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Suicidal Angels - Biography



Suicidal Angels was the personal vision of Nick Mellisourgos and was formed back in 2001. Since then, many line-up changes took place until the synthesis of the current, as of 2006, stable line up.

The musical path Suicidal Angels followed since day one led them to the realm of thrash metal; something that hasn't and won't change! A few months after formation, Suicidal Angels record their first two demos, "United By Hate" (2002) and "Angels' Sacrifice" (2003). Many underground gigs followed these releases and the Greek metal fans gradually became acquainted with the band's music.

The band continued working on new material and, as a result, the third Suicidal Angels demo came to life, entitled "The Calm Before The Storm" (April 2004). That demo was distributed to various metal magazines and fanzines throughout Europe and received some very good reviews. The band's first EP, "Bloodthirsty Humanity", was released in September 2004 and provided the audience with hints that Suicidal Angels were here to stay. The reviews that "Bloodthirsty Humanity" received were a lot more praising and encouraging than all previous reviews on the band's music. The EP was top-picked by "Metal Hammer" magazine (Greek edition), among other releases of Greek unsigned bands, stating that "Suicidal Angels belong among the most promising bands Greece has to offer."

As the band is on a record deal pursuit, Suicidal Angels record a four-song mini CD, called "Armies of Hell" (November 2005). This release was distributed by "Evil Records", an independent label, and drew the attention of both fans and press, in Europe and the US. Worldwide reviews stated that a new Greek thrash force is rising and rewarded the band with words of praise for "Armies of Hell".

The band's continuous efforts impressed California-based label OSM Records, which approached the band after its CEO, Patrick Ramseier, listened to "Armies of Hell". The band was offered a record deal and in October 2006, Suicidal Angels and OSM Records agreed to co-operate for a full-length record. The release of the new Suicidal Angels album was scheduled for summer of 2007.

After intense rehearsing and song-writing, the band enters the studio in December 2006 to record its first ever full-length album. The result was "Eternal Domination"; a pure old-school thrash metal record that contains eleven high-speed, aggressive and technical songs. To achieve the best sound quality, mixing and mastering were handled by Colin Davis (of the American death metal heroes Vile) at Imperial Mastering studios in Los Angeles, California. "Eternal Domination" hit the stores on July 16th, 2007. The feedback this album has received up to now is highly positive.


What Suicidal Angels love the most is performing live. The band has acquired much experience by performing live all over Europe and pays extra attention in being as professional as it can on stage, as well as in sending pure thrash energy vibes to the audience.

In the early days Suicidal Angels performed in countless underground gigs in Greece. In January 2005, Suicidal Angels gave their first concert abroad, when they where invited to perform a headlining show in Bucharest, Romania, something impressive enough for an unsigned band that had released only one EP and some demos. The next show abroad took place on May 15th, 2005, when Suicidal Angels invaded Malbork, Poland (in the region of Gdansk) as co-headliners with Polish masters Supreme Lord at the "Malbork Metal Days" festival.

International appearances kept coming. On July 1st, 2006, Suicidal Angels performed another co-headlining show, this time at "Thrash 'Till Death" festival, in Wendessen, Germany. The audience reactions to the band's show were really outstanding and Suicidal Angels couldn't have imagined a better treatment from the German fans. That night Suicidal Angels were co-headliners with Vendetta, and shared the stage with bands such as Jaguar and Eure Erben (ex-Darkness).

Suicidal Angels have also supported a lot of major metal bands. The very first gig as a support act took place on October 17th, 2004, when the band supported the legendary German old-school thrashers Tankard. Since then, many more concerts followed. Suicidal Angels supported heavy metal legends Anvil at their last visit in Greece. Moreover, the band played a gig supporting Napalm Death and Onslaught, giving Onslaught such an impression that made them consider Suicidal Angels for their future tour plans.

The band also supported Paul Speckmann's Master at their visit in Greece, on May 18th, 2007. Two days later, the band gave its most important gig: On May 20th, 2007, Suicidal Angels shared the stage with Kreator and Celtic Frost in front of 1500 people, leaving the best impression both to the audience and the bands. It was a performance which made Mille Petrozza appear with a Suicidal Angels t-shirt on stage and make a special statement for them before Kreator's encore.

Ten days later, on May 30th, 2007, Suicidal Angels visited Sofia, Bulgaria, to support the Polish masters Behemoth. The Bulgarian fans treated the band as if they were headliners, leaving it utterly shocked with their reactions.


In April 2007, Suicidal Angels toured along with black metal legends Rotting Christ, as part of the Eastern Europe leg of Christ's European tour, visiting countries such as Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia. The tour also included a sold-out show in Kozani, Greece, a city in which the band didn't have the chance to perform in the past.

Moreover, Suicidal Angels were chosen to support the death / thrash legends Massacre for the biggest part of their reunion tour in Europe, called "The Reanimated Tour 2007", which took place in November 2007. Suicidal Angels performed in the following countries: Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom and Ireland. They toured along with respected bands, such as Denial Fiend and Extreme Noise Terror. Massacre's frontman, Kam Lee, was pretty impressed by the band's sound, making statements like: "I'm looking forward to touring with Suicidal Angels this Fall? these guys bring back that death / thrash style and sound that just rips your head from your neck and delivers a gut wrenching blow to your balls!!!"

Touring activities don't stop here, though. Suicidal Angels have been chosen by Onslaught to be part of their upcoming tour, along with Carnal Forge, in March / April 2008. The tour will pass through Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, FYROM and Bosnia & Herzegowina.


Although it hasn't been a long time since "Eternal Domination" hit the stores, Suicidal Angels are working on new material for their second full-length album, having already composed some songs of pure old-school thrash metal feeling. The band will promote "Eternal Domination" by touring and performing as many shows as possible in Europe and, hopefully, the USA. One more tour has already been booked, as mentioned above, and there has also been contact with many festival promoters in order for Suicidal Angels to participate in many festivals next summer.

(source: Official Band Biography for Publication)