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Godsmack - Trivia

"Sick of Life" and "Awake" were used in the U.S. Navy's "Accelerate Your Life" commercials.
The song "I Stand Alone", composed for "The Scorpion King" soundtrack became the number 1 single at Rock Radio and the most played Active Rock song in 2002 for 14 weeks straight.
The band has had two number one albums "Faceless" and "IV" on the Billboard 200
Although Robbie Merril is a left-handed musician, Merrill actually writes right-handed.
Sully Erna is a Wicca, Neo-Pagan religion with many traditions that pre-date Christianity, that doesn't believe in a god but in Mother Earth as the superior being.
The drum solo "Batalla de los tambores", played by Sully and Shannon, which the band regularly plays live, started by having two drum sets on rehearsals during the tours. It begins with a drum riff from the song "Get Up, Get Out!", from their first album; and gradually becomes a medley of drum parts of songs: "YYZ" by Rush, "Walk This Way" by Aerosmith, and "Moby Dick" by Led Zeppelin. The solo is never rehearsed, it's just played.