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Pyramaze - Melancholy Beast review


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Band: Pyramaze
Album: Melancholy Beast
Release date: 2004

01. Sleepy Hollow
02. Forsaken Kingdom
03. Melancholy Beast
04. The Journey
05. Until We Fade Away
06. Legend
07. Mighty Abyss
08. Nature Of Triumph
09. Power Of Imagination
10. The Wizard [Track bonus]

Pyramaze is a new young combo of Power/Prog metal from Denmark. A new combo?, no THE new combo of Power Metal. There is a ton of new bands that do such music each days but believe me that this time it's not a poor copy of the masters of the genre, no, we have certainly with Pyramaze one of the best newcomer of the year. Good melodies, great riffs and especially a great vocalist with Lance King [ex Balance of Power], if you like true and great Power metal, please guys, take some minutes to read this review because you could regret to miss the first album of this excellent new band.

"Melancholy Beast" is the first album of this young combo from Denmark. Founded by the excellent guitarist Michael Kammeyer in 2001, this band knew how to give a very good direction to their first production with the recruitment of a magic singer Lance King. The result of the combo is now ready and believe me that all the guys who like great Power metal will take a big kick in the ass with "Melancholy Beast".

A lot of catchy melodies, a lot of awesome guitars riffs, some great thundering double bass pedals for the drums, and some progressive touch, gave an excellent result. Of course the voice of Lance give a lot to the music too, I mean that without him that couldn't be same, but the tracks are really good in general and the addition of the great writing of Michael plus the great vocals of Lance put "Melancholy Beast" in the top of the Power productions of the year.

Pyramaze is without any doubt influenced by bands like Kamelot, Queensryche, Royal Hunt or Iced Earth, then well at the end this album is in the way of the work of this famous bands. I'm sure that Pyramaze could follow their steps into the metal scene if they continue to do such music in the future.
With a really good production and a great work for the mixing and the recording, this album could be a killer. This is well done with a great sound and at the end it's a real pleasure to listen again and again this excellent production. Really if you are a fan of this kind of music, "Melancholy Beast" is a must have. With their first album this band show that it's possible to do good Power Metal again today and with only one release they give something we've not heard for a long time

Nothing to say with that album, it's a real great one and this band is one of the most promising newcomers of the year. Metal Heads, if you want something very good and well written with a lot of great tracks, no way you must buy the first album of Pyramaze.
"Melancholy Beast" is a must have, no doubt on that point, we will hear of them you can trust me...

Written by Jeff | 30.01.2006


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04.08.2006 - 20:30
Jason W.
I've been a big fan of "Legend of the Bone Carver" since I heard it, so it was natural to check out the band's debut... but this disc just does not satisfy the way their 2006 release does. Considering the ratings are identical, I expected a disc on the same level, but no, this disc just does not approach the impressive songwriting of their 2006 disc. There isn't anything bad at all on this disc... but there isn't a single song that sticks out... it all just fades into the background, despite the band's promising technical proficiency here. An awesome debut from a band that I enjoy a lot now, but this disc is no groundbreaker... a 7.5 from me.
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11.02.2008 - 21:51
I R Serious Cat
I second all what dismaeluphony said. This album is good, but easily forgotten.
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