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Iron Savior Albums Ranked

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Iron Savior is in my opinion the power metal version of Motorhead and AC/DC, they deliever pretty much the same formula every album but keeps a high quality all the time to keep it intresting even if there's no major changes to the music. Iron Savior is wide-legged metal without frills that is as awesome as it gets! Here's my ranking of their albums

Created by: majormalfunction | 08.01.2020

1. Iron Savior - Battering Ram
2004 Rating: 9 Top picks: Battering Ram, Starchaser, H.M. Powered Man
2. Iron Savior - Unification
1999 Rating: 9 Top picks: Coming Home, Prisoner of the Void, Forevermore
3. Iron Savior - Condition Red
2002 Rating: 9 Top picks: Warrior, Walls of Fire, Mindfeeder
4. Iron Savior - Iron Savior
1997 Rating: 8 Top picks: Watcher in the Sky, Atlantis Falling, Brave New World
5. Iron Savior - Megatropolis
2007 Rating: 8 Top picks: Farewell and Goodbye, Running Riot, The Omega Man
6. Iron Savior - The Landing
2011 Rating: 8 Top picks: Heavy Metal Never Dies, Hall of the Heroes, R.U. Ready
7. Iron Savior - Firestar
2023 Rating: 7 Top picks: Across the Wastelands, Nothing is Forever, Firestar
8. Iron Savior - Rise Of The Hero
2014 Rating: 7 Top picks: Burning Heart, Thunder from the Mountains, Revenge of the Bride
9. Iron Savior - Dark Assault
2001 Rating: 6 Top picks: Solar Wings, Never Say Die, After the War
10. Iron Savior - Kill Or Get Killed
2019 Rating: 6 Top picks: Stand Up and Fight, Kill or Get Killed, Roaring Thunder
11. Iron Savior - Titancraft
2016 Rating: 6 Top picks: Rebellious, Beyond the Horizon, Gunsmoke
12. Iron Savior - Skycrest
2020 Rating: 6 Top picks: Welcome to the New World, Ease Your Pain, There Can Only Be One

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