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Brymir - Slayer Of Gods lyrics


02. For Those Who Died

Music by Viktor Storm Gullichsen, Joona Björkroth
Lyrics by Viktor Storm Gullichsen
Gone was the pain with the light of day
Granting a glimpse of paradise
One last breath remains to breathe
But the hatred still turns inside of us
Foor the wovs and promises of glorious return
And a last hope for deliverance
As silence descends, I cry:
Oh, we were alive!

Now this is for all those who died
For their names, forever undone
By their valour, we'll light up the stars
With the fire they held in their hearts

Burning! The cold hand of death
Reaching out for my lifeblood
Forever has come to claim us, as we die
Memories rise, with the world turning dim
To caress me in the star-light
Of life and death, none will remain
Remember my name!

None will remain
Remember my name!

Odin's embrace, Valhalla awaits

Now this is for all those who died
For their names, forever undone
By their valour, we'll light up the stars
With the fire they held in their hearts

03. Risen

Music by Viktor Storm Gullichsen
Lyrics by Jarkko Niemi, Viktor Storm Gullichsen
Blood will run again
Through the lead-red skies ascend
Screams of dying men
From the depths they call thee:
Descend Eden! And turn
From the seats of ancient gods
Lead them from travesty
To the gates of heresy!

This silence: a sacrifice
A prayer not even whispered
And unseen: the rule of dice
Just serpent coils, the still-born phantasm
Dreams o' doctrine

As I hold the gate
Transcend and see:
I am the key
Born of sea?
Sullen, savage?

Ignorant armies, side by side
Come taste the burning evening tide
To darkness?Ride!

Formless, these palaces
Whose walls now stained in blood
Run sighs and tears
To a labyrinth-void of fears
Fall keepers of paradise
To a destined land, a paradox
Now join us, your sacrifice
Through the gates of heresy?

04. The Black Hammer

Music by Viktor Storm Gullichsen, Joona Björkroth
Lyrics by Jarkko Niemi, Viktor Storm Gullichsen
Of agony, the burning of the flesh and ghost...
The hammer falls before the host
Titans gathering
Grinding forth the gears of war
The hammer falls!
Tearing down the gates forevermore!

Black hammer of Tartaros!
I call thee to bring death
Black earth: ever to resent, never to repent...
Vae victis! No remorse!

Vae victis!

Sever the silence of hate and screams of righteous dissent
The world trembled, gathered at the edges of dusk
See the flames, the chaos: the hammer of hate has struck
And dead is faith and fate...
Black earth prevails!

Vae victis!

05. Nephilim

Music by Viktor Storm Gullichsen
Lyrics by Jarkko Niemi
Nameless whispers
Echoed 'cross the night
Like flames from the sun
I called out and I touched the sky
My soul, my heart and now my wings are gone!

Never wakened:
Endless grind the mind
Faithless forever
Icarus redefined
Left in madness
I am bound to fall
My blazing starfire burns me alive!

Now, end your fear
It's too late
In your memories

Now ends my fear
It's too late
I know my name:


07. Slayer Of Gods

Music by Jarkko Niemi, Viktor Storm Gullichsen
Lyrics by Jarkko Niemi
And so blood poured out
Of Wrath
Despair and doubt now left to die...

The night cursed the sun
Restraints of fury undone
Left alone, in silence untold
Left beheaded my statues and thrones
Rain driving the needles of fate
My hands, unveiled, remain unseen
I cover the skies, I sharpen my hate
I close my eyes and face the storm beyond

Beyond the crimson dawn
The flames reveal far away the stars
One thing you shall know:
The silence conquers all

Reborn in wrath
Without a war
Forsaken path
A man no more

I gaze upon the void
A murdered world, a tainted soil
I am beast: the slayer of gods
Yet why do I feel this pain?
I wish not to see and never to feel
But in freedom run through the landscapes
To serve nothing! But this hate, has it
All but consumed me in vain?

In vain do whispers call?
Screaming silence in the dark!
The starlight turned skies ablaze like the sun!
It burns through my heart...
Facing, proud, the storm
Through the pain, I saw:
The silence conquers all!

