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Delirious Dreamer Dabblings: The Hermit's Guide To 2024

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Been a while, hasn't it? Well, the true vets will remember the deal.

2024 favorite albums list, but, following in the vein of my previous year lists, focusing specifically on the lulling, hypnotizing, and otherwise ethereal jamz y'all know are my bread and butter. Inevitably going to be slanted toward doom, black metal, drone, and ambient - type stuff, but anything (metal or non) that sends me sufficiently into the Twilight realms is up for inclusion.

In order by release date. Full streams when available. Recs encouraged and appreciated.

Created by: Auntie Sahar | 28.05.2024

1. Canaan - Ai Margini
2. Crizin da Z.O. - Accelero
Brazil has seen a considerable rise in the development of experimentally - inclined industrial music lately. While Accelero isn't all that "experimental" (relatively speaking), Crizin da Z.O. still achieve a pretty impressive synthesis of glithy electronics and hip hop on it. Definite jam to bob your head and space out with, and also an album that will probably make you wish you knew Portuguese. Iggor Cavalera feature on the first track.
3. Roscian - The First Disgrace
4. Grin - Hush
I first discovered Grin with Translucent Blades in 2020, and they've been one of the stoner bands closest to my heart ever since. Warm fuzz, an emphasis on DAT BASS over everything, and hypnotic, meditative vocals (male and female) make this a perfect "Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out" album. One could complain about a lack of originality, perhaps, but what Grin may lack up in that department they make up with catchiness and raw emotional appeal in spades.
5. Chapel Of Disease - Echoes Of Light
"Ey, ey brah... you tellin me dat German Chapel Of Disease, who started out as total banging OSDM worship just closed out with an album revolving around the guitarist that sits more in a heavy / progressive rock direction and packs groovtastic riffs for literal DAYS on end?" Lol yeah brah, I am.
6. Chelsea Wolfe - She Reaches Out To She Reaches Out To She
Versatile as ever, Chelsea returns to her throne with a considerable dive into the trip hop dimension, but with enough oomph and energy to give off a distinctly metallic feel. Maybe not to the extent of a release like Hiss Spun, for instance, but nonetheless, the plodding grooves here do give off a tone eerily reminiscent to some super down - toned, groovy sludge metal.
7. Bongripper - Empty
The time between this LP and the last has been the longest gap between any two Bongripper albums. Never fear: the kings of instrumental drone doom (sorry, Sunn O))), you're not *just instrumental) are back on the throne. Slow, plodding, throbbing bass tickles your brain stem enticingly, while Dem Riffs plunge you 8 fathoms deep into the murky waters of Riff Canyon once more. Way overdue, and makes up for what it may lack in originality in its raw, primal hypnotism.

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