Thumbs up: +50
These obviously won't ruin your day. Chances are if you are into these styles you'll love this selection. No stylistic borders, but I'm limiting myself to one album per band. These aren't necessarily my favorite albums by these bands, but they are the one's I think fit the best. I am slowly finishing the mini reviews. It's difficult to think of 100 ways to say "yeah this album is dark"

Mini-reviews left to do: 12/100

Created by: Alex Fenger | 11.09.2013

1. Ævangelist - De Masticatione Mortuorum In Tumulis
This album slowly creeps into your ears via a short ambient intro, and builds into a cacophonous swirling procession of ravaging tremolo picked guitars and blasting drums that give no room for light. Tempo changes and short more ambient driven sections provide this album with enough versatility to make it constantly enjoyable.
2. Abruptum - Potestates Apocalypsis
Abruptum are no strangers to the art of suffering. Having been around for over 20 years, this band has always made a form of eerie and ear piercing drone/dark ambient which tremors in the background of your speakers. As it hovers there, building with a monumentally slow pace, the tracks seem to jump. They screech at you, like nails on a chalkboard, and then recede again. You aren't safe. The atmosphere only gets darker and darker, and by the end Abruptum have you trembling in fear, but wanting more.
3. Abyssal - Novit Enim Dominus Qui Sunt Eius
This is a sonic assault. A massive beating that penetrates your ear canal and uses your ear drum as a punching bag. Dissonant riffs and insanely deep vocals that lie behind the wall of violent savagery. Pulsing in and out of upbeat blasting sections and more drawn out tremolo picked guitar riffs, this is an album that will hook you in, tear you down, and submit you to it's torture through it's entirety.
4. Aderlating - Spear Of Gold And Seraphim Bone Pt. 1
Mories is the single musician nearest and dearest to my heart, and if he heard me say that he'd probably rip it out and use it as his next album cover. Aderlating is one of his less known bands, features ominous ambient backings which seem to quiver in fear as distant drums arduously pound away, slowly approaching you. As it gets nearer and nearer, you see the horde. It's shrouded by a blackened fog, and growls out in rage underneath the chaotic percussion which is only getting louder and louder. The intensity continues growing as it slowly engulfs everything in sight, and by the end of this horrifying journey, everything is black.
5. Agruss - Morok
This is an album drenched in hatred and smothered in grime. It's a relentless mixture of black and death metal, and it is simply fantastic. It is emotive, yet retains the anger and hatred which seems to fuel it. The riffs are can best be described as sounding like the musical equivalent of a chainsaw (most of the time), while the vocals shriek out in pure agonizing horror. It will ravage your mother with no remorse.
6. Alkerdeel - Morinde
Everything about this album is ugly. From the cover to the grime covered riffs. Ugly chord progressions that alternate between a slow procession and blasting mayhem ring through your ears for the duration of this beast. The vocals seem to be one with the mix, and blend into the hideous tone of the guitar with seamless perfection. Morinde drags on and blasts through your ears for 42 minutes of sludge infested and blackened doom.
7. Anaal Nathrakh - The Codex Necro
Evil and anger. That's really the only explanation for music like this. The riffs are massive, thick, and come at you like a wall of sound. The music blasts away with maniacal and incomprehensible vocals, seemingly disconnected from the rhythm, accompany the terror that ensues. Despite all of this, hooks are still existent in the music, which serve as a reminder that just because music is evil and horrifying, doesn't mean it can't be catchy :D.
8. Antediluvian - λόγος
λόγος, or Logos when using the Latin alphabet, is a savage procession of evil and hellfire. Completely dismal and disorienting tones guide the down-tuned, tremolo picked guitar riffs through this burning forest. Everything swirls together with such painful torment, it's amazing these musicians managed to record such a frightening piece of art. This is a mostly fast paced chaotic slab of evil death metal.
