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The Great Old Ones - EOD: A Tale Of Dark Legacy lyrics


01. Searching For R. Olmstead (Introduction)


I'm finally here
I'm finally in Innsmouth

02. The Shadow Over Innsmouth

An infamous smell of fish
Try to divert my head from the shore
But being here was my wish
In this dilapidated harbor
I see it at the horizon
Like in my nightmare
A gigantic black swan
The devil reef, fascination and fear

I remember what my ancestors wrote
About his dreams
And this infernal quote
Recited in Zadok's screams
I have to know
What happened to him
This is the time now
To enter the grim ruins, grim!
I penetrated onto darkness
Visions of chaos, visions of death
Churches to ashes, demented cult, only signs of sickness

Strange sculptures still stand
Ungodly forms in front of me
The remains of a cult which was banned
The cult of Dagon, lord of the sea

The Shadow over Innsmouth!

Everything around me feels like madness
I plunge my hands into stinking debris
Fighting my infinite sadness
Because I know my ancient life is behind me
My ancient life is behind me!
My ancient life is behind me!
My ancient life is behind me!
Behind me!

03. When The Stars Align

Masters of the universe
Visions are now clearer
Symbols of a curse
Waiting on the other side of the mirror
We get closer to their return
When the stars align
And we will burn
Like all our falses shrines

The Great Old Ones will rise
The passing of time in their eyes
Crushing in pain
The men resisting in vain

That is not dead which can eternal lie
And with strange aeons even death may die
Tentacles feed off my dreams
And come dry up all life streams

The Great Old Ones will rise
The passing of time in their eyes
Crushing in pain
The men resisting in vain

Hastur, Shub-Niggurath, Nyarlathotep
Azathoth, Yog-Sothot, Cthulhu
Ithaqua, Cthugha, Dagon, lords of madness and emptiness

Guardians of the gate of time
Came from nowhere and everywhere
Slayers of the sky, bringers of the grime
Bringers of despair
Making grow their army
Perverting the human nature
When space makes them free
On the Earth they will spread the impur

Fallen souls stay trapped
Into the ground of Innsmouth the infamous
Under the influence of Obed
Ugliness returns at each birth
One last time
Before returning to reality
One last time
I travel into infinity

04. The Ritual

A noise behind me
Hooded faces catch me
They throw me in a filthy cellar
Shape drags me in a dark corridor, the dagon sign on her
In Impur temple, unholy chapel

Regrouping around me
They begin their ritual
Invoquing entities that we should not see
In an unspeakable call
Something awakens, and my hopes fall

And the gates open...

Sticky limbs appear
Sliding on the floor
Monks still without fear
Chant incantations once more

Am I really still in reality
So many visions pervert my mind
My morality
I would be blind
Please untie me
Please untie me
Please untie me
My soul darkens and I faint

05. Wanderings


My soul wanders into nothingness
A great city succeeds to emptiness
I hear his name, the unknown Kadath
Endlessly repeated by a black cat
But another voice says that it's not my destination
A different city awaits me
Not in a dream but in damnation
Sunken into the sea

06. In Screams And Flames

In a gesture of despair
I free myself from my chains
Enjoying an inseparable glare
I get up, body feeling countless pains
I spill flaming torches
Thus igniting the inverted cross
I see the monks burn and scream on their knees
Pursued by the hounds of Tindalos

The smell of burned flesh invading my head
Screams mingle with grunts from outer space
Escaping Azatoth in bloodshed
I run again and again out of this cursed place

No light, no hope, the further I go, the more I despair
My hands flay on the wall, I see my grave in the cemetery
But then I see a glare, the glare of the sun, guiding me

Walking through the devastated streets
The lost soul, staring blank into space
The painting heart, trying to calm its beasts
I'm now indifferent to the fate of the human race

Because I see them, the deep ones
The army of the sea
Servants of the Black suns
They come for me

I sit down, and no longer try to flee
From now on, my life is in the sea
I sit down, and no longer try to flee
From now on, my life is in the sea

07. Mare Infinitum

Beings with scaly skin
Pull me into this oily sea
Into the great extent of sin
With confidence they guide me

I feel my hungs burning
By lack of oxygen
But disappears the suffering
Always surrounded by fish men

We arrive at the gates
Of a gigantic city
R'lyeh, the city of fates,
We penetrate it with spirituality

Now I see him
Siting on his throne
No matter the name we give him
Chthulhu or Dagon
The beast speaks my mind
Asking me to take my destiny
Join them where the sun doesn't shine
Like my ancestor before me

I have no more fears
I let myself go
I have no more tears
Serene, I swim quietly to its green glow

Mare infinitum, profunfum infininitum,
Vita aeterna in viride luce