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Icy Steel - Biography




The band was officially born in January 2005 from an idea of Stefano Galeano. Before 2005 the love of Heavy Metal has plowed deep and in all his artistic and musical formation. Stefano, at the beginning of the band had to bring the project only with the strength of his spirit in multitrack recording demo pieces using sampled drum sounds. The draft came up to be very important for the formation of the band but still nothing effective and consolidated.

After this period the fate would have it, drummer AAllesandro Oggiano contacted Stefano and, after several attempts was officially part of the initial project still unfinished, giving the band a very important contribution. Auditions of other guitarists were forthcoming and as a chain reaction Alessandro contacted his friend guitarist Alberto Eretta.

There was immediately a strong feeling with him on the guitar and the band was no longer just an idea but something more concrete on which to work. Then lacked only a bassist to complete the formation. This role was now covered by Roberto landinenti that proved to be the real missing gem of the band.

Then there was the need to find a winning name, key word, epic, exciting and incisive at the same time. We therefore opted unanimously for ICY STEEL,the cold Nothern epicness of the wor d 'Frosty' and the hardness of the shear and purely Heavy Metal "Steel", "Icy Steel: Epic - Heavy Metal", sounded good. With the passing of time, Alberto and Alassandro left the band for various personal projects. Then the line-up change was imminent until reaching a short stability with the entrance to the skins of Carlo Spiga and guitar Simone Spissu. With Carlo lasted for a year with which the band also faced several dates opening for big names like Pino Scotto (Vanadium former lead vocals), but then left the band to move to Germany to pursue his artistic career.

Simone however after more than a year of great help to the band both in live (being also present in the same live with Pino Scotto) and in some recording sessions had to leave the Icy Steel to continue with his musical project. So fortunately the band again found stability with Claudio Sechi on drums and with the fabulous entry Pietro Bianco on guitar. CLAUDIO is not the official drummer, but he was helping the band as a session musician, then had to leave the band making space for the official entrance of Flavio Fancellu.With Flavio at the skins and Pietro on the other guitar ICY STEEL opened for many other important bands of the international metal scene such as Labyrinth and Raven.

The Icy Steel, the 11 May of 2013 partecipating at the Festival, performing on the same stage of Uriah Heep, Destruction, Vicious Rumors, Demon, Sadist and many others. They also have the opportunity to propose, to the same stage, "Metal Warriors" of Manowar with Kenny "Rhino" Earl (historical drummer of Manowar) on drums.

In October of 2013, Roberto left the band to pursue his artistic career, and in an official capacity enters the Icy Steel Carlo Serra on bass.