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Abattoir's Concert Hunt - Round 01 & 02 (Concert Review) / Round 03 & 04 (Preface)

Written by: Abattoir
Published: 15.01.2019

Round 01 : Inmate, Ashine (03.01.2019 - Ljubljana/Slovenia) --> Venue: Orto Bar (upstairs)


The first round of this so-called "concert hunt" or journey led me to our main city (Ljubljana), to one of the most popular clubs there, Orto Bar. This gig was scheduled in the smaller "room" of it, with a capacity of around 100 people. For such an early point in the year, it was actually a solidly filled place. Of course, it depends on who the performer is. And on this evening the honour belonged to Inmate and Ashine, two Slovenian metal bands. Before I start with the actual review of the performers, I must mention that just a day or two prior to this event, one of the scheduled bands - Dethrone The Corrupted - cancelled their appearance.

The prologue belonged to Ashine, a young five-piece metalcore act. Their music might not completely reflect metalcore, though, with some melodic death crust overlapping, especially in certain tracks. For me, it was the first time seeing them. Actually, not only that, but listening to them as well. Probably the last time, too. Basically, it's not that the guys were not worth listening to or that they were not putting enough effort into their performance; it's just the lack of originality and of course a low-budget appearance in general. On the other hand, it's understanable. It's still metalcore (no intention to offend anyone), a very generic genre, and couple of guys who are playing more or less for a hobby, with passion. Well, passion is a good thing of course, but not a "game changer" in this case. And that is sort of a normal situation for the majority of Slovenian bands.



The second band hitting the stage and the main act of the night was Inmate. Still a metalcore-veined approach, though compared to their predeccesors, a much more experienced group that has three full-length albums under its belt, with the last one - Anarthas - released just couple of weeks ago. Subsequently, half of their set list was presented with songs from this record. Inmate sounded on a higher level, more compact. I could say that they did appear to be somehow a more serious act regarding that. However, if I repeat myself once again, nothing groundbreaking or memorable, neither the creation of their music neither the stage performance. I won't go further into any details, as it's not of great importance. Also, during the performance they also had lots of technical problems, with a gap of silence for about 15 minutes (well, 15 minutes of the vocalist blabbering nonsense). Inmate left out their sweat on stage, but that's more or less it. No special impact.



Although I was excited coming to this first event, together with both performers of the night, it still didn't make any special moments or atmosphere to remember for me whatsoever. As I mentioned in preface, it was difficult even to find any gig for the first week of January. I find that in itself a success. Nevertheless, there is much more on the plate in the coming weeks and months, waiting for my "witnessing".

Round 02 : Necrotik, Big Bad Wolf, Sober Assualt (12.01.2019 - Brezice/Slovenia) --> Venue: Klub MC


My second stop led me to the city/venue located closest to my home. It was actually organized by the local student oragnization, which is also one of the reasons for the free entrance. Yeah, (almost) no costs for me this time. This gig united a pack of (another) three Slovenian metal groups, with more diversity on the plate this time. Necrotik, Big Bad Wolf, and Sober Assualt were assembled to demonstrate and share their musical knowledge, and hopefully to leave a better?.well, to leave something at least. In terms of personal expectations, the bar wasn't set high.

Sober Assualt struck first. Their (blackened) thrash metal (it was supposed to be) did actually sound quite decent in some parts. The interweaving shredding of guitar riffs tended to be rough enough for my modest taste in a major part of their performance, accompanied by strongly low-tuned bass. On the other hand, the vocals and drums showed a completely different side. The vocals were basically weak and plain, without any vocal range ability to execute. Everything regarding the drums was a serious failure of the night. It applies to all performers, not only Sober Assualt. First of all, the drum parts were nothing special and unworthy of spending any words about it. What bothered me the most was the sound of it. Fucking awful. Totally bland, distasteful, without any heaviness or power. And to make it worse, the overall sound of drums was set way too loud. Okay, enough whining. To conclude, a decent performance in some parts, like I said, with the possibility of being much better, though that unfortunately failed for the aforementioned reasons.

Spectators for rock'n'roll-sounding tunes came to their field next, while Big Bad Wolf had grabbed the stage spot. They certainly succeeded in lifting up the audience with their performance and attitude on the stage, compared to the openers. Musically, briefly speaking: occasional catchy guitars, "Lemmy wannabe"-sounding vocals, and those fucking drums. Simply put, it was still something much more tangible and accessible to the aural senses. I guess the crowd just wanted more of an explosive-vibe appearance on the stage. And I must say it was delievered. The Big Bad Wolf guys (especially the frontman) were much more active and "friskier," encouraging the crowd to cooperate during the songs. But that kind of response is common and goes along with the genre itself.

