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Leprous - Bilateral lyrics


01. Bilateral

Music by Øystein Landsverk, Tor Oddmund Suhrke and Einar Solberg
Lyrics by Tor Oddmund Suhrke
Rarely seen
As result of confidence
Gains derived from destruction
Two easy ways out will collide

Pick your fight
Stand you ground
Common way
Though unsound

Withered words
Say no more
Tend your wounds
End this war

Hostile tradition
Hard to convert
Primitive instinct to fight
Vindictive reason
Enmity profound
Fundamental spite

How many souls is success meant to pay?
Who will be left to take part?
Where can defeat be the final accord?
What will it do to your heart?

Withered words
Say no more
Tend your wounds
End this war

02. Forced Entry

Music by Einar Solberg and Øystein Landsverk
Lyrics by Tor Oddmund Suhrke
Open wide
Go to rest
Wait for my words
To explain your quest

No mistake
Not a trace
Seeing that you
Won't be failing the test

Rest in peace
No remorse
Let me connect
My soul to yours
Help me survive, see that I will not fade away
You have become what I needed to reach this day
I've forced my way

Let me stay
Don't let go
Teach me the things
You will need me to know

Take your time
I will give you mine
Give me the essence
That I need to grow

Take my crime
See the sands of time

Bring me home
Shut the door
Send me a glimpse
Of the future once more

Settle down
Go to rest
Sit back, relax
Let me enter the core

I've opened the door

Send your sign
Made of hate
Knowing how long
You've made me wait

Tasteful tear
Full of fear
Nowhere to flee
Now it's all too late

03. Restless

Music by Øystein Landsverk
Lyrics by Tor Oddmund Suhrke
Reap the day
You're left with regret
Sleep your way, you're free
Render a purpose to be at ease
Find out who you want to be

Compress the day
Suffer and pray you will be
Prepare to win
Beware the sin you will see

Be aware of your own self-destruction
Keep it out of your head
The revelation
The beacon of truth
I would have lived to be dead

Sitting down with a hollow heart
Paradoxical breath tomorrow
Dynamic living to feel joy
You must embrace the sorrow

04. Thorn

Music by Einar Solberg, Tor Oddmund Suhrke and Øystein Landsverk
Lyrics by Tor Oddmund Suhrke
Hostile surroundings
Nourish-less soil
Taking its toll on my pride
Bittersweet feeling
Devouring beast
Eating its way from the inside

Poisoning whatever's on my mind
Denying me to prosper
Closing in on all that lies behind
No use to fight this way
I try to sleep, but nothing gets me by
Repulsive thorn inside me forcing me to lie
Regret the future today

Thoughts are inutile
Ready to strike
Building on hopeless betrayal
Bipolar issues
Sneaking my way
Knowing that I will fail

Ripping me up with its venomous fang
Prospering on my despair
Sharing its secrets of pain yet to come
And no one but me can hear

Parasite of my desire to live
Controlling when I suffocate
Leaching on beauty
Nothing to give
Converting it into pure hate

05. Mb. Indifferentia

Music by Einar Solberg
Lyrics by Tor Oddmund Suhrke
You lay awake at night
But stay in your bed
Trying to undermine the voice in your head
Knowing you ought to, but still find a reason
Silently laying low
Morbid fear will justify your treason

Look the other way to see
Comfort in the pain to be

The end of a life is close at hand
You're standing tall
Keep out of trouble
Do your worst
Do nothing at all

Keeping watch
Seeing ghosts
Drifting out of sight
Laying low
Covered in
Dark and dead cold night

A cry for help
The help is near
You sing a song so you can't hear
Upon your touch a death undone
May cause a strain
Agonizing death has won

Lack of remorse
No help to give
Lack of remorse
No help to find

Reeking betrayal
No reaching hand
Reeking betrayal
We're going blind

06. Waste Of Air

Music by Einar Solberg
Lyrics by Tor Oddmund Suhrke
You are a waste of air
Made to please your own
You are not welcome here
Should be kept alone

You will never win
Never do you dare
You've let yourself in
Time to disappear

Burning flames are cold inside you
Yet heat makes you stronger
Lying until the lie is true
Can't hold it much longer

Unbearing like the sight of you
My eye is my traitor
Search to be somebody who
Unveil your creator

07. Mediocrity Wins

Music by Tor Oddmund Suhrke and Einar Solberg
Lyrics by Tor Oddmund Suhrke
The beautified unspoken words make no sense
Deciphering the shallow mind's consequence
Just see to that all empty thoughts will duplicate
Leaving behind a shitload of things to hate

Re-using sampled values made for me
I buy your manufactured ways to be
Believe the loudest voice will know what's right
The power lies within the will to fight

Take your bets
Make a choice
Sing the song With my own voice
Sober truth
A lie begins
Take your place
Mediocrity wins

Seek comfort in the promise you'll never break
Be sure the ground you stand on isn't fake
Beware interpretations of your mind
By now I realize, at rest I'm blind

Tiresome disputation boring me
Ascending dullness growing exponentially
Digest the essence of what should have won
Antagonistic radical conviction

Given the chance to improvise something new
Driven by lust to free my mind from me and you
Directed inspiration taking over now
Turning my focus over from why to how

And I will never

Take your bets
Make a choice
Sing the song With my own voice
Sober truth
A lie begins
Take your place
Mediocrity wins

08. Cryptogenic Desires

Music by Einar Solberg
Lyrics by Tor Oddmund Suhrke
Petty ways
In the outskirts of nowhere
State of apathy
Pretty days to come

Letting loose
Impulse of euphoria
No one knows where from

All the fires
All the feelings in vain
Cryptogenic desires
Welcomes the outstanding pain

Exit your abyss
Let go of it all
Released you are from your hives

The past is forgotten
The future is where
We spend the rest of our lives

09. Acquired Taste

Music by Einar Solberg
Lyrics by Tor Oddmund Suhrke
Dive deep into the
Subconscious layers
Be careful not to sink

Stay out, be free
Don't enter this abyss
That's where I go to think

Enjoy the restrictions
Be glad you can feel the sting
Silent compassion
Won't lead to anything

Out of the dark
Nowhere to start
Tainted words
Pieces apart
Acquired taste

In control of it all
What were you thinking?
As if you can put an end to this

Rest now, tomorrow
You can make it all OK
Prepare a day you will not miss

Bring forth your gift
Made from pure belief
Be sure no one finds out
Be sure no one finds out why

Stay in the cold
You will see
Someone else will leave your mark

To be sold
So you're free
You'll be drawn out of the dark

10. Painful Detour

Music by Einar Solberg and Tor Oddmund Suhrke
Lyrics by Tor Oddmund Suhrke
Time elapsing
Storm running out
Sorrow less beauty
Ready to doubt

Stronger than ever
Weak at the bone
Hide from the open
Turn into stone

Underneath a freezing winter
All alone
Superficial friendly gesture
Dead and gone
Spend my days searching places
To belong
Stranded in a painful detour
What went wrong?

Massive agenda
Shivering ground
Building a castle
Foundation unsound

Never suspected this beauty to be
Carving deeply into my stone
Gathering round me, yet feelings dilate
A new dimension of feeling alone

Simple surroundings
Complexity near
Not what it seems like
Covered in fear