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Sepultura - Trivia

The inspiration for both Dante XXI and A-lex come from books; Dante's Inferno for Dante XXI and A Clockwork Orange for A-lex.
Max Cavalera voiced as the Scorpion King in the movie The Mummy Returns, but was never credited for it.
Sepultura is believed to be Brazil's best-selling band worldwide, beating the popular musician and composer Caetano Veloso.
Max Cavalera as a rhythm guitar player, removed the last two strings from his guitar, since they were useless to him. He first tried that in 1994 and continued doing that until his departure.
Max and Igor's mother appears in one scene in the "Mindwar" video.
In the song "Water" (from Nation) Derrick is playing a bass guitar which was a gift from Jason Newsted (Metallica, Flotsam & Jetsam).
The album Against was recorded in 8 different studios.
The intro to the album Schizophrenia is Max screaming "schizophreniaaaaaa" played backwards.
At first they wanted to call the band Tropa de Choque, but there was already a band using that name, so they took a name from the Motörhead song "Dancing on Your Grave" (Sepultura means "Grave" in Portuguese).
In the early days, Paulo was a part of the band only because he had his own bass guitar. As the story goes, Max and Igor were so impressed by his guitar that they asked him to join the band, even though Paulo didn't know how to properly play the instrument.
When Max and Igor Cavalera formed the band Sepultura, Max was 15 and Igor only 14 years old.