And so I fall...

Beyond even the stars, in a far more distant horizon
Where even a whisper is louder than thunder
I viewed an invincible tyrant
In a madness of drums in unfathomable depths
I caressed that fierce emptiness
I held it in my fist
And I was not humbled
My soul...found its way home!

Beyond the vast distance, I heard the stars
Bound by these chains of man
A beast I am
No more!

"I see all the worlds we've undone
And my hands, futile, tried to grasp something tangible..."

Awaken to our void...

A world of bones, where blind men dwell
Flames feast on the sheen of a wishing well
Monuments of kings, of tyrants of hell
A dead man whose tales I tell
So to the crows I yield my flesh
My spirit torn in pains worse than death
The bells, the bells, the bells: they groan...
I atone and accept there is only despair

08. Thus I Became Kronos

Music by Viktor Storm Gullichsen, Joona Björkroth, Jarkko Niemi
Lyrics by Jarkko Niemi, Viktor Storm Gullichsen
I am the dawn of empires
The raven cloaked in sun
The sun that shines forevermore
The land is dark in night
Still rivers blood-red run
But the ashes of war shall be redeemed
And you will see!

I shall be Deimos
As you flee from sacrament light
But you cannot hide from justice
The solstice, the binding chains of truth
Enslave you to my truth!

I am the dusk of kingdoms
A raven cloaked in stars
Powers undreamed now bend their knees
You are free as I decreed:
Not of sea, we are of sun
Blind remains the truth unleashed:
Men bow to monsters, no to the beast

Thus I became Kronos
My son's last sacrifice grave
The tyrant names his traitor
The god that defiles his name!

09. Stormsoul

Music by Jarkko Niemi, Viktor Storm Gullichsen, Joona Björkroth
Lyrics by Jarkko Niemi
What came of this world?
In vain they spoke against the tides of cities, burned
What came of my sins?
Stifle out the shining light within
Shut out the sun!

I will?never give?never repent!
So war my words
The tide will turn and drown the fear
And then, then you shall see

I am still free!
The stone, burning like the sun
My fame, I am become a name!

I've dreamt the stars beyond the impossible:
Waging wars
Locked in chains of mortal coil
Though you cage me, my soul's beyond the door
It lives in my words
It finds a fertile soul

I heard the call of the depths
I've felt the touch of the stars
I've been the slayer of my gods
And I will be the end of yours!
My body is bound but my soul runs wild
Wording the landscapes of my mind
Dreaming so free!
Against the dying of the light!

I am set free!
The stone, fading with the sun:
My grave, I am become a name!

10. The Rain

Music & lyrics by Viktor Storm Gullichsen
As the martyrs tremble
With fear of the torment awaiting
Their stakes are looming
Turning pride to remorse
But the choice is made

Their righteous piety fading
For their souls shall burn at dawn
Will their god be waiting?
Like the son of death
About to rise

No phoenix rising!

"Black fire consumes us
Enslaves us to unbearable pain
Can't anyone end me and send my soul away?"
In the howls and whispers of dying
You hear them scream:
"Grant me the gift of death!"

No phoenix rising!

11. Pantheon Of Forsaken Gods

Music & lyrics by Viktor Storm Gullichsen
The ancient temples crumbling and their wisdoms long gone
The fire of sacrifice, now tended by none
For altars were constructed for the gods that spoke of peace
But the ancient oath was broken the serpent was unleashed

The amassing darkness loomed ahead and the leaders of their people bled
Souls as black as the starless midnight sky, they cry
At the pantheon of forsaken gods

With the flames now raging skywards from the darkest pits beneath
The forsaken fathers rising with the traitors at their feet
The ancient tomes were opened
And the wisdoms once more spoken
Bu the final pages stated: their fate was sealed

The sky now raining embers and the stars turned to dust
Above, their sun was vanishing and the silver moon undone
Above the storm they harken to the serpent god's request
"Curse you for your insolence, your world I will set ablaze!"

In eternal pain they will confine amongst the flames their fathers name they cried
Souls as black as the darkest midnight sky they die
At the pantheon of forsaken gods