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Saturnus - Martyre lyrics


01. 7

Aedificator mundi carcerem
Contignavisti septem gradibus niteris
Septimo demum lucem aspicis

02. Inflame Thy Heart

Inflame thy heart
raise the wand
raise the dagger
raise the cup and praise and chant
for this is
the night of the raven
the might of the raven
in the season of night

Inflame thy heart
raise the wand
raise the sword
toll the bel and praise and chant
the path is for consecration
in the incense of nigt
Inflame thy heart

03. Empty Handed

She's the wind that shatters
neverending tears
She's the pain within thy heart
Nothingness as I fall

And I'm falling behind empty handed
behind these eyes inflamed
inflamed by darkeness
And empty smiles

She's the tempter of the night
the wildstare in my eye
she's the lie i live by
the shadow in my eyes

And I'm falling god abandoned
Empty handen
with a smile upon my face
And the happiness erased

04. Noir

Tears to fill the despair
dreams to hunt forever
so fill up my cup with emptiness again
and chase those blackenened dreams on
more time

Nevertheless I'm gone

The drone of snow
as i breathe every second of your nearness
so fill my cup with despair again
and dream those blackened dream one
more time

Nevertheless I'm gone

Help me change
change the pain
my sadness never sleeps
I walk the lonely mile
should I forget your face?
and cast away my dreams?
should I walk away?
would I walk forever?

Nevertheless I'm gone

05. A Poem (Written In Moonlight)

As I stand here in the dead of night
I am embraced by a soft purple light
It is not a christian light but deep and soft
like dark wisdom to the fool
but beware!!!
Like wisdom details come with tim
and everything appears so fine
it is no damnation burning up your eyes
where you see god and nothing else
but a soft light
soft like a wise womans cloak


Drped and flecked with silver tears
I see the lovely temple without fears...
Waiting in eternity

06. Softly On The Path You Fade

Softly on the path you fade
In shining darkness
On the path you fade
and the forest grows dark
Casts long shadows on my heart
here midst the flaming
near snowing wolf paths
among the winds that bows the great trees
in their might
here - softly on the path you and I fade
in the shining light

07. Thou Art Free

Look towards the forest
and meet your insignificance
feel the warmth of the ancient fires
look towards the forest

There won't be no tonight
the world dies with her
There won't be no tonight
she's long gone

" Love is dead and thou art free
she doth live but dead to thee "

Look towards the raven
as he flies away in the dark
look towards the night
that took your love away

There won't be no tonight
the world dies with her
There won't be no tonight
she's gone forever

" Love is dead and thou art free
she doth live but dead to thee "

08. Drown My Sorrow

I fall back into pain
with your empty kiss
beneath this rain
You're still the one I miss

Drown my sorrow
in the coulors of you aura
embalm me with your innocence

and save my soul
the fire burns
but why am I still so cold

I fall back into pain
with your empty kiss
beneath this rain
I couldn't care less

09. Lost My Way

A sea of hope - a sky of flame
I cry out your name but you're only a dream
a hope to die - always this endless pain
with an endless sigh - so endless sad
so break my urse - let my heart forget
end this dirge - these endless regrets
Lost my way - blackened faith
Lost my love - heart went astray - blackened faith
Lost my love - myself to blame
Lost my way - blackened faith
lost my love - gaining pain
blackened faith - this vacant heart
love astray - and hearts do fall apart

The sun is et and masked night
vailes heavens fayer eyes
what trust is there to a light
that so swift yes

10. Loss (In Memoriam)

Vast outstreched diamond lakes in the sky
the mighty stillness of mountains
rain will fall - maybe forever
winds of mercy, I hope
will take me far from this...
...This desolate place

And I fear you're love will fade away
And I fear there's no end to this pain
And I fear your heart has turned away
And I fear I won't see you again
And in the night I often turn to the starres
this diamond lake of tears
and I think back
when you and I were one
Under this...
...this desolate sun

And I cry for that broken dream
And I cry for for the absence of your love
And I cry for your broken word
And I cry for the loss of your light

In the season of night let it come
that the raven may gueard upon thee
and when pursued by snow, rain, wind
and darkness let it come that I see
with the celestial eyes of bright wisdom
- from the Tibetan Book of the Dead

And I wish your hand were in mine
And I wish that all is not lost
And I hope that whereever you're fine
And I know I miss you all to much

11. Thus My Heart Weepeth For Thee

Night falls
Starre shineth
heart broken
wraith blinded

Wind blows
Starres fall
A sadness embrace
End my broken heart

12. In Your Shining Eyes

The world slips away
and the madness dies

In your shining eyes
In the shining of your eyes

The starres and the path have light
Th pain goes away for another day

In your shining eyes
In the shining of your eyes