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Nevermore - Dreaming Neon Black review


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Band: Nevermore
Album: Dreaming Neon Black
Release date: 1999

01. Ophidian
02. Beyond Within
03. The Death Of Passion
04. I Am The Dog
05. Dreaming Neon Black
06. Deconstruction
07. The Fault Of The Flesh
08. The Lotus Eaters
09. Poison Godmachine
10. All Play Dead
11. Cenotaph
12. No More Will
13. Forever

Dreaming Neon Black is quite the interesting album in Nevermore's discography. It's an absolutely amazing album, I personally think it's their best, and yet it's generally regarded less highly than Dead Heart in a Dead World and This Godless Endeavor... which are both amazing albums, but Dreaming Neon Blacl[i] has something that they don't. This album has an aura of mystique, of something hidden behind the music, behind the lyrics. This may perhaps be because it's a concept album. Well, whatever the reason, this is truly a masterpiece.

What makes the music on [i]Dreaming Neon Black
so excellent is the delicious combination of melodic and heavy. This is a style that Nevermore has always done well, before and after this album, but never have they nailed it so well before or since. Take the title track for example: there's the introductory verse, over a very calm, beautiful guitar melody over the lyrics... and then what? Van and Jim come crashing in at the "Meet me in the dream time water drown..." section. This continues, only to return to the melodic verse. "Deconstruction" follows something of the same structure. Some of the songs on the album are definitely heavier than others, but they all seem to have this perfect combination of epic and heavy that never ceases to amaze me every time I play through the album. Van Williams and Jim Sheppard hold down the rhythm quite nicely, and, as usual, Warrel Dane and Jeff Loomis have this way of "dancing" (that's the best way I can describe it) around each other with their parts. And of course, Jeff's solos are nothing short of amazing... check out the ones on "The Death of Passion" and "Deconstruction."

Then the lyrics. Apparently Dreaming Neon Black is a concept album of sorts, about a man who goes insane after losing a woman very close to him. Concept albums can be difficult for bands, as there must be something of a story-line made with the lyrics. Nevermore pulls this off perfectly. And the lyrics aren't bland, silly, or tasteless: they're somewhat deep and thought-provoking. I personally really enjoy the lyrics to "Deconstruction" and "The Lotus Eaters."

This is a mind-blowing album. The individual parts all come together to make a truly amazing spectacle. What Dreaming Neon Black may lack in music (if anything), it makes up for with the lyrics, and vice versa. It is an album of true art and a somewhat surreal, mysterious atmosphere, and it might just be the crown jewl of the band's career.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 10
Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Production: 10

Written by Apothecary | 04.08.2011

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04.08.2011 - 19:07
Account deleted
The man this album is about is none other than Warrel Dane himself who lost his fiance to a drug cult.
04.08.2011 - 19:26

Nevermore has always been brilliant, each effort is different and unique. I just hope whoever new comes in can be as awesome as Jeff.
No time like the present
04.08.2011 - 19:43

I love this album too! It's so bleak. And the production is well-suited -- giving way to its dismal feel. It also contains one of my favorite tracks from Nevermore... The Fault of the Flesh. Truly stunning song.
04.08.2011 - 20:56
Written by thehondo on 04.08.2011 at 19:26

Nevermore has always been brilliant, each effort is different and unique. I just hope whoever new comes in can be as awesome as Jeff.

Yeah, Warrel Dane has said that the band is definitely not over, so I'm wondering who'd replace him too.
Check out Apothecary's Favorite Bands Playlist, brotendo. One track per band.
04.08.2011 - 21:46
There's something wrong with italics in your review
04.08.2011 - 22:49
Account deleted
This band is over whether Dane wants to admit it or not. I don't think it matters who replaces Loomis. The only way they'll recapture my interest again is if they move on to a different sound.
04.10.2012 - 00:32
Account deleted
Written by Guest on 04.08.2011 at 19:07

The man this album is about is none other than Warrel Dane himself who lost his fiance to a drug cult.

OMG, I didn't know that... Now that you mentioned it, just listened to Forever again... I cried a lot... Such a painful album...
20.07.2017 - 18:17
Bad English
Tage Westerlund
Che you messed italic code tag and some say its best, but I cant judge, IMO band has equally good albums, even I have sinned all disco once and it was in 2005 when I had teenage, rebel, fake poser, trOO metal taste
Life is to short for LOVE, there is many great things to do online !!!

Stormtroopers of Death - ''Speak English or Die''

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09.12.2020 - 11:39
I hope the italics in this never get fixed
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