Hardcore-veined outfit Necrotik were up last to hit the stage. Third group, and another completely different genre. The band looked quite pumped and emboldened, which actually meant that the rock 'n' roll continued. "Hardcore rock'n'roll". I'm not particularly a hardcore fan, though aside from metal-related music, this kind of concert (and punk rock) is second in what I attend in general. Personally, I do appreciate the more "east coast" approach, with more rawness, sovereignty, and screaming. Necrotik tried to achieve some of those and other standards, but it turned out to be the opposite, more or less. And it's not my intention to make comparions here, just pointing out the facts. Sure, like I said, the response of the crowd hadn't "softened", but it was far from the real deal. At least for me.

Round 03 : Cojones (17.01.2019 - Zagreb/Croatia) --> Venue: Vintage Industrial Bar


First of all, this round was supposed to take me to Italy, to see/hearTerrorizer, Skeletal Remains, and De Profundis. Unfortunately, it didn't work out. The reason was actually quite banal. Tickets for this gig could not be bought on presale, nor were they available for reservation. That led me to the conclusion that the risk of driving down there (300 km one way) and then not being able to attend the event was just too big. I tried to get some info regarding the situation, but had no response.

But that's why the "B/C/D plans" exist. As a replacement, I've managed to find a gig at the Vintage Industrial Bar in Zagreb, where local "stoner boys" Cojones will be performing as part of their Euro mini-tour. I hadn't heard of them until I found them as a replacement, but I presume it could be a decent warm-up show for the Monster Magnet gig that will happen a couple of weeks later. And I am a bit more fond of stoner music anyway.

Entrance fee: 5?

Round 04 : Lightning Bolt (26.01.2019 - Zagreb/Croatia) --> Venue: Klub Mocvara


Lightning Bolt live? I should be pumped for this, right? This performance will definitely bring something completely different to the table. This Rhode Island-based noise rock duo is recognizable for its crazy-chaotic-style live performances. And to see two insanely overdosed-looking fellas, one on drums/vocals and the other on bass guitar, killing every nonhuman living organism around the place with their sound?well, that must be something special. Nonetheless, I don't want to rush into it too fast before it's even started, though I'm feeling a bit more excited compared to the events I've attended so far. Noise on. Later.

Entrance fee: 10?

The list of gigs that will give you the insight of my 3-month period plan (UPDATED):

(01.01. - 07.01.) 01. Inmate, Ashine - 03.01. (SLO, Ljubljana - Orto Bar)
(08.01. - 14.01.) 02. Sober Assault, Big Bad Wolf, Necrotik - 12.01. (SLO, Brezice - Klub MC)
(15.01. - 21.01.) 03. Cojones - 17.01. (CRO, Zagreb - VIntage Industrial Bar)
(22.01. - 28.01.) 04. Lightning Bolt - 26.01. (CRO, Zagreb - Klub Mocvara)
(29.01. - 04.02.) 05. Messa - 02.02. (SLO, Koper - Center Mladih)

(05.02. - 11.02.) 06. Monster Magnet - 07.02. (CRO, Zagreb - Tvornica Kulture)
(12.02. - 18.02.) 07. Aversions Crown, Psycroptic - 13.02. (SLO, Ljubljana - Orto Bar)
(19.02. - 25.02.) 08. Sunnata, Weedpecker - 28.02. (CRO, Zagreb - Klub Mocvara)
(26.02. - 04.03.) 09. Ozzy Osbourne, Judas Priest - 01.03. (ITA, Bologna - Unipol Arena)

(05.03. - 11.03.) 10. Overkill, Destruction - 10.03. (GER, Munich - Backstage) *(not confirmed yet)*
(12.03. - 18.03.) 11. Pestilence - 18.03. (CRO, Zagreb - Vintage Industrial Bar)
(19.03. - 25.03.) 12. Sólstafir - 21.03. (SLO, Ljubljana - Kino Siska)
(26.03. - 01.04.) 13. Rotten Sound, Implore - 26.03. (CRO, Zagreb - Klub Mocvara)

(02.04. - 08.04.) 14. Jungle Rot - 05.04. (SLO, Velenje - eMCe Klub)
(09.04. - 15.04.) 15. Monolithe - 17.04. (CRO, Zagreb - Klub Mocvara)
(16.04. - 22.04.) 16. Sleep - 18.04. (SLO, Ljubljana - Kino Siska)
(23.04. - 29.04.) 17. Mono - 25.04. (CRO, Zagreb - Klub Mocvara)

Written on 15.01.2019 by Attending all sorts of music events is my thing.


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16.01.2019 - 10:20
Oh boy, Lightning Bolt. Probably one of the bands i really have to see in my lifetime. Sadly that Zagrab gig is the closest they'll get to me this tour.

Also I saw Cojones at a festival this November. Pretty good, above average, but not great.
Do you think if the heart keeps on shrinking
One day there will be no heart at all?
19.01.2019 - 09:28

Shame you're not going to see De Profundis. Their album was one of my favourites last year.
19.01.2019 - 11:56

Written by nikarg on 19.01.2019 at 09:28

Shame you're not going to see De Profundis. Their album was one of my favourites last year.

Well, it is still a long year ahead. And I do have a plan to visit a couple of festivals during the summer.

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