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Classical black metal telling remarkable tales. Legends in symphonic compositions. Romanticism in its coldest form combined with bombastic thrash metal. Carach Angren is like a broadly arranged, melodic and atmospheric black metal theater.

In 2003 Carach Angren (meaning "irons jaws") was formed in the southern regions of Limburg (NL) by two members of Vaultage. With Carach Angren's rising popularity, Vaultage was forced to dissolve.

The band chose a classical, storytelling approach in the broad genre: their sound is characterized by symphonic arrangements. Why? Because this element is the perfect score for the stories that are told. Since their first EP, The Chase Vault Tragedy, the band has worked with concepts instead of separate songs. The concept of the EP is a 17th century family vault on the island of Barbados. Each time a burial was added to the vault, people found the older graves disordered and disturbed. Investigations did not lead to any logical cause, which raised speculations of possible paranormal phenomena. Carach Angren picked up on this story and brought it to life in their unique way through lyrics and music.

The fascination for the paranormal resurfaced on the following release: Ethereal Veiled Existence, a remarkable story told in 5 songs. The strange occurrences around one of the most spectacular photographs of a ghost ever taken are the basis for this mini-CD.

In 2007 independent label Maddening Media picked up the haunting echoes of these well-received demos. They granted abode to the Dutch wraiths of Carach Angren and decided it was time for their first full-length release. The recording for Lammendam, another concept album (about the ghost of a lady in white), was done throughout July/August and November of 2007. The finishing touches were added in January 2008, which completed the album.

In August 2009, Carach Angren re-entered the TidalWave studio to record their sophomore shocker, entitled Death Came Through A Phantom Ship, an album of naval terror and elemental fright which they released on February 26th, 2010, again through Maddening Media. Shortly after the release the band hit the road with Swedish black metal band Dark Funeral on the extensive A Declaration Of Hate Tour featuring more than 35 shows all over Europe.

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