9. Aosoth - IV: An Arrow In Heart
Here we have an excellent slab of black metal which clearly holds heavy influences with Deathspell Omega. The riffs are mostly tremolo picked patterns of tonal clashes over consistently pounding drums. It varies from mid-paced to full out blasting blaster blasty blast beats. There's nothing too special about Aosoth, but they succeed with flying colors in creating a dense and rich atmosphere of despair.
10. Arizmenda - Within The Vacuum Of Infinity...
Take acid and sit in a cave. That will probably evoke the same feeling as this psychedelic influenced black metal masterpiece does. The vocals lie subdued beneath an infernal torrent of riffing mayhem. As this album pounds on it sends you into a euphoric trance, but never let's go of the dark and dismal atmosphere it creates.
11. Bethlehem - Dark Metal
An empty, hollow, and cold experience. Bethlehem pound along with reasonably high-tempo riffs that plunge abruptly into slow moving doom oriented sections that drag on and ring out. A raw and old school feel is achieved through reverberated guitars that don't focus too heavily on the bass end for a boost, but rather rip along in layers to create a dense and suffocating atmosphere. Vocals rip the music to shreds, with high pitched shrieks akin to many other black metal bands during the uptempo sections, and deep gut-wrenching gutturals accompanying the doom oriented sections.
12. Blut Aus Nord - MoRT
Hollow. This music does not evoke emotional response, but rather sucks all life out of your body and leaves a hollow shell in its place. Riffs that follow no logic plod along while disjointed and quizzical leads ring above with seemingly no direction other than an end. This is not an album for everyone. This is not accessible, but rather completely inaccessible, and it's absolutely marvelous.
13. Burning Witch - Crippled Lucifer
Crippled Lucifer is a morbid, filthy, sludge driven album of sorrow. The chords are slowly pounded out as the drummer falls into each beat with force created a mournful testimony to the band's troubles. The vocals turn from emotive cleans to painful, throat ripping shrieks and back again. Slowly wavering between depression and filth and anger, Crippled Lucifer is pain.
14. Carpe Noctem - In Terra Profugus
Carpe Noctem's debut full length is one filled with rage and pain. Tremolo picked guitar riffs which smash out harrowing dissonant melodies with blast beats to accompany create an atmosphere of disconnection from reality as you are slowly sucked into this portal of black metal wonder. It is an undeniably bleak album, with enough of a unique edge to make it unbelievable.
15. Catacombs - In The Depths Of R'lyeh
Reverberated guitars echoing through the halls which lead to your demise. This album opens in such a way that perfectly sets the mood. Throughout this experience, you are subjected to painful chromatic guitar lines and pounding rhythms that ever so slowly beat on with unbelievable weight. Vocals that sound as if they dwell within an abyss somewhere below the surface of the earth, and rise out of the ground with terrifying force.
16. Coffinworm - IV.I.VIII
Coffinworm's sophomore release, IV.I.VIII, features music even more crushing and vile than their debut. It starts by immediately pummeling you to the ground with a shriek and blasted guitar lines which clash in a manner so cruel it creates a sound of sheer horror. Feedback and dissonance appear in massive number throughout this album, which smashes it's way through your face, without pausing, for a full 40 minutes, before it finally releases you.
17. Dark Tribe - In Jeraspunta - Die Rückkehr Der Tollwütigen Bestie
The instant you click play, the insanity begins. Razor sharp riffs tear you to shreds as this chaotic journey flies along with high speeds. The chord progressions layered on top of each other with massive force create a dense and terrifying atmosphere of pure blackness, and only to add on top of that, demented vocals shriek on and on with intense energy.
18. Darkspace - Dark Space III
Don't let your astronaut friends hear this album, they'll likely quit their jobs. From the first minute of this album one might expect a standard dark ambient album, but you are quickly proven wrong as the vocalist rips through your speakers with a mortifying scream. The instrumentation comes in with equal force, and blasts away with no hope for nearly the whole album. Peppered with some tasty more drawn out sections that are laden with ambient influences, this album is sure to take you on a trip through the horrors of space.
