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Dark Tranquillity - Trivia

"A Closer End" is a bootleg compilation of rarities (14 bonus tracks to be precise) made in 2008. But, the album is not in any way associated with Century Media, nor is it authorized by the band, and this is stated on the official Dark Tranquillity website.
Dark Tranquillity was formed in 1989, under the name Septic Broiler as a Thrash metal band.
Guitarist Niklas Sundin wrote the lyrics for two In Flames' albums, The Jester Race and Whoracle, based on concepts by Anders Friden. He also translated the lyrics from Swedish to English for Colony.
Mikael Stanne recorded vocals with In Flames for their debut album. However, contrary to popular belief, he was never an official member of that band; he was a session vocalist and sang to help out the members of In Flames who did not have a vocalist yet.
Guitarist Niklas Sundin is also known for his graphic design album artwork.
Dark Tranquillity are among the longest-standing bands from the Gothenburg metal scene, and credited as one of the pioneers of the genre along with In Flames and At The Gates.