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Norther - Trivia

The lyrics for the song "Norther" are composed of almost every past song title from each Norther album.
The song "Wasted Years" is dedicated to Kristian Ranta's brother Pete who died around the time of writing/recording.
The name Omen has nothing to do with the song's lyrics. It is called this because the band thought the intro sounded like the song "Nemo" by Nightwish - Nemo backwards is Omen.
The movie Vares 2 - Jäätynyt Enkeli features two Norther songs, "Frozen Angel" and "Reach Out", in its soundtrack. Some of the characters in the movie are also based on the band members.
The band began in early 1996 under the name of Requiem, and was assembled by guitarist Petri Lindroos and drummer Toni Hallio, accompanied by two other musicians.