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Thin Lizzy - Thunder And Lightning review


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Band: Thin Lizzy
Album: Thunder And Lightning
Release date: March 1983

Disc I
01. Thunder And Lightning
02. This Is The One
03. The Sun Goes Down
04. The Holy War
05. Cold Sweat
06. Someday She Is Going To Hit Back
07. Baby Please Don't Go
08. Bad Habits
09. Heart Attack

Disc II [2013 Deluxe-Edition]
01. Angel Of Death [live] [B-side]
02. Don't Believe A Word [live] [B-side]
03. Emerald [Live In Hammersmith '81]
04. Killer On The Loose [Live In Hammersmith '81]
05. The Boys Are Back In Town [Live In Hammersmith '81]
06. Hollywood [Live In Hammersmith '81]
07. The Sun Goes Down [demo]
08. Bad Habits [demo]
09. This Is The One [demo]
10. Thunder And Lightning [demo]
11. Cold Sweet [demo]
12. Baby Please Don't Go [demo]
13. Heart Attack [demo]
14. The Holy War [demo]
15. Someday She's Gonna Hit Back [demo]

This extraordinary heavy metal showdown is a 1983 release, entitled Thunder And Lightning, and constitutes, until now, the last album released by Thin Lizzy. It is also their last album with Phil Lynott before he died in 1986. Musically and emotionally it has a big impact in any Thin Lizzy fan, musically because it's a high quality heavy metal album and emotionally because it's the last album to feature Phil Lynott's legendary voice.

Thunder And Lightning is the band's heaviest album ever, it contains strong heavy metal elements, that makes this album a very strong and intense output in their discography. Lyrically, the band was able to write their best compositions in years. It opens with the powerful and enraged "Thunder And Lightning" that makes the general image of the record; although their heaviest release, Lynott and company were able to maintain their typical style of playing, combining melody and dark lyrics like "Heart Attack " or "The Sun Goes Down"; but also, some strong love songs like "Baby Please Don't Go". Although Thin Lizzy weren't and aren't a commercial rock band, in every single album they released, the band always had some big hits. Thunder And Lightning wasn't an exception with hits such as the title track, "Cold Sweat", and "The Sun Goes Down". This epic contains two different sounds: the classic sound of Thin Lizzy, combines melody and fast instrumental parts, but also, shows a darker and enraged side of the band with heavier instrumental parts and darker lyrics making it an instant classic. Technically it is perfect and the band's performance is extraordinary making it one of the best of the group. Phil Lynott's voice and bass strings are perfect, with some excellent bass composition that allows this album to be as heavy as it is, and his voice is and always wasjust perfect, enraged when necessary, but also melodic or romantic in love songs or when catchy songs come in to play; Gorham's and Sykes' guitars are aggressive and heavy with some excellent riffs and solos in songs like "Cold Sweat", "Thunder And Lightning" or "Baby Please Don't Go"; Downey's performance is divided into two parts, the fast/melodic compositions and the more aggressive and heavy drum compositions making one of his best performances in his career.

Thunder And Lightning was a change in direction for the band for a more aggressive and heavy sound. It was risky but the band "placed their bet and won", for a big margin. It's so complete; the band innovated but didn't forget their past. The band delivers, indeed, thunder and lightning! It's one of 1983's finest in every way possible. For me it's their second best album only surpassed by the awesome Black Rose. Thunder And Lightning is a hymn for heavy metal and hard rock music.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Production: 9

Written by AndMetalForAll | 23.11.2012

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omne metallum
"Like Thunder and Lightning, god damn it's so exciting"

The best summation of the album comes from themselves; serving as the final album for Thin Lizzy, it sounds more motivated and full of energy than they had in years. The band found a way to re-invent themselves that sadly we only got to hear on this one release from this version of the band. What a hell of a way to sign off one of the best bands in history; firing on all cylinders, Thin Lizzy ride off into the sunset at full speed and we are left in their dust ruminating what could have been.

published 24.04.2020 | Comments (1)


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23.11.2012 - 21:38
Rating: 9

I always wanted thin lizzy to be heavier and and it was definitely granted in this awesome album
30.11.2012 - 23:38
Rating: 10

I got this on vinyl cheers!

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