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Euphrosyne interview (07/2023)

With: Efi Eva, Alex Despotidis
Conducted by: nikarg (e-mail)
Published: 06.07.2023

Euphrosyne made quite an impression last year when they released their debut EP, 'Keres'. Their fusion of black metal, doom metal, and post-metal appealed to Metal Stormers too, since you, people, gave 'Keres' the Clandestine Cut Of The Year Award. I recently watched their live acoustic set, and asked them for an interview so that we can get to know them better. Here is what they had to say.

Nik: Hello and thank you for doing this interview with Metal Storm. Tell us first a bit about Euphrosyne; how and when did you form, and how did you choose your name?

Euphrosyne: Euphrosyne as a full band started exactly one year ago. Nevertheless, the idea started somewhere in the distant 2019. Efi had decided to write her own dark pop track and Alex basically took over the orchestration and after a lot of thinking and listening to the final result came the idea of ​​Euphrosyne with the first single which we had made purely for fun. As for the name, we really liked the contradiction of the name (as Euphrosyne in mythology was the bringer of good news) with the music we play.

Nik: Your EP, Keres, received some very good feedback from the online music press (including us, of course). Did you expect such a positive reaction when you released it?

Euphrosyne: To be honest, even if we believe a lot in what we do and that's why we keep going, you always have doubts about the acceptance you might receive as it can be very different in our mind than reality. But at the end of the day, we are very happy for the positive feedback.

Keres cover art

Nik: Who has written the music and lyrics?

Euphrosyne: Everything is collaborative between Efi and Alex. Alex always writes the main structures of the tracks as well as the orchestrations, while Efi writes the vocal lines and lyrics.

Nik: Can you tell us more about the lyrics and their meaning?

Euphrosyne: The lyrics of Keres and the two previous singles deal with our personal war with the fears that have flesh and bones, as well as facing ancestral feelings of anger and pain always ending up in the hope of redemption, as in the lyrics of the last track of the EP, which are the following: "one day we'll be free".

Nik: Do you have any favourite songs from the EP?

Euphrosyne: We love all songs since are like our children, but we could say “Within The Ages”.

Nik: It seems to me that you are paying a lot of attention to the general aesthetic aspect of the band. Your logo, your artwork, your videos, your merch… they are all very strong visually, especially for a band that is not signed by a label. Who is responsible for this?

Euphrosyne: We were incredibly lucky to have amazing partners initially. The wonderful cover and photography by Dimitris Tzortzis, the clips by Manos G, Manolis Solidakis, and Whylyrlis made the difference. Some of the merch has also been curated by Efi. In general, we have a saying here in Greece that says, "strength in union".

Nik: Have you been approached by a label yet? And is it something you want, or do you prefer the DIY approach?

Euphrosyne: Truth is that DIY has a lot of freedom in stuff and incredible difficulties at the same time, mainly financially. We have some suggestions, but all will be revealed with the arrival of our first full length record.

Nik: Back in March, you released a video for the acoustic version of “Pale Days” as a tribute to the memory of the victims of the Tempe train crash. How did that occur?

Euphrosyne: Ιt was a completely spontaneous move. The idea of ​​the acoustic version of "Pale Days" had come earlier than the tragic accident in Tempe and its release had already been announced, but because the track talks about the loss of human life and how one experiences it, we thought it would be the least we can do.

Nik: You also played an acoustic live set recently. How did you experience it, compared to your normal live shows as a full band?

Euphrosyne: It was a one-of-a-kind experience. We really had a great time covering our own tracks and having the opportunity to experiment with the darkwave element as well. The small venue of Syd Records in the center of Athens felt like the biggest stage of our lives emotionally.

Nik: Have you got plans for the follow-up to Keres and, if yes, what is it going to sound like and when can we expect it?

Euphrosyne: We are already halfway through the recordings for the new album. This time we try to experiment even more with dark aesthetics and put our element even more strongly. But we can't reveal more.

Nik: What are your influences in general? Favourite bands/musicians?

Euphrosyne: One of the hardest questions anyone can ask. Certainly, with a very quick pick we would say Behemoth, Pain Of Salvation, Steven Wilson, Gorgoroth, Ghost Bath, Deafheaven, Mikael Åkerfeldt, and the list would take 10 years to finish.

Nik: The Greek metal scene is very much on the up in the last few years, with many quality bands forming and releasing music in all styles of metal. Have you got any recommendations for new bands?

Euphrosyne: We believe that despite the difficulties we experience in the Greek reality, our bands are of a very high level and worthy of a world-class. There are several, but we would say Allochiria, Blame Kandinsky, The Man And His Failures, Mask Of Prospero, Sidus, and it doesn't end.

Nik: What kind of music do you prefer listening to in your free time, and what is the format of your choice (physical/digital)?

Euphrosyne: All kinds of music. Every day we wake up with different feelings and situations, we are not limited to anything. Usually, due to lifestyle, we don't have time to listen to music from physical formats but from electronic platforms. But we are fans of CDs and vinyl and that's why we keep buying them.

Nik: Can you tell us which three albums you would want to have with you if you were stranded on a deserted island?

Euphrosyne: Epic question! We will be inclusive: KISS - Dynasty, Pain Of Salvation - Remedy Lane, and Pink Floyd - Animals.

Nik: Can you name three musicians (living or dead) that you would dream of collaborating with?

Euphrosyne: Only three?? Why? We need more options! That’s a difficult one. Well, let’s say Freddie Mercury, Daniel Gildenlöw & Warrel Dane.

Nik: How do you like spending your free time? What are your interests besides music?

Euphrosyne: Movies, good food and art.

Nik: Do you have a favourite film / director?

Euphrosyne: A lot of favorite movies and directors like Stanley Kubrick, David Lynch, Christopher Nolan and it goes on.

Nik: If you could have any director, living or dead, do a video clip for Euphrosyne, who would you choose?

Euphrosyne: Let’s say David Lynch!

Nik: Thank you for your time to answer these questions, that’s all from me. Anything you would like to say to Metal Storm readers?

Euphrosyne: First, we’d like to thank you for the invitation and many congratulations on the site and the support to the metal scene. Readers of Metal Storm, stay metal, and we’ll meet soon with more music and emotions! Thank you all!

Metal Stormers, make sure you keep your radar on for what Euphrosyne have in store next. They have the talent, the drive, and the creativity needed to go far.

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17.03.2024 - 06:58
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Cool! Thank you for the interview! Can't wait for that new album they spoke of.

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