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Grave Miasma - Biography




Grave Miasma is an Occult Death Metal band from England. The band was first formed in 2002 under the name of Goat Molestör. One demo tape, Ancient Barbaric Assault, was released under this name, as well as the Realm Of Evoked Doom 7" in 2005.

The band changed its name to Grave Miasma in 2006 and eventually released the Exalted Emanation MLP on September 9th 2009 on Sepulchral Voice Records. The Realm Of Evoked Doom EP was later re-released on CD with improved sound by Nuclear Winter Records.

Having performed new songs at gigs in Europe and the USA, the band confirmed that a full-length album entitled Odori Sepulcrorum is scheduled for release on 13.9.13.