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Devilhorn - Psychotic review

Band: Devilhorn
Album: Psychotic
Release date: March 2007

01. Psychotic
02. I Wear Your Skin
03. Humans Torn Apart
04. I Walk Among Them

Banging your head to some good pounding, aggressive and thrashy death metal is what Devilhorn seem to be all about. Hailing from Finland this five piece have just released their first demo as a full, solid band and are doing all the right things to make their mark in the world of extreme metal.

A growling scream and good guitar riff kicks us straight into the mix of things, the opening track being the title track of the demo shows us right away what this band are about. A really great, heavy guitar riff and pounding drumming accompanied by the great vocals - the band surely are a solid force here, they can play at speed and of course the accompaniment of the double bass drums is always what we want to hear. The other three tracks might not be as catchy as the opening song but they are still of good quality, easy to headbang to and all carry good riffs, vocals and drumming - good quality stuff.

Production is great, performance is good and they are a relatively young band and so have plenty of time to grow together and build their musical skills. No one can expect a groundbreaking, mind-blowing release from a band so young, but that is what they will have to strive towards in the future if they want to grab a lot of people's attention. This demo is a good indication that the band may have a good enough future, but it does not stand out from the vast abyss of other extreme metal bands all wanting the same thing.

On the whole this is a good quality, extreme metal demo, they play a good mix of death and thrash metal that is worth your time to listen to. But to make heads really turn it has to be that much faster, that much more extreme and that much more intense - but I am confident as the members grow together they will tighten up and keep on improving. As for now, if you have the time to check this out then go ahead, you will find yourself entertained for its fifteen minute duration.

Written on 06.09.2007 by Member of Staff since 2006.

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