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Death Angel - The Evil Divide lyrics


01. The Moth

Surprise! I'm back again
Splinter under your skin
The one that makes you bleed forever

Been down a hundred times
Yet like the new sunrise
I shall return and we can burn together

Take my heart, take my soul
Spin my life out of control
Break this bread, drink this wine
Everything will be just fine

It's only now begun
This war is far from won
The innocent will not be spared the horror

Been killed a thousand times
My corpse was drawing flies
Until the resurrection of disorder

Crush my heart, crush my soul
Twist my life out of control
Sign in blood on the dotted line
Everything will be just fine

I am the thorn in your side
You are the evil divide
Drawn to the flame we die
We die together

I am the spit in your eye
You are the God I defy
Drawn to the flame we live
We live forever

So here we are again
The rise and fall within
Splitting hairs over words unspoken

Like an unanswered prayer
This withered skin I wear
Will soon be shed as I emerge unbroken

Burn my heart, burn my soul
Throw my life out of control
All for this, I sacrifice
Everybody's got their vice

02. Cause For Alarm

Cause for alarm. Disaster looms
Choose not to see it, but! You know I'm right
Accuse, assault. Then they're rewarded
Hunt you down in the broad daylight
As they engage, and we're betrayed
Of our laws now dead for years
Then they'll divide us all, and we'll surely fall
So blame yourself for all those feeble tears

Cause for alarm. Impending doom
Sinking deeper in abysmal strife
They won't kill you now. No one will be aborted
Worthless dead. They want you all alive
You're labeled crooks. They're banning books
Censored news, and poisoned pens
They keep you numb with drugs
Form exclusive clubs
The vicious cycle seems to never end

Shatter the silence
By invoking violence
Stand up to the storm
When you're in doubt
Go all out
Your pride must be reborn

Human traps close
Mankind's emotions explode from rights gone, and lost
We'll keep fighting on
Self worth at any cost

Cause for alarm. Nothing to lose
Don't go down without a proper fight
What they fear the most. United forces
Risking all to gain back what is right

Cause for alarm. The tides are shifting
They will hear the people have a voice
We'll fight for honor
We will fight for freedom
And we'll fight to have a fucking choice

03. Lost

Can anybody hear me now
A cruel land's fallen son
Pleading to the skies above
Forgive me please for what I've done

The only truth is death they claim
I chose to gift that lie
Force feeding truth to so many
My eyes numb as I watched them die

Train me, then blame me
I bought into this game
Mold me, then scold me
I'll never be the same

If only you could see me now
I broke a dark one-sided twisted vow
You take a poor, broke, lost, and stolen soul
And simply throw his world away

Believe me when I tell you now
They mold the truth, and turn it upside down
It took me years to see, and comes this far
And still I feel so lost today

Will anybody save me now
Exposed I stand alone
A prisoner in my own body
No place really feels like home

I've grown to see the wrong I've done
And I cannot shake this pain
So I close my eyes, and let it go
With one final breath of shame

Rain down on me
And wash this pain away
Rain down on me
And wash this pain away

04. Father Of Lies

Judge others as I judge myself
Sometimes it's harsh, but it can't be helped
I want to thrive, achieve victory
If you're weak willed then don't ride with me

Very few can endure the grind
But if you do, side by side we'll shine
The road is tough, but it can be beat
If you're knocked down
Get back up on your feet

I shall be heard, and the reason's divine
My every word, so our people will shine
You've had your say. Your claims bastardized
Leaving them betrayed
Pathetic father of lies

Stick to my guns, and i Stand by my word
The clash is loud, but my voice shall be heard
The dust will settle
The smoke disappears
We'll raise the bar
Do I make myself clear

You say it seems like I have something to prove
You bet that ass I'm going to prove it to you
Don't try to stifle me with tired old tricks
Use sleight of hand, and I'll snap your wrist

The time has come! Your cross to bare
Flee the sun for the dark's hidden glare

Leader of nothing. How you had them all fooled
Knew from the stat that you hadn't a clue
You have no substance. It's all so rehearsed
Same fucking melody! Same fucking verse!

Nothing but time now, that's all you've earned
Reflect on disrespect to all that you've burned
Your reign is over. Your legacy rusts
Your testament's a meager pile of dust

05. Hell To Pay

You gained my trust and friendship
And then you flushed it away
In a moment of selfish deploring
The fragile prince. Another public display

Reaction's lethal from me
I rise to face
You brought this situation
Unchallenged, you'll break!

This world it owes you nothing
You take the easy route
You're so blind with no self motivation
Except to end things so you can go out

Lurid speaker, you toxic feeder
There's damage on the way
Selfish user, trust abuser
There will be hell to pay
Trust forsaken, advantage taken
No one has your back
Bold faced liar, corrupt desire
Full blown assault attack!

