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Jorn - Symphonic review


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Band: Jorn
Album: Symphonic
Release date: January 2013

01. I Came To Rock
02. Rock And Roll Children [Dio cover]
03. The World I See
04. Burn Your Flame
05. Man Of The Dark
06. My Road
07. Time To Be King [Masterplan cover]
08. Black Morning
09. Like Stone In Water
10. Vision Eyes
11. War Of The World
12. Behind The Clown
13. A Thousand Cuts
14. The Mob Rules [Black Sabbath cover]

I'm pretty sure that if you were told one significant missing detail about this release and nothing else, you could make a whole lot of various deductions that, in a nutshell, would be pointing out only one outcome - it's not worth it. The missing detail in this case: it's a rerecording compilation. Pieced together with the title it really doesn't lend to any credibility. However... it's Jørn Lande.

Let's be honest. If there is any one single reason to lay your hands on any release by Jørn Lande, it would have to be his charismatic voice. I am even tempted to conclude that most albums of his that I've listened to - with the possible exception of Ark - I've done so because of his singing. It's his powerful voice that has given the music some much needed character. I bet I'd have never bothered with Masterplan, or his solo albums if it wasn't for him on vocals.

For me, Jørn singing means that there will at least be one aspect of the album I like. That is exactly one more thing than I usually start out with in many cases. Put like that, I'm already pretty satisfied with Symphonic despite the fact that in actuality it's nothing brand new. Basically, it's an orchestrated slice of Jørn's career. However, I'm hesitant to call it either a "best of" or an "orchestrated classics" release because, in a way, it's neither.

Whatever Jørn says in his release statement, half of the compilation is his last album Bring Heavy Rock to the Land. This is nothing close to anything like a careful and balanced selection of songs that lend themselves for orchestration. At present, I'm having thoughts that it's a somewhat hasty patchwork on the album to make it better. And, to be honest, it's both a success and a failure. It's a success because it sounds like Jørn's music is supposed to sound, orchestration adds some much needed depth. It's a failure because some songs just underline how good he can be and how average his output regretfully is. Take "Vision Eyes" or "Man of the Dark" as an example.

So, however I look at this release I'm left with twofold impressions. It's a good release because it sounds good and it flows well. And because Jørn is Jørn. This might be worth picking up if you haven't listened to his works in a while and would like a reminder. But it doesn't really change the fact that it's neither a new album nor a proper compilation, a slice of his whole career. It's just something.

Written on 10.03.2013 by I shoot people.

Sometimes, I also write about it.

And one day I'm going to start a band. We're going to be playing pun-rock.


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10.03.2013 - 21:43

^Basically this, nothing I've heard that is his output has ever been all that good. Like Ivor suggests in the review, if it weren't for his voice, he'd be a failure, in my mind, as a musician, because he, or those he has write for him, can't write powerful, memorable songs. Even on some of the covers he made on his cover album, Dio, I felt that the ''unique'' or characteristic touches he made to the original songs took away from the magic of them. My favourite stuff ''from him'' is the songs Sammet includes him on in Avantasia. I think that if he were ever to fall into a talented, original band, and his input was kept strictly to the singing of the lyrics, I'd be happier with it (not including Masterplan in that category personally, as I've never been able to get into their material, with or without Jorn).

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