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Also known as Requiem ('96-'00)

Country: Finland

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Formed in: 1996
Disbanded in: 2012

1996-2012Extreme power metal


2000-2012  Tuomas Planman - keyboards
2000-2012  Jukka Koskinen - bass
2000-2012  Kristian "Kride" Ranta - guitars, vocals
2005-2012  Heikki Saari - drums
2009-2012  Aleksi Sihvonen - vocals
2010-2012  Daniel Freyberg - guitars
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1996-1997  Tuomas Stubu - bass
1996-1999  Roni Korpas - guitars
1996-2005  Toni Hallio - drums
1996-2009  Petri Lindroos - guitars, vocals
2000  Joakim Ekroos - bass
2000  Sebastian Knight - keyboards
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2009-2010  Daniel Freyberg - guitars
2002  Alexi Laiho - backing vocals


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The first time I listened to this album I thought it was a joke, that I was being trolled by Century Media. That the copy I downloaded picked up at the record store was somehow defective. Then I picked up another copy and experienced the same problem....
Review by Troy Killjoy ››
I'm glad to be reviewing Norther's latest album, because without being a big fan of the band I've followed their career from their very beginning and I have much respect and appreciation for the music of these young Finns.

So we've...
Review by Undercraft ››
Norther, Finnish Extreme Metal, what can we say about this band? Well, let's go back a little shall we? In their beginnings Norther, along with Kalmah was labeled as a Children Of Bodom clone, nevertheless Norther's debut album, "Dreams...
Review by Undercraft ››

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