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Vanden Plas - Beyond Daylight review


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Band: Vanden Plas
Album: Beyond Daylight
Release date: 2002

01. Nightwalker
02. Cold Wind
03. Scarlet Flower Fields
04. Healing Tree
05. End Of All Days
06. Free The Fire
07. Can You Hear Me
08. Phoenix
09. Beyond Daylight
10. Point Of Know Return [Kansas cover] [bonus]

Since I discovered Vanden Plas in 1999, all their albums sound incredible to me. But, even if I was awaiting this one for a long time, I must admit that it's their best so far. All you need is in this release: musical balance, amazing guitar solos, splendid keyboards, powerful drums, perfect bass parts and finally fine vocals. You can add perfect artwork once again, the fact the 'Beyond Daylight' is a suite of hits, all making sense in listening to the last one ['Beyond Daylight'], and finally a Kansas cover that rocks.

Just close your eyes and enjoy. 'Nightwalker' is the right door to enter this musical world. Then, 'Cold Wind' begins and melodies are spreading into your head as the music is going on and on. 'Scarlet Flower Fields' and 'Healing Tree' make a perfect duo of "false ballads" - in Vanden Plas own particular style - and these two songs are the best way to go through the reading of 'Beyond Daylight' story. Here comes 'End Of All Hopes' and its wonderful beginning [how can they compose such parts?]. As you fall into the light of beauty, the speed darkness of 'Free The Fire' is shaking your head, just before the song called 'Can You Hear Me', which has become one of my favorite ballads ever, carries you towards heaven. But the better part of the album is still to come! 'Phoenix' is the most powerful track and the most technical too, and as a finisher comes 'Beyond Daylight' that obliges you to listen to the album until the last second.

And when you open your eyes, the only thing you want to do is listen to 'Beyond Daylight' again.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Production: 9

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01.04.2010 - 00:12
This is their best album right now with Christ 0 a close second. They are both incredible. None of the others really come close though. Can't wait for their new album!
05.06.2010 - 19:29
Mountain King
K i K o
Nightwalker is amazing. The music is so great, especially the riffs. Cold wind is heavy and relaxing at the same time, Vanden Plas are good...
27.08.2016 - 02:11

"End of all Days" is one of my favourite tracks. For me is the best CD, along side Christ 0.

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