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The Great Old Ones - Cosmicism lyrics


02. The Omniscient

During my last stellar journey
I finally met my master
Face of the time leader
The omniscient, the eternal, the almighty
I cry, admiring my master

He who gave me the physical power
He who gave me the forbidden knowledge
By fertilizing my mother
Started on this earth his sacrilegious lineage
His filthy descent
Children of the clock
Children of the torment
To the stars the skywalk

"Yog-Sothoth knows the gate
Yog-Sothoth is the gate
Yog-Sothoth is the key
And guardian of the gate.
Past, present, future
All are one in Yog-Sothoth
He knows where the old ones
Broke through of old
And where they shall break through again.
He knows where
They have trod earth's fields
And where they still tread
Them, and why no one can
Behold them as they tread."

To find him my quest was long
I had to lie
Fighting those who were wrong
I had to die
To know the words and join his darkness

In the futile and weak human dimension
Releasing his mass and globes in a deep sigh
Freeing himself from his wooden prison
He can finally fly under the night sky

Revealing his power
Crossing the plains to answer the call
Absorbing to satisfy his foul hunger
Across his path he leaves no wall

After sowing impure madness
In the minds of insignificant humans
My brother, you join me in nothingness
For our journey into the astral planes

03. Of Dementia

Drawing me far beyond the wall of sleep
Tentacles fill my sleepy brain
Diving indefinitely, going deep
In a sidereal vacuum, his domain

I fly over his worshippers
In the swamps of the earth
And in stellar temples
Through abject sacrifices
Through accursed voices
They chant the repugnant verses

You're the stranger in the dark
The host of the abyss
The sunken lord under the mark
Of the apocalypse
You're the true blood of the stars
Of dementia, the fire
Of the great fall, the scars
The unholy martyr

I feel the spray
Of the sea on my face
R'lyeh is reflected, green and gray
On the infinite darkness of space

In a vertiginous roar
Master there you are
The chaos, the cosmic disorder
The sweet madness catches me
Makes my soul free
Free from the border

You're the stranger in the dark
The host of the abyss
The sunken lord under the mark
Of the apocalypse
You're the true blood of the stars
Of dementia, the fire
Of the great fall, the scars
The unholy martyr

04. Lost Carcosa

My head hits the soft ceiling
Yet I see through the wall
A white virgin being
Screaming in a call

I had the misfortune
To read this accursed book
I saw the sand dune
And his look

The filthy soft hand
Grabs the onyx pen on my chest
And in a backhand
Snatches the object of his quest

Showing me his abject body
Forcibly tearing my soul
He inseminates his cancer in me
Thus opening the black hole
On distant and unknown lands
In a final laying of hands

I feel my own eyes melt
I see my muse in a last tremor
A pain that I never felt

On the shores of Hali Lake, he walks
Observing his gigantic kingdom
Dreaming of other worlds
He who unlocked golden and millennial locks
He imagines his ascent in chaos and storms

I see you all take off your disguises
And turn your eyes towards me
Now you ask me to remove my mask
But I don't wear a mask
No mask

Adjusting the crown on his head
The Yellow King closes his eyes and flies away
Disturbing by its power the lake bed
For our decay
Hero of the play, director of the last decline
His black soul as evil scepter
Crossing unknown galaxies, defying the divine
The dark nectar
Planning his conquest
Damning the crowd, he is the pest

In Akeley's words, I recognize infamous names
Symbols of madness, symbols of cosmic flames
Voices resonate in my head again, again, and again
The yellow sign, Hastur, all bringers of pain

"Along the shore the cloud waves break
The twin suns sink behind the lake
The shadows lengthen in Carcosa
Strange is the night where black stars rise
And strange moons circle through the skies
But the stranger still is Lost Carcosa
Songs that the Hyades shall sing
Where flap the tatters of the king
Must die unheard in Dim Carcosa
Song of my soul, my voice is dead
Die though, unsung, as tears unshed
Shall dry and die in Lost Carcosa."

05. A Thousand Young

Crossing the unknown space-time
You sow your infamous offspring
Annihilating the sublime
Through the woods
In which nothing can sing
The sordid broods

A thousand vile children
Follow your path
In the canyon
Of your interdimensional wrath

I hear people chanting
In this strange recording
Frantic and horrified, I hear people in hoards
Abject incantations, a call for their lords

The foul and disgusting stench
Of Shub-Niggurath
Invades the trench
And inflicts the oath
Spreading among the trees
The sound of hooves
Causes the universal unease

Visions of the black goat
Stealthy hallucinations
In the Eibon quote

In the eyes of the witch
Disperses the trace of evil
Becoming to the abyss the bridge
To the cosmic order, upheaval

06. Dreams Of The Nuclear Chaos

The nighted throne, at the center of the universe
Disgusting dancers reciting a cursed verse
Spreading a swarm of innumerable red camellias
In the dreams of the Nuclear Chaos

Fallen into the trap of the creeping death
Smelling on me his mortuary and viscous breath
The abject sound of deafening and vile drums
Lead me in an ocean of spasms

The black sun
The Daemon-Sultan
Cradle of creation
The dying stars' guide
The glorified
In the dark vortex
He protects
The infamous codex
Dreaming of new dimensions
Of the advent of his sons

O black sun
O Daemon-Sultan

In front of these cosmic horrors
A spectacle of celestial craters
Expelling on me their astral whirlers

Desperate, I jump from the great bird
I open my eyes on my room and can't say a word
Haunted forever by the dreams of the Nuclear Chaos

07. Nyarlathotep

He is the scourge
He is the wounds
He is the purge who brings the final dooms
The plague of mental madness
The peddler of total sadness

In a dark procession he walks slowly
In a cold depression serenely
He is them
They are him
Prodigy of the gods' brain
The grim

Coming from a land of fire
As a messenger of the impious
Of the false beliefs
The purifier and the callous

A sudden attraction
Forges me to follow the crowd
In a morbid fascination
I let myself be wowed

Despite my cartesian mind
The eyes of the black pharaoh
Make my conscience blind
In a cry of absurd woe

"Soon from the sea a noxious birth began
Forgotten lands with weedy spires of gold
The ground was cleft, and mad auroras rolled
Down on the quaking citadels of man
Then, crushing what he chanced to mould in play
The idiot chaos blew earth's dust away"

"Alors écrasant ce qu'il avait eu l'occasion de modeler
Le chaos idiot balaya la poussière de la terre"

Now floating in unholy rivers
I see the twilight
In the mirror of sinners
I see the night

Cause of the infinite and countless worlds
He is the whole of the tenebrous and ultimate gods
He is the soul