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FAQ: Metal Storm Ads

5.1 - How it works

The Metal Storm advert system is an automated system, allowing you to create, add and pay for your own advert quickly and easily by yourself. You create the advert and add the funds in either order, and it is good to go. We offer three different types of placement for advert; the front page banner, the left side bar, and content area ads. Examples of each of these can be seen on the advert index page here. Adverts in these locations may be on a rotation with other adverts, but they are paid for by number of views an advert gets as opposed to the length of time it is running.

5.2 - Creating your advert

You can create your advert either before or after adding funds. To create an advert, visit the advert index page here and click "create new" on the type of advert you would like to create. You will have to upload your advert image, making sure the image is the correct size and of good quality, and then input the URL you want it to link to.

Click "show optional fields" for some more options. You can select start or end dates for your adverts, and also select a maximum amount of views per day to prevent them all being used in one day, for example. You can also opt for your advert to be country-specific, ensuring your advert is only seen in up to five specific countries. This option is more expensive, however.

5.3 - Paying for your advert

You can pay for your advert either before or after creating it. The number of views your advert gets is dependent on the amount of money you pay. The prices for each placement of advert can be found at the advert index page here. Therefore, for example, if you add $50 worth of funds, a left menu advert would get 100,000 views.

We prefer to use PayPal, but we will also accept a direct bank transfer as a second option. PayPal automatically changes your currency to US $, so no worries about paying with a different currency. Specific country exclusive adverts are more expensive however. As an estimate, an advert online for 24 hours will receive 100,000 views. Adverts will stop automatically when funds run out.

5.4 - Advert suitability

We allow all kinds of adverts on Metal Storm apart from pornographic and otherwise unsuitable content. Adverts will be checked before they go live, and we reserve the right to reject or take down unsuitable adverts.

5.5 - Benefits of advertising with us

Advertising with Metal Storm allows you to directly contact your target audience without going through a middle-man. Metal Storm attracts a worldwide audience of teenage to middle-aged mostly male visitors, offering you a fruitful potential to get your adverts seen by who you want to see them.

We are just one email or private message away, ensuring you have direct contact with us in case you have any queries regarding your adverts. As an estimate, each advert online for 24 hours will receive 100,000 views. We therefore have the numbers to ensure that your advert will be seen by a vast amount of people.

5.6 - I need help, who do I contact?