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The story of Norway"s most peculiar band, IN THE WOODS..., began in 1992. Several individuals gathered forces in the autumn of that year, with the common quest to connect sounds and thoughts into musical compositions. The "Isle of Men" demo, which sold more than 3.000 copies world-wide, followed in 1992 and conceived co-operation with Misanthropy Records. In 1994, IN THE WOODS..." first full length album, "Heart of the Ages", was released. It contains seven symphonies, the style of which ranges from progressive Heathen Metal over Black Metal influences to classical music and features many different vocal styles. Thus it"s impossible to label the art of these Norse pagans as one particular style of music.

In autumn 1996 the band headlined the very succesful "Autumn Wilderness" European tour, with support from Katatonia. In 1996, IN THE WOODS... returned with the phenomenal follow-up "Omnio". The praise of the bands debut leaves it speaking for itself and, likewise, "Omnio" does the same, highlighting the bands musical maturity and development, compositional expertise, and broadened approach into much more progressive and individual fields.

"Omnio" is a journey in five parts, melodically hypnotic while aggressive and pure: A soundtrack to the rise and fall of mankind. February 1999 brings their third full-length album, "Strange In Stereo"... a soundscape journey of longer than an hour, tinged with moderate psychedelia and emotion.

In spring 2000, IN THE WOODS... released their fourth album "Three times seven on a pilgrimage" on Prophecy Productions. It is a concept album of the great psychedelic music from the 60"s and 70"s also including great interpretations of Jefferson Airplane"s "White Rabbit", Pink Floyd"s "Let there be more Light", Sid Vicious" "If it"s in me" and King Crimson"s "Epitaph".

In autumn 2000, IN THE WOODS... decided to end the band in order to take care of their other projects. In December 2000 they played a final concert in Kristiansand, Norway and fans from all over Europe (from Greece and even from Peru) travelled to this fantastic event. A live album of this final gig was released in September 2003 - an ultimate farewell to this unique band...