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Descend Into Despair - Synaptic Veil lyrics


01. Damnatio Memoriae

Music by Descend Into Despair
Lyrics by Florentin Popa
A swift blow, a last heart-throb, the crowd's roar - then the pain of the birth of a sun
Hazy eyes saw my final breath soar - as my body and head were not one
And I could not recall what I lived for, and I could not recall how I've sinned
While their nails in my flesh deeply tore as my warm blood scented, scented the wind

"What a beautiful world to depart" - I whispered while I entered Letus' dominion
"A world I'm no longer enslaved in"
And they gave my carcass to vultures, and they gave my name to oblivion
As they crushed the stone it's engraved in

Dooming the remembrance, banished for eternity
Scorned and subdued, abolished from reality
The fiber of bleeding, surrendered surrendered
Secluded incomplete, smeared in ashes

Damnatio memoriae
All traces removed
Sentenced to be wiped out
A being rendered invisible

By the highest gallows, an obelisk of failure
Devoid of name and purpose, watching life unfold
Lost in an ocean of strings, a life wasted
Autonomous hands playing the harmonic pelicula

02. Alone With My Thoughts

Music by Descend Into Despair
Lyrics by Florentin Popa
In silence I can hear my breath
One won't believe how long the last breath lasts:
It lingers past the seventh gate of death
Where there's no flesh, no memory, no heart

This field of roses looks to them
Immaculate and fragrant, white and still
Faint beings, subdued to their will
- And they don't care from where they stem

To us - red roses, without scent or smell
Cover the soil our blood has fed
We grasp their roots, brains rattling in our head
'cause we're all dead and this is Hell

In darkness I would grasp her hand
Cover it with my palms, coddle it in
I thought I'll do this far beyond the end
'till our fingers had no skin

To me - how much all things would matter then
But now they matter not. I'm he who rots -
Below the hasty, callous steps of men
I am alone, here, with my thoughts.

03. Demise

Music by Descend Into Despair
Lyrics by Florentin Popa
I wish my thoughts were more akin to theirs
My mind - a shrink-wrapped, sanitary attic
No screeching doors, no running down the stairs
The silence never broken by a burst of static.
Could I be worthy of a higher praise?
Yes - is the answer that will frequently transpire
I fear it's just insanity that frays
My fragile strings of nerves tugged by desire:

A dream chimaera fell with one clean sweep.
I'm trapped just like them, but at least I chose my maze
Not knowing it goes vastly wide and deep
In this world I bear watching solely through a haze

How warm and silent is the lesser death of sleep...
No gnashing of the teeth, no painful flashes
Like embers scattered among bodies on a pyre
I only see the stars - as they smoulder to ashes.

I've got so many wounds, but slumber weaves its bands
And so, with night and lids shielding my eyes
I, grasping the cold clay with absent hands,
Grow peaceful with the thought of my demise

04. Silence In Sable Acrotism

Music by Descend Into Despair
Lyrics by Florentin Popa
Bow your head

For I am not the silence of the stone
Nor the dainty silence behind lips unmoved
The void will sometimes void itself
I'm that which dwells instead

Bow your head

I am the blood unseen
Staining thine flags of sable velvet
A face, half draped with skin
The other lost to shade
Shade beyond grief, grief beyond dread

Bow your head

Quite like the hand
That will retain no shape
Of bodies it once grasps
There's no past fading echo to my silence
Just hands unseen that reach around my neck
Back when things spoke, they said

Bow your head!

05. Tomorrow

Music by Descend Into Despair
Lyrics by Florentin Popa
These ravenous thoughts still squirm in my skull
These poisonous veins still bursting with sorrow
One would think that such pain would rend senses dull
Yet through scorching delusion I crawl every dawn
And every day I'm just waiting for tomorrow

They say love is light they say love is life
But none of them lived and counted the scars
It's simply the kind hand that clutches the knife
Now cold is my breath, but colder your smile
Colder yet than the void that swallows the stars

There's an odd kind of waltz we danced for a while
To the decadent cadence of a crumbling hearse
Our hands slip back together, my grin turns to a smile
And red drops ascend from immaculate tiles
But little we knew we danced in reverse

A spring of black blood has flooded the grove
And the forests are fainting enraptured by blight
You were a seven-headed Hydra, my love
Three I have severed, and three I have crushed
But one I have foolishly buried inside

There's no truer forever than "forever gone"
What can an unyielding, yet broken man say?
I'm a swarm of drunk ravens hatching the sun
I'm no place for your head, I can barely stand one
Crawl outside of me, just go away!