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More often than not, winners and fan favourites in today's highly publicized music contests - no matter where in the world they take place - fail to do more than release a hit single or two before disappearing from the public eye. Finnish progressive metal band Oddland took just such a path on their way to securing their deal with Century Media Records, having won the majority of the Suomi Metal Star contest jury members, but they're destined to be anything but a flash in the pan.

Launched in 2002 as a rock-oriented band with leanings towards grunge, Oddland slowly but surely drifted in a metal-oriented direction. Demos were recorded in 2004 (Against All Odds) and 2007 (Connection Critical Behind) more or less for fun, but the band began to take a much more serious approach to their music in 2008 when vocalist/guitarist Sakari Ojanen returned from a year-long hiatus in Spain. This resulted in the demo/promo Away From The Watching Eye in 2010. It was the beginning of Oddland as the prog monsters they are today.

The Treachery Of Senses is prog metal at its most creative. Rather than zero in on the formula that Dream Theater inadvertently turned into a blueprint for the genre, Oddland serve up an uncompromising devil-may-care platter that recalls the dark atmosphere of the Fates Warning classic A Pleasant Shade Of Gray, while touching on other musical greats such as Tool, Symphony X, Alice In Chains and even Faith No More. There is no formula in Oddland, no cookie-cutter compositions, only freedom of expression.