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Children Of Bodom - Trivia

In September of 2002, Alexi's custom Jackson guitars (one of them bearing the famous "Wildchild" sticker) were stolen by an unidentified thief while he was asleep with Latvala after a night partying with the other members of the band after a horrible concert. Alexi needed new instruments, but Jackson had just been sold to the Fender Musical Instrument Company and wouldn't be able to build a custom guitar for Alexi for at least one year. ESP Guitars, however, told Alexi they could build a replacement in three months, and he signed with the company.
The Grim Reaper is Children Of Bodom's mascot, making appearances on every album cover that COB released. They named him Roy later on. Alexi explained that: "In the movie Hot Shots there's a guy called Admiral Benson. He looks into a painting thinking he's looking out of a window, and he says, 'they're out there doing nothing,' and calls out, 'Roy. Roy! The guy's been ignoring me all day...'"
Despite popular belief, Children of Bodom NEVER recorded cover songs of Iron Maiden's "The Trooper" (actual cover by Sentenced) or Europe's "The Final Countdown" (covered by Norther and Dispatched). For a list of all COB covers, go to this location.
Janne, who has been known to drink a whole bottle of Bacardi during a one hour show, had been taken off the stage by the security once during a show in Europe. The security thought he was some 'random idiot' playing the keyboards. You can watch a clip of Janne's confession here.
After the release of Something Wild, Alexi Laiho attempted to commit suicide with sleeping pills. He spent a week in a coma before being reanimated.
The outro "Tss, Aah!!!" on early demo Implosion of Heaven is more or less a joke. The guitar melody of it is from an advertisement of a light beer which was shown on Finnish TV in 1994. "Tss" is the sound of opening a beer bottle and "Aah" represents the drinker's pleasure.
Some riffs from earlier band IneartheD were re-used in Children of Bodom songs - for example the one from "Homeland II" was sped up for use in the later song "Towards Dead End".
It is thought that the world record for number of crowdsurfers carried over a barrier was broken at their Tuska 2005 performance with a total of over 2000 members of the audience successfully making it over the barrier during COB's set.
The "Children of Bodom" single included, in addition to the title track, the songs "Repent (Whore)" by Cryhavoc and "Iron, Steel, Metal" by Wizzard which are both mistaken to be covers performed by Children of Bodom.
In the original version of the album Something Wild, there is a hidden 8th track called "Bruno the Pig". It is just 11 seconds of silence.
To become a member of the Children Of Bodom Hate Crew you need to stand on your head while the band pours alcohol into your mouth. If the alcohol comes out of your nose, you are initiated. Some members of tour mates Lamb Of God are certified members of the Children Of Bodom Hate Crew.
In "Bodom after Midnight", the bridge at timestamp 2:00-2:30 features a riff taken from the movie The Rock. The theme can be heard throughout the movie and its soundtrack, but is featured heavily in the opening number "Rock House Jail".

The intro before "Touch like Angel of Death" used on the 'Tokyo Warhearts' album is taken from "Hummel Gets the Rockets", again from the soundtrack for The Rock.
The end lyric of "Bodom Beach Terror" ("My pain is constant and sharp, and I do not hope for a better world for anyone, in fact I want my pain to be inflicted on others") comes from the 2000 movie American Psycho.
All of the original members formed a band called IneartheD before Children of Bodom, but they realized they had a really bad record deal. They had to change their name to cancel the contract, thus they renamed themselves Children of Bodom.
The speech at the end of "Needled 24/7" ("Death? What do you know about death?") comes from the movie Platoon and is spoken by Tom Berenger.
The spoken intro to the song "Follow the Reaper" ("Death, be not proud, though some have called thee Mighty and dreadful, for thou art not so") comes from the movie "The Exorcist III", spoken by Jason Miller. Originally it is from "Sonnet #10 of the Holy Sonnets" by the English poet John Donne.
The opening riff for "Red Light in My Eyes, part 2" is from Mozart's Symphony no. 25 and later there's a riff from "Requiem".
The intro of "Deadnight Warrior" is taken from the movie It (1990) and the intro speech for "The Nail" is taken from one of the most Oscar-awarded (11) movies: Ben-Hur (1985).
The song "Touch like Angel of Death" from 'Something Wild' was the only song on the CD that truly had lyrics. The rest were all made up on the spot in Alexi's mind during the recording process.
Children of Bodom acquired their name from a legendary murder that took place in Finland at Lake Bodom in 1960. When four teens went camping at Lake Bodom, in the middle of the night, a mysterious man killed three with a switchblade, and the man who survived, Nils Gustafsson, went insane and was committed to an asylum. He said he saw the Grim Reaper. The murder remained unsolved for many years, until just recently the Finnish Police announced it was, in fact, Nils Gustafsson who was the murderer. In October 2005, however, a district court found Gustafsson not guilty.
The spoken intro to the 'Hatebreeder' album ("From now on we're enemies... You and I") comes from the movie Amadeus (1984), the story of Mozart and Salieri. The idea apparently belongs to Janne Warman, who also used a lot of samples from Amadeus in his own project, Warmen.