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AJ's Ranking Of 2014

TOP 50 of 2014.

The great return of Empyrium!

Album rate 8 & above

Album count: 144
Average rating: 7.04

1.Empyrium - The Turn Of The Tides
2.Mors Principium Est - Dawn Of The 5th Era
3.Fen - Carrion Skies
4.Anathema - Distant Satellites
5.Moanaa - Descent

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Created by AJ The Great on 16.07.2023


1.Sólstafir - Ótta
2.Thou - Heathen
3.Alcest - Shelter
4.Behemoth - The Satanist
5.Panopticon - Roads To The North

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Created by Marc-Antoine on 18.08.2019

My Top Black as Satans ass!

Because you were inspired by the devil?


that's it
i was
by the devil

i am
by the deeevil

So here we have a list of my favourite black/ish metal bands + their best album \m/
(Alphabetical order)

1.1349 - Massive Cauldron Of Chaos
2.Absu - Absu
3.Aenaon - Extance
4.Anaal Nathrakh - Eschaton
5.Behemoth - Grom

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Created by Hellcult on 15.04.2018

Thumbs up: +9
That Cold Black Magic, By Glenn Killer And His Thorchestra

As is the case with my other lists, this is for my own organizational purposes and is designed purely to help me keep track of all the many black metal bands and albums that I enjoy, since I can't keep all of this information in my head. It has no other benefit whatsoever and will likely result in tantrums should anyone else see it. I'm aware that I haven't listened to every black metal album that I should have. I only went down to the 6s on this list, so it's possible that I have listened to your favorite black metal album that you desperately need to suggest and I thought it was terrible. There are a lot of heinously incompetent black metal bands out there.

On the off-chance that you've found this and actually care about what I think (you shouldn't), be advised that my favorites come first. Some are favorites in the general sense; some are favorites within black metal. The first few of those are in some order and not so much after that.

Because this is for my own purposes and not intended to be a definitive list of pure black metal, there are some black metal-adjacent bands, or albums by black metal bands that may not themselves be black metal. That's why you'll find so much Sigh clogging up the top of the list. I prefer to keep whole discographies together on one list. I used to include Primordial, Forefather, and other such bands, but a while back I created a list for folk and I decided that those artists would fit better there.

I update these lists very infrequently. This was last updated December 7, 2022.

1.Sigh - Imaginary Sonicscape
2.Sigh - Graveward
3.Dissection - Storm Of The Light's Bane
4.Sigh - Heir To Despair
5.The Meads Of Asphodel - The Murder Of Jesus The Jew

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Created by ScreamingSteelUS on 31.03.2015

Top Albums 2014

Well, here I put my personal top with which to me have been the best albums of 2014. They are not all they are, but if they all are.

1.Allegaeon - Elements Of The Infinite
2.Fallujah - The Flesh Prevails
3.Black Crown Initiate - The Wreckage Of Stars
4.Job For A Cowboy - Sun Eater
5.Nero Di Marte - Derivae

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Created by kam1kaze on 09.01.2015

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My Personal TOP2014

1.Behemoth - The Satanist
2.Sólstafir - Ótta
3.Mastodon - Once More 'Round The Sun
4.Babymetal - Babymetal
5.Slugdge - Gastronomicon

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Created by boo-boo on 17.12.2014

Thumbs up: +1

1.Sólstafir - Ótta
2.Nightbringer - Ego Dominus Tuus
3.Sabaton - Heroes
4.Dark Fortress - Venereal Dawn
5.Lux Occulta - Kołysanki

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Created by ICONofSIN on 06.12.2014

Metal Storm Awards 2014 Predictions: Who Are The Favorites?

One of the most anticipated activities in MS is to decide which are
the outstanding albums of the year. In this list, some favorites are presented for this coveted award.

1.Soen - Tellurian
2.Aenaon - Extance
3.Triptykon - Melana Chasmata
4.Morbus Chron - Sweven
5.Animals As Leaders - The Joy Of Motion

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Created by DoomRules on 05.12.2014

2014 gnirpz's essentials

From best to worst of all the albums I listened along the 2014

1.Pallbearer - Foundations Of Burden
2.Neurotech - Infra Versus Ultra
3.Triptykon - Melana Chasmata
4.Ghost Brigade - IV - One With The Storm
5.Earth - Primitive And Deadly

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Created by gnirpz on 09.10.2014

Thumbs up: +11
2014 Cont.

Cos, y'know, same shiz different year. Ran out of space again so will post final album opinions in comments.

1.Infestus - The Reflecting Void
2.Dirge - Hyperion
3.Nero Di Marte - Derivae
4.Steve Rothery - The Ghosts Of Pripyat
5.Agalloch - The Serpent & The Sphere

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Created by musclassia on 28.09.2014

Thumbs up: +2
Albums From 2014: One Man's Perspective

Every year, hundreds of albums are written and released for people to buy and hopefully not steal. I spend most of my free time searching far and wide for new music, most of which only very few people know about. This list will contain all the albums released this year that I listened to, and what I thought of it. The rating system is as follows:
Based = Awesome, Perfect
Chill = Solid, Substantial
Dope = Good-not-great, Something I'll only listen to if I'm bored
Retarded = Mediocre, Unremarkable
Mindfucked = Complete waste of time
Also, there will be albums that aren't metal that will appear here, just cause.

1.1349 - Massive Cauldron Of Chaos
2.Abigor - Leytmotif Luzifer - The 7 Temptations Of Man
3.Aborted - The Necrotic Manifesto
4.Aenaon - Extance
5.Agalloch - The Serpent & The Sphere

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Created by SelfXPlanetOrE on 07.09.2014

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2014 - My Best To Worst

This is my personal list based on the albums i've enjoyed listening to the most this year, consider it a best to worst based on all the albums i've checked out from 2014. Bear in mind i'm a power metal fan for the most part - also this list does not reflect the views of others on MS, but some of the albums here are pretty decent and you should check some of them out.!!!!

1.Galneryus - Vetelgyus
2.Equilibrium - Erdentempel
3.Arch Enemy - War Eternal
4.The Algorithm - OCTOPUS4
5.Ancient Bards - A New Dawn Ending

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Created by Sword_Chant on 31.08.2014

Thumbs up: +8
2014 - Best To Worst

100% subjective.
I also listened to albums far from metal or metal world (Hanggai, Lisa Gerrard, ...) but I decided not to list them there.

Updated constantly - feel free to recommend something to check out.

1.Darkspace - Dark Space III I
2.Blues Pills - Blues Pills
3.Earth - Primitive And Deadly
4.Aenaon - Extance
5.Triptykon - Melana Chasmata

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Created by AlexisCroze on 21.08.2014

Thumbs up: +7
Top Album 2014 by Pelagial

1.Ne Obliviscaris - Citadel
2.Psygnosis - Human Be[ing]
3.Machine Head - Bloodstone & Diamonds
4.Descend - Wither
5.Yob - Clearing The Path To Ascend

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Created by Pelagial on 03.08.2014

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Best of 2014 /// How to be broke with style V.1.

So here it is > These are the releases i tend to hear most of the time this year. Some of my all time favourite bands released weak albums while others suprised me while i was cooking pasta .Fell free to comment and tell me your positive opinion (or else you will reveive tons of shit etc)

1.Aenaon - Extance
2.Ne Obliviscaris - Citadel
3.Major Parkinson - Twilight Cinema
4.Mors Principium Est - Dawn Of The 5th Era
5.Scar Symmetry - The Singularity (Phase I - Neohumanity)

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Created by Hazelnut Nero on 13.07.2014