time Nevercome"; many musicians for a big jam session are invited, as well as two "interesting" lap-dancers; sex, love and passions in general are gonna be two of the main inspirating themes for the band... After some gigs, 2002 is the year of two promo sent all around the world, so Secret Sphere have now the best engagement of their story: Nuclear Blast. The third album sees the light on May, 19th 2003. Recordings take place in Italy (Mirage and AlfaΩ Studios), mix and mastering in Germany (House Of Music, with Achim Kholer, same producer of Sinner, Primal Fear, Brainstorm); talking about choirs and collaborations it's up to some very good italian professionists such as Vera Quarleri (vocalist with Franco Battiato), the sopran Gabry Selvaggio, Nadia Lanfranconi and the singer of the metal band Morgana, Marco Mesemi. The sound is now more rich and open minded, with the technique of metal and the feeling of rock. After the release of Scent Of Human Desire Secret Sphere immediately began to work on the following album, that will be one of the most important and articulate job, concerning composition, organization and music collaborations. The end of 2004 sees the split with the drummer Luca Cartasegna, which worked with the band for the first 3 albums, due to different tastes and points of view; the band and Luca are still great friends and now everything goes well for both. Ready to start again with a new member, the band records at the end with a good professionist, Daniel Flores, already drummer of the Swedish prog-metallers Minds Eye. The relationship starts as an engage for the recording session but soon becomes a friendship! In February the album is totally recorded, it is called Heart & Anger, 13 songs which recall the first power influence of the band, the fast songs mixed with melody, a symphonic aspect then that has finally a very important role, thanks to the participation of a 50 members symphonic orchestra, an ensamble formed for this special occasion that will be called Secret Symphony Orchestra under direction of Luigi Cociglio and supervision of Diana Tizzani, including some musicians from Alla Scala theatre, and many others which loves metal music as well! The graphic and web design are as always by Mwbdesign and Simona Adrian.