You bend my ear, it's torment
When things don't go as planned
Your attitude suggests a spoiled loser
Another superstar, a superman

You should have thought this through
Hell to pay

06. It Can't Be This

Again you're crashing down, and you're
Losing your grip
You're feeling useless, again betrayed
The faceless staring you down
As you stumble through town
Another misfit who's cloaked in shame

And soon you're hearing that voice
The one that pierces the noise
It screams there's no one but you to blame
I know you said it before
A thousand times, maybe more
But there's no way to shake this pain

Don't know what I want
But I know that it's not this
Another restless soul about to lose control
Of a life that I just won't miss

Don't know what I want
But I know it can't be this
You're slowly draining my heart
As your world falls apart
A tragic life that I just can't fix

I know you've had it quite rough
You feel enough is enough
And you've been dealt some nasty blows
But let me make myself clear
While your world disappears
You need to ride your highs not lows

Now dig your feet in the sand
And touch the sky with your hands
And God willing you will pull through
It's time I be on my way
I wish the brightest of days
Upon the dreamer that once was you

So don't let me see you cry
Let the sleeping dogs lie
Don't you throw it all away
I hope you prove them all wrong
With success far and long
Burning bright your fiery blaze

Where are you going?
Where are you going now?
Who are you chasing?
What are you chasing down?

07. Hatred United, United Hate

The vicious horde comes rushing
In with a deadly bond
Hellbent on dismantling the system
That they've been forced in for far too long

It's televised
It's globalized
Our message is true
No compromise
No veiled bribes
Our hatred is you

No longer part of your process
No longer part of your plan
The segregation of the true outspoken
The reconstruction of man

This lethal swarm's descending
Death diving from great heights
Eradicate by annihilation
The blinding blast on this darkest of nights

You've been betrayed
From cradle to slave
Let's make a stand
We'll fight hand in hand

You've been betrayed
From cradle to slave
Gather your pride
We'll fight side by side

08. Breakaway

I say to hell with all you
Self righteous chosen few
We are not the ones to blame
Now you're lost and running
And no longer gunning
So it's time for you to taste the pain

From the fear that holds you back
From the flock, and join the pack
Find strength within
And let it out
You've got a voice
Rise up and shout

We were born to working class
Tried it all too fast
Been wronged, and misdiagnosed
Once trapped in a tragic web
Fought, lied, and slowly bled
We've changed since we cut that rope

No, we're not outnumbered
It's a scam, the great divide
Labeled freaks, punks, and miscreants
Cus' we don't want their lives

Judge us not because we're different
Don't bother to judge at all
Our creative minds are relevant
And your opinion is so small

We remain, and persevere
More of us every year
You're the ones who see it wrong
So if you do not understand
Just be a bigger man
And move the fuck along

09. The Electric Cell

Pure shameless oppression
A new cureless disease
Another man made religion
Sought to bring you to your knees

Electric light of distraction is pulling
A gravitation force
The all seductive looming poisonous bait
That you swallowed, of course

Rapacious rats they surround you
And claim they mean no harm
Yet they monitor your every move
Get you to follow with their snake-like charm

Slaving those tender fingers to the bone
For possessions they flaunt
Precise infiltration of you moth-like brain
Breed some more because that's what they want

You flew straight to the flame
You're a numbered no name
Ill-equipped for the fall

Welcome to the lie
There's always room
Born into this life
The static tomb
You'll never flee
They have trained you well
This blinding cage
The Electric Cell

All you bastards will fall
Shamed, and trapped one and all
No one's loss, no one's gain
Useless hack, human stain

The final outcome is dismal
Your children's future? Bleak
It's all because you whored a worthless soul
For what they taught you all that you should need

A cold deathly grip on the shovel of greed
You dig a mass unmarked grave
Just know your bones will be the first to lie at the bottom of masses betrayed

10. Let The Pieces Fall

No longer fearing the silence or decay
I'm warning you
I've faced the rigors of violence
In my own way

Don't come here to get a leg up
Don't you come in here to stop this roll
You try to knock me down with your hateful words
It's your shield
The coward's way

Stop you now, dead in your tracks
Stop you now, and force you back
You will feel the damage done
And bear the shame of doubt

The walls of doubt tried to hold me
And they did fall
I've persevered all the poisoned slander
And I rose to the call

This fight is still far from over
This fight's still only just begun
Now you're falling swiftly down a jagged cliff
As I fly towards the new day's sun

Let the pieces crumble
Let the pieces fall
As the rubble buries you
I'll still be standing tall

You think it's easy? Come give it a try
Swallow the truth that you're living a lie
Your plight is useless, it's over and done
See in your eyes that I already won

Darkness seduced me
But I fought my way back
Stronger than steel now
I've crossed the edge of the black
On my own

I didn't start this to falter
I didn't start to let it go
I'm gonna see this through til the very end
It's my way
That's what I know