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Virgin Steele - Trivia

David DeFeis and Edward Pursino were members of the speed metal band Exorcist who released the album Nightmare Theatre with all members using pseudonyms. Several tracks have been reworked and released on Virgin Steele studio albums. "Call For The Exorcist" became "Fire Of Ecstasy" on The House Of Atreus Act II. Both "Queen Of The Dead" and "Black Mass" use the original lyrics, but have been slowed down and are featured on the album Nocturnes Of Hellfire And Damnation.
David DeFeis owns his personal recording studio, called "The Wrecking Ball of Thor" (sometimes also called "The Hammer of Zeus").
David DeFeis collects swords, his collection includes more than 20 items. In studio, sometimes, he uses his swords to create particular effects for the Virgin Steele songs, while during the concerts he often burns a sword on stage.
David DeFeis is a classically trained pianist, with a Bachelor's degree in composition from S.U.N.Y. Stony Brook. As vocalist, he is self taught, possessing a three and a half octave range of enormous power and expression.
Visions Of Eden album is subtitled The Lilith Project - A Barbaric Romantic Movie Of The Mind. It is a concept album based on Gnostic beliefs, which critically revisits the traditional Christian mythology about the creation of the Earth, the Biblical accounts of Adam and Eve and the legend of Lilith.