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In The Woods... - Omnio lyrics


01. 299 796 km/s

Not long ago-in mind-
we picked our choice
and we gathered together
-greeted nature by storm
our bodies layed down
as we fell...
And our faces turned
away from the earth
we trembled into the
world of dreams
The cradle of imagination

Our knowledge was complete
all our needs fulfilled
we could not feel
a fairytale so unreal for adventures like me and you being nothing but
shadows of our mortal selves I a way, I perceive myself as my own god my
own master and my own slave I am but a thrall towards my own desires Just
when it all seems so hopelessly to break free from what I have done I will
try, do it all over again, and flow
with the waves like the
sun I draw parallels
between intuitions and
instincts I carried since
dawn when dusk
comes, I would like
to see I was wrong,
though I still am a
thrall towards my own

oceans of infinity...
-one shall seldom witness
such forces in motion
one shall seldom take
their part
-we join and we
breath genesis and
whatever that happened as
we came along
-for we stepped into
what we had remembered
as the world of dreams
-the source of imagination

we crawled out from
our drunken sleep,
though we could not understand
from heaven to hell

one shall seldom
witness such forces
in motion
one shall seldom
take their part
we joined and breathed
genesis and revelation
whatever that happened

like an infant still
crawling in it's mother's
womb A jesus christ
whom never left..

Not long ago, in mind,
we picked our choice
-gathered together and
greeted nature by storm

from heaven to hell
from all to none,
and father to son

02. I Am Your Flesh

My eyes are closed
I feel alone
there is something
inside me
dripping and screaming

how can I feel love
when love was something
I never had?

talk to me-do you know
me, and who I am
I am your flesh,
remember me

tell me who I am,
and I will tell you
what is behind that
door; there is a child
who is waiting for you
No one to touch
no one to hold
I am alone, fighting
against this disease
I lost my eyes
I lost my head
I lost my flesh and
my heart
-who made me? you made me
I lost my blood
I lost my love
I lost my feelings, and
I am losing my mind

The child's blood was made
by you, do not blame him
the killing were made by you,
do not blame him

Closed my eyes, left me
A drug composed with
the things that you do
drowning in words, though
they never came through

03. Kairos!

The moment that your senses play a part
-when all of them caress a new impression
Somewhere deep within your heart
like qualities of permanent obsession

Can you conquer your emotional delay
can you draw tomorrow's history today
can you feel the tide is turning
can you overcome the yearning
-or will you blindly obey?

Break through-embrace the light of Kairos!

Behaving unwillingly like a recording machine
All these emotional standards reduced to leftovers of a dream
Is everything just like it seemed to be
moments ago who am I, where have I been,
and how will I know?

Have you ever had a date with an oracle
that told you some of her secrets?
The only breed in the following term;
-share them with reasoning creatures

...what if, and you won't know anything
about it before you do-if you have.....

04. Weeping Willow

if the earth was a willow
and you were one too
-would earth be weeping
so gentle and true?
if i was the garden
whereas you could grow
-would you hand me your brAnches
and grant me your love?

in between the lines of your story-flowing through
the pages of a book so well prepared the
words leave more than ashes from your pencil
when it speaks of tiny stories that happened
through these years
I swear that your present reality-disillusioned
obscurity? -will gently wipe away the tears
of wasted seeds

how Can we go through this
-with wounded wing before we learned how to fly
how can i control desires
-when desires burns on a chilly autumn Night?

i will try and make you imagine;
the aura where they stand
is filled with little secrets
-as written in the sand
Naked as a child at birth
a question in disguise
an oasis in a lonely desert
where lonely unknown lands lie

from here and into infinity
-humble and timeless
philosophy-you gently wept away the tears
of wasted seeds

all the days that have left me
and the species i have seen
ahead days will follow
-it was only a dream
though my garden is growing
under skies out of blue,
and it changes Each season
both in colours and in truth
you should know that a willow
-a weeping bed's pillow-
until all days are through

the rain that fall on your branches,
Just yearning
for a source to feed it's primal need
can maKe your beauty blossom from within
with flowers blowing
in the wind-and in seasons to follow....

05. Omnio (Pre)

These eyes, do you hide behind these
cold blue eyes?
I know I want to know
The light, driven by the pale blue skies
I go where to go
Despised, and driven by
these echoed eyes
I know where to go
A sign, written by
these tear stained eyes
I go do go

blurred were my eyelines, hindering...
-to touch omnio
so let me belong, eat me raw,
stick me empty
with your hungry claws-bring me light
can you feel the tension?
set me free from this sleep,
leave me be to
judge my own creation-bring me love
and as I burned my fragile skin
-touched omnio

All this can not go on anymore,
these thorns
they tear me to pieces
The sign is given your sign is given
I am illusioned

feed my lust and hunger-my addiction
the thought of a
naked appearance facing
the rest of the world, left me in
chaos-a prey without a common address
drowning in salt water- can do
nothing at all
I am left here begging for mercy...

In this room; when I found images of
poetry; I lost my deed, my shelter and
my pain did they leave you

you may swallow all my precious lies
you may stay and you may follow me
further down the thin and
crumbling line
I bleed for my loss and hunger
-my addiction
though the thought of a
naked appearance
leave in me the wonders and words
Can burdens relieve me from slumber
in unpleasant worlds?
Can the essence of bone regard me

07. Omnio (Post)

These eyes, did I die behind these
cold blue eyes? Did I know
where to go?
This light, eclipsed in a worn disguise
did glow even though my cries were
driven by
those echoed lies No where to roam
Open my eyes, enlightened
the child that
whispered bardo omnio

Let me belong, eat my raw,
stick me empty with
your hungry claws-bring me light
can you feel the tension burning?
The soundtrack of our lives,
on an early April morning,
may be able to re-define
the standards of this restless emptiness...

Carved out of velvet, draped in truth
-to reach omnio
Let me be strong, let me
draw all the lines
that fall upon the floor-bring me life
let me feel electric tension
I am greater, taller and a thousand times
From a ghost that told you where to go
to a piece of flesh that need to know
And as I turned my fragile skin
-I reached omnio

I have gathered bricks throughout a
to build a house where I will live
The door is where I write these words
-the window where I forgive
Restlessly I searched the hallway
for the truth of yesterday
But changes cast their ugly shadows
-the basement is there host today

is this the omnio
I have been searching for?