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Femme Metal 2020

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Created by: Blue Valkyrja | 19.06.2020

1. Delain - Apocalypse & Chill
There could not be a more appropriately title album for 2020. Apocalypse & Chill is perfect collection of symphonic metal and power-pop rock. Charlotte Wessels continues to prove herself a versatile and dynamic singer to rival Floor Jansen. Rating: 8.5/10
2. Lotus Thief - Oresteia
An incredible performance from an understated dark-dream experimental rock with an earthen-laden female vocals accompanied by harsh growls. Rating: 8.5/10
3. Allen/Olzon - Worlds Apart
Since her dismissal from Nightwish, Anette Olzon has refused to shy away from the limelight. With a solo album and two release's from The Dark Element under her belt, Olzon shows no sign of stopping. Up next a duet album with the legendary Russell Allen! Set to a more pop-power rock aesthetic, Olzon weaves her usual warmth and charisma into each song, leaving no doubt as to why she was selected as the replacement Nightwish singer in the first place. Rating: 7.5/10
4. Moonlight Haze - Lunaris
Lighthearted cheesepuff symphonic metal with a versatile vocalist, Chiara Tricarico, who is working overtime with Moonlight Haze and her other project Ravenword. Lunaris is a bright and captivating successor to their stellar debut album released last year. Rating: 7.0/10
5. Beyond the Black - Hørizøns
Jennifer Haben delivers her strongest BTB performance to date, taking full charge of the helm. In contrast, however, the backdrop has all but dissolved into a soften symphonic soundscape that is tediously repetitive and unpersonal. Both a step up and down from Heart of the Hurricane. Rating: 6.0/10.
6. Amberian Dawn - Looking For You
Amberian Dawn have been on a steady decline from symphonic-power metal to catchy pop-rock act. Looking For You is a pale shade of the band AD once were. Rating: 5.5/10
7. Her Chariot Awaits - Her Chariot Awaits
Darn. I really wanted to like this one as I genuinely think Ailyn is nice person who got done dirty by Sirenia. But I've never been the biggest fan of Ailyn's vocals even at the best of times. Unfortunately, Her Chariot Awaits does little to change that. Rating: 5.0/10

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