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AOTY 2020

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While the year 2020 may have been a write off in many ways, the albums that have been released this year have been very strong. In honour of 2020, these are my 20 favourite metal albums to have been released during this hellscape, I mean, year.

Created by: omne metallum | 21.12.2020

1. Testament - Titans Of Creation
Roaring back with a vengeance after the last two so-so releases, Testament remind us all that sometimes the old guard still have it up their sleeves
2. Lik - Misanthropic Breed
The best Entombed-esque album in years
3. Fires In The Distance - Echoes From Deep November
One of the best debut albums I have heard in years.
4. Bleed From Within - Fracture
Most improved band of the year.
5. Bury Tomorrow - Cannibal
Found myself replaying this long after I had reviewed it, an earworm of an album.
6. Lucifer - Lucifer III
A band that continues to fly under the radar, though those in the know will enjoy a third helping.
7. Necrot - Mortal
Building their reputation and momentum with a solid and hard hitting second album.
8. Svalbard - When I Die, Will I Get Better?
I finally get the hype around this band.
9. Heaven Shall Burn - Of Truth & Sacrifice
A double album was a big risk but one that pays off in spades.
10. Sylosis - Cycle Of Suffering
As much as I like Architects, Sylosis are far better and its a big shame they take a back seat for Middleton.
11. Evildead - United $tate$ of Anarchy
Captures the mood of the year perfectly.
12. Armored Saint - Punching The Sky
A slow burner that will burn bright if you give it enough time.
13. Harlott - Detritus Of The Final Age
A late contender but one that made an instant impression.
14. Plague Years - Circle Of Darkness
With the untimely passing of Riley Gale, this band have held the torch high in Power Trip's absence.
15. The Black Dahlia Murder - Verminous
Can they do no wrong?
16. Trivium - What The Dead Men Say
A solid follow up, a big shame they were not able to capitalise and tour this record.
17. Hatebreed - Weight Of The False Self
The adrenaline rush that was needed in winter.
18. Incinery - Hollow Earth Theory
One the UK's shining underground star's.
19. Warbringer - Weapons Of Tomorrow
A strong boost that was much needed in the spring and has hovered not far away from my speakers since.
20. Burning Witches - Dance With The Devil
Old school heavy metal that will get its hooks deep in you.

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22.02.2021 - 23:11
I am shocked by your #1.
22.02.2021 - 23:19
Me too.
Do you think if the heart keeps on shrinking
One day there will be no heart at all?
24.02.2021 - 14:56

Written by nikarg on 22.02.2021 at 23:11

I am shocked by your #1.

listen to his opinions on music for a few years and nothing will shock you anymore; I expected this list to be worse to be honest
03.03.2021 - 00:48

Plot twist: It's from worst to best.

EDIT: Wait, still doesn't make much sense

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