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Abstracter - Wound Empire review

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Band: Abstracter
Album: Wound Empire
Release date: February 2015

01. Lightless
02. Open Veins
03. Cruciform
04. Glowing Wounds

Someone should call Textures, ask them to relinquish their name and let Abstracter use it instead.

Because there is very little abstraction in Wound Empire. Only concrete, palpable density. A density achieved by the expert layering of the production, and the choice of playing a savant mélange of the thickest genres around, namely sludge, doom, and a few chunks of post-metal. The result is a very atmospheric, melancholic, and heavy record that only relies on the best deep harsh vocals, subtle amplifying effects, heavy riffing and omnipresent cymbals to solidify the said atmosphere. Simple, yet not simplistic.

As it is more or less expected, the album unravels slowly, building tension in ten minute-long tracks with crushing passages that act as pressure valves for all that accumulated steam. Unfortunately, the listener that so gladly lost him(her)self in the impenetrable fog of the first half of the album eventually learns how to navigate within the mist, and finds the way back to the shore a bit too easily. Those of you who are familiar with the big names of atmospheric sludge and blackened sludge/doom might not even get lost in the first place. Nevertheless, it would be a crime to refuse to let go of reality and miss the short contemplative journey that is Wound Empire solely because other albums can take you on a similar cruise.

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Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 5
Production: 9

Written by Ilham | 05.02.2015


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06.02.2015 - 00:59
High Fist Prog
I thought you were comparing this to Textures' style...disappointed
06.02.2015 - 01:05
Rating: 7
Giant robot
Written by LeKiwi on 06.02.2015 at 00:59

I thought you were comparing this to Textures' style...disappointed

My hook worked at least on you then *dances*.
06.02.2015 - 03:31
High Fist Prog
Written by Ilham on 06.02.2015 at 01:05

My hook worked at least on you then *dances*.

So evil

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