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Top 20 Of 2024, So Far

1.Judas Priest - Invincible Shield
2.Vanden Plas - The Empyrean Equation Of The Long Lost Things
3.Amaranthe - The Catalyst
4.Madder Mortem - Old Eyes, New Heart
5.The Moor - Ombra

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Created by Alex Avagianos on 14.03.2024

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2024 Ranked

1.Kvadrat - The Horrible Dissonance Of Oblivion
2.Eternal Storm - A Giant Bound To Fall
3.Vemod - The Deepening
4.Cave Sermon - Divine Laughter
5.The Smile - Wall Of Eyes

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Created by Fotsuan on 11.03.2024

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Best Of Feruary 2024

Another new list , this time shortest month per year

1.Borknagar - Fall
2.Traveler - Prequel To Madness
3.Ace Frehley - 10,000 Volts
4.Stygian Crown - Funeral For A King
5.Blaze Bayley - Circle Of Stone

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Created by Bad English on 24.02.2024

2024 Albums Ranked - The Awakening Of My Musical Senses

I haven't heard new music in a long time so 2024 is the year. These albums will be getting the full treatment of multiple listens over the course of the year, so ratings and placements are subject to change. Of course this is just my opinion

1.Judas Priest - Invincible Shield
2.Austrian Death Machine - Quad Brutal
3.Saxon - Hell, Fire And Damnation
4.Amaranthe - The Catalyst
5.Madder Mortem - Old Eyes, New Heart

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Created by Coolingsrock on 29.01.2024

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1.Vitriol - Suffer & Become
2.Borknagar - Fall
3.Vanden Plas - The Empyrean Equation Of The Long Lost Things
4.Hiraes - Dormant
5.Hauntologist - Hollow

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Created by DarkWingedSoul on 21.01.2024

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TOP 100 (2024)

1.Hauntologist - Hollow
2.Chelsea Wolfe - She Reaches Out To She Reaches Out To She
3.Aborted - Vault Of Horrors
4.Job For A Cowboy - Moon Healer
5.Deicide - Banished By Sin

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Created by Killian on 19.01.2024

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1.Bruce Dickinson - The Mandrake Project
2.For All We Know - By Design Or By Disaster
3.Sonata Arctica - Clear Cold Beyond
4.Khirki - Κ​υ​κ​ε​ώ​ν​α​ς
5.Neal Morse - The Restoration - Joseph: Part Two

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Created by Byners on 15.01.2024

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2024: Jan-Jun

Hoping to not beat last year's total albums, but to still find the good stuff this year.

1.Vulgaris - Seat Of The Fire
2.Dvne - Voidkind
3.Persefone - Lingua Ignota: Part I
4.Eternal Storm - A Giant Bound To Fall
5.Æthĕrĭa Conscĭentĭa - The Blossoming

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Created by musclassia on 03.01.2024

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2024 Album Ranking

1.Labyrinthus Stellarum - Vortex Of The Worlds
2.Einvigi - Monokroma
3.Far Beyond - The End Of My Road
4.Riitasointu - Pedon Leikki
5.Dödsrit - Nocturnal Will

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Created by Anghellic67 on 03.01.2024

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Andy's top 2024

Another year begins, same scenario, ranking ordered from favorite down to least favorite. I've no specific target set this year, but it's doubtful I'll reach last year's monstrous amount. I might even throw in the odd EP this time round.

The list is also edited daily so the ranking may be subject to change.

1.Cistvaen - At Light's Demise
2.Khirki - Κ​υ​κ​ε​ώ​ν​α​ς
3.Dödsrit - Nocturnal Will
4.Sgàile - Traverse The Bealach
5.Hauntologist - Hollow

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Created by AndyMetalFreak on 02.01.2024

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2024: A Rough Ranking

So it begins. 3rd year at MS, 5th year of devoted metal listening. Nothing particularly exciting coming up, but Eternal Storm looks promising, and any new Persefone is a good thing. It's early days after all.

Goal? I made it to 625 albums last year, with a pretty slack first 6 months. Aiming for 800.

Update: This list is officially discontinued, apart from albums that are good enough to warrant multiple listens, aka the top end. There are various reasons for this, but a lot of changes are happening in life and I cannot/do not want to give this much time to every release I can.

1.Aquilus - Bellum II
2.Cave Sermon - Divine Laughter
3.Illumishade - Another Side Of You
4.Persefone - Lingua Ignota: Part I
5.Solbrud - IIII

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Created by 24emd on 01.01.2024