19. De Magia Veterum - The Deification
Chaos. Savagery. Pure insanity. These are terms I would use to describe The Deification. At first it may sound like a mess of instrumentation and shocking vocals, but give it a minute and it all falls into place. Suddenly the chaotic distorted guitars form haunting melodies that pile on top of one another forming a wall of shear terror. Mories' vocals only further accentuate this terror as his shrieks blast through this wondrous wall of noise and pile drive you into the dust.
20. Dead Congregation - Graves Of The Archangels
Graves Of The Archangels sounds like an old school death metal album that had the evil knob turned up. This album shreds along with very precise and very rapid guitar riffs which jump in and out of alternating lines in any given single riff. The drumming is precise as well, blasting away with ease at absurdly high tempos. The vocalist has fantastic low gutturals, but nothing you haven't heard before. This album doesn't break down barriers, it simply takes something that was good (old school death metal) and makes it a bit darker (read; better).
21. Deathspell Omega - Fas - Ite, Maledicti, In Ignem Aeternum
Disorienting riffs fly by as savage drums beat you into submission. Beauty is achieved on this album, through an incredibly dense and dark atmosphere created through layered dissonance. Drums provide endless fills to aggregate the madness, and the only chances you get to breath within the massing of dissonant chaos, are horrifying and eerie ambient sections. In addition to these ambient sections, a few more drawn out guitar-driven intros and outros exist to assist in the atmosphere building.
22. Desolate Shrine - The Sanctum Of Human Darkness
This album is a stark offering of chaotic blackened death metal which rips through your speakers, and pulls you into the abyss from which it came to torment you. Melodic guitar riffs are drowned out by distorted and dense ambient layers. The vocals come up from below the music with fury to tear away at your flesh out of resentment and fury.
23. Diamanda Galás - The Litanies Of Satan
I don't even know where to begin with this. On the surface, one could call it an experiment in avantgarde vocal performances, but it is so much more. It is dark and schizophrenic at times, and at the other it is outright horrifying. There are elements of industrial, dark ambient, classical, and so much more laying beneath the stinking masterpiece that is The Litanies of Satan. There is nothing quite like this, and really the only way to understand what it is, is to experience it for yourself.
24. Disembowelment - Transcendence Into The Peripheral
Anyone with even an inkling of knowledge about early death-doom will know who Disembowelment are, and what makes them legends. The massive wall-of-sound guitar riffs smash away at your face while the drums break your bones at both crushingly slow paces, as well as upbeat savage-tempo sections. It's deep, it's visceral, and it's simply, crushingly, evil.
25. Diskord - Dystopics
From the very first notes of this disjointed sounding album you are greeted with the old school production reminiscent of 90s death metal, and the song-writing of bands akin to Baring Teeth. Highly technical and massively dissonant, Diskord create a puzzling journey through bleak and surreal landscapes as they pummel you relentlessly for the entirety of the album. The band tosses conventional song structures out the window in favor of a natural yet jarring and harrowing progression through this world they create. It's truly horrifying.
26. Dolorian - When All The Laughter Has Gone
Slow echoing sounds of a dystopian society echo throughout this album. Vocals subdued under the malicious riffs and slowly pounding drums emerge through the fog and are the cherry on top of this dark ice cream sundae (I probably could have picked a more appropriate analogy). The formula is simple, and something we've seen before, but the execution takes this album and holds it a mile above the rest.
27. Double Leopards - Halve Maen
A swelling monument of ambient perfection, Halve Maen is atmosphere incarnate. Slowly building up around you, a wall of noise and echoes, and then diving back into the abyss from whence it came, this album will ensconce you. Sending you into a trance-like state, and then punishing you for losing focus with horrific swells of ambiance, this album can not be looked over.
28. Dragged Into Sunlight - Hatred For Mankind
I said Alkerdeel were ugly, well Dragged Into Sunlight are something beyond ugly. A monster so vile that it simply oozes filth. The tone of the guitars is razor sharp yet manages to blast through your speakers with massive force. Sound clips from movies are scattered throughout the album and add to the eerie atmosphere the music creates.
