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Target - Biography


Appears on their first album.


Target was a Belgian thrash metal act who released two albums for Mekong Delta mainman Ralph Hubert's Aaarrg label in the late 80s. He also produced their four track demo in 1987. Guitarist Lex Vogelaar later on formed the better known Orphanage. The band was originally formed in April 1986 by guitarist Franky van Aerde and drummer Christ Braems. A few line-up changes followed until Ralph Hubert signed the band in early spring 1987. Lead guitarist soon got married and left the band. In July / August 1987 they recorded their debut album "Mission Executed" in the Phoenix Studio in Bochum, West-Germany with a new Dutch guitarist named Lex Vogelaar who had joined the band only a few weeks before recording. In the winter of 1987 / 1988 there were a lot of problems for the band resulting from the change of management. Vocalist Guy lost his interest in making music and Target soon split up after the release of a second album with Steve Gray on vocals.