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Descend Into Despair - Biography





The first steps of Descend Into Despair into this barren world were made in a gloomy day of February, 2010 in the cheerless town of Radauti, Romania. The band took birth from the ashes of many projects Denis Ungurean and Alex Cozaciuc tried to form.

Musically speaking, Descend Into Despair focus on the funeral doom metal genre. Their lyrical themes oscilate between the hope of a better tommorow and the decaying society that surrounds us. The downspiral of mankind is probably our most proeminent source of inspiration while misanthropy, dissapointment and many other negative emotions fuel our music.

On the 31'th of December 2010, Descend Into Despair released first material entitled Wings Of Solitude, a 5 track demo produced and released independently.

Five months later, on the 21st of May 2011, second material, Vanity Devotion was released. The 5 track EP streched deeply into their souls and surfaced most traumatic emotions. Positive response was received in the underground community.

Following the tragic death of Jonas Bergqvist from Lifelover, Descend Into Despair have released the single Hierophant Of The Night at the 13th of may 2012 in his memory. Later on that year they changed their location to Cluj-Napoca offering them many more possibilities.

Descend Into Despair released their first full-lenght album, The Bearer Of All Storms on January 28th, 2014.

(Source: Facebook, 9.2.2015)