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Iced Earth - Trivia

The album cover for "Days of Purgatory" features artwork of the Chaos Comics character Purgatori.
Jon Schaffer and Matt Barlow are, in fact, brothers-in-law; Barlow being the husband of Jon Schaffer's sister.
Jon Schaffer owns and operates an online collectibles store (once located in Columbus, Indiana) called "The Spirit Of '76" dealing primarily in war memorabilia and historical figurines.
The Dark Saga is a concept album based upon the comic book character Spawn created by Todd McFarlane, who also provided the album artwork.
The covers of Something Wicked This Way Comes, Alive In Athens, Horror Show, Tribute To The Gods, the Overture Of The Wicked single, Framing Armageddon and The Crucible Of Man depict a fictional character named Set Abominae, created by Jon Schaffer.
John Schaffer auctioned off his Harley-Davidson Night Train bike on eBay back in 2004, to end in September.
He wanted to give a percentage of the proceeds to a charity that were helping their troops whose families were struggling financially back in his hometown.
The other reason was his back condition, he says the only bike he will be able to ride is one with a windshield.
The name Iced Earth was suggested to Jon Schaffer by his best friend Bill Blackmon, who later died in a motorcycle accident. The song 'Watching Over Me' is dedicated to him.
Drummer Richard Christy left in 2004 to get a job on the Howard Stern Show.
Long time vocalist Matt Barlow left the band in 2003 to become a police officer.
Former vocalist, John Greely, was ejected from the band after making anti Semite comments while on tour with Blind Guardian in Europe. Jon Schaffer took John Greely to a former concentration camp in hopes of trying to change Greely's attitude. While they were there, John Greely made anti Semite comments towards a Jewish man who was praying. Greely also expected that since he was the front man of a band that he should be getting more money. When his wishes were not met, he tried to steal money from the band and was immediately kicked out as a result.
The original name of the band formed in 1985 was Purgatory but was later changed to Iced Earth before they released their last demo.