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2001-  Morten Gade Sørensen - drums
2002-  Jonah Weingarten - keyboards
2011-  Jacob Hansen - guitars
2015-  Terje Harøy - vocals
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2001-2011  Niels Kvist - bass
2001-2011  Michael Kammeyer - guitars
2002-2006  Lance King - vocals
2004-2022  Toke Skjønnemand - guitars
2007-2008  Matt Barlow - vocals
2008-2012  Urban Breed - vocals
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2023  Nicklas Sonne - guitars
2006  Tomy King - child's voice
2006  Christina Øberg - vocals
2015  Joost Van Den Broek - orchestrations
2020  Matt Barlow - vocals
2020  Brittney Hayes - vocals
2023  Melissa Bonny - vocals

Latest reviews

Epitaph is the latest album from the Danish power proggers Pyramaze. Now, I can say that I've liked every record from Pyramaze that I've listened to. However, the last record didn't really blow me away. It was put together really well, but ended up feeling a bit generic. Does Epitaph change that?
Review by tominator ››
Many of you are already familiar with the awesome progressive power metal of Danish Pyramaze. Yet, others among you may only know them as the band that Matt Barlow joined after his post-Iced Earth absence from metal, only to leave after recording one album, re-join Iced Earth, then quit again. Nonetheless, Pyramaze was great before and they're still pretty damn great. This Disciples Of The Sun, seven years since their last record, is easily their best yet.
Review by Susan ››
Since the beginning of Metal Storm (and the band can confirm it ) we've always been some fervent supporters of Pyramaze and this is not this year that we will start to praise their name. Sure they've hired one of the most fantastic singers...
Review by Jeff ››

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