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Ordinul Negru interview (12/2023)

With: Fulmineos
Conducted by: RaduP (in person)
Published: 31.12.2023

Band profile:

Ordinul Negru

With 2023 picking Timisoara as an European Capital of Culture and this being the city where I spend most of my time in, I decided to highlight four of our most significant metal exports in a series of interviews, ones that would focus on both the bands themselves and on the scene as a whole; and as we can see, barely managing to sneak their publishing while the year is still ongoing.

Fulmineos is not only one of my first interview subjects, but also a man of many projects, some reviewed by me, some reviewed by others. I wanted to talk about both how all of this started as well as how things have recently taken a turn towards some of these projects evolving from their initial black metal blueprint and how some of them get revived and reinvented.

Even if my initial tests with framing led to good results, of course the final placement of the filming phone led to an angle that was less desirable, but perhaps accidentally more kvlt. Also that's tea, not beer.

Posted on 31.12.2023 by Doesn't matter that much to me if you agree with me, as long as you checked the album out.

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