29. Eibon - Entering Darkness
Entering Darkness is an album that can bring you to your knees, sobbing in pain, and then beat you while you're down. The riffs are savage, the drums seem to methodically pound you to a pulp, and the vocals are as good as they come. This is pretty much a shining example of black infused sludge, and how it should be done.
30. Elend - A World In Their Screams
Those familiar with this album will know exactly why it makes an appearance on this list. Our good friend Joe (username !J.O.O.E.!) once described this (on facebook) as being more frightening sounding than any metal band could ever hope to achieve. Joe was entirely correct. Elend play a neoclassical form of symphonic music, and this particular album provides us with compositions that defy anything I once believed orchestral music could accomplish. Chaotic, at times somber and mournful, but through and through a dark and pitch black journey.
31. Elysian Blaze - Blood Geometry
Blood Geometry is a bleak, slow moving, monolithic monster. Here we find an album that pushes on for over two hours, and in this large chunk of your day, you are constantly rewarded with repetitious and slow moving riffs that fling you to the floor and beat you while you're down. Melancholy finds you through the form of ambiance and more blackened sections, but this hope is only relative, as the entire album is a purely dismal effort.
32. Entombed - Left Hand Path
Entombed are, in my not even remotely humble opinion, the epitome of amazing old school death metal. Chaotic blasting guitars shred out grimy merciless riffs while the vocals scream along in an equally ugly form created a complete beast of evil. Raw tone combined with high speeds and ominous melodies creates one of the original odes to darkness from the death metal scene, and one of the most important albums ever for metal.
33. Empathie ‎ - :Z:Z:Z:
This is an album that sounds utterly disconnected with reality. Ambiance and noise lead into riffs that (very) slowly pound along with the weight of the earth, and vomitive vocals that ring through your ears as the noise in the background slowly quavers in a wavelike formation. This is repetitive and hopeless. No unnecessary melodies or harmonies, simply unforgiving desolation.
34. Esoteric - The Pernicious Enigma
The Pernicious Enigma is unforgiving. A horrifying trip through the twisted mind of Greg Chandler. Easily Esoteric's most vile and disturbing album from this funeral doom outfit. Gone are the emotive somber clean sections from their later work, and gone is any semblance of hope. This is a crushing monolithic effort that is sure to leave you an empty shell. Also it's two hours long... woot!
35. Eyehategod - Take As Needed For Pain
Eyehategod probably hate life. What we have here is a drugged up ode to the hatred of humanity. It's ugly, it's fun, and overall, it's plain wrong. It feels dark in a way different than any of the other albums on this list. This album can be fun, and it's ideal for a lazy Sunday afternoon, but the mere fact that it's so drenched in anger and hatred creates an atmosphere so dark and dense that it's difficult to overcome. Sitting through the whole 50 minutes will give you a new outlook on life, and if it left a strong enough impression, you'll promptly go punch your grandmother in the face, steal her car, and crash it into an orphanage, but only while blaring this album one last time.
36. Fantômas - Delìrium Còrdia
Haunting drones from a synth echo in the background, demented chants accompany minimal percussion, and it suddenly all comes toppling down. Through the wreckage you look around. You're in a foreign landscape. Tribal music and shiver-inducing screams guide you to the light, where you find Fantomas, being the weird fuckers they are. Seriously, there isn't a single album remotely like this. A purely unique, and truly disturbing creation.
37. Festerday - H.IV+
Released under the name Havoc Unit, H.IV+ is a quizzical undertaking of industrial black metal. A bright synth shines out over the murk of the marching mechanical Armageddon of guitar riffs and machine-like drumming. You think to yourself that there must be hope, but Havoc Unit swiftly stomp such a foolish idea from your mind as they pick up the pace, driving you down with the incessant beating you are now receiving. Industrial mayhem.
38. Flourishing - The Sum Of All Fossils
As raspy vocals shred into the dissonant guitar riffs of The Sum of All Fossils, you will quickly become a beaten heap of worthless flesh. This album is so intense, dense, and full of suspense, one could be forgiven for not having the stomach to complete the journey. Schizophrenic drumming will pound into you as the tight production of the unrelenting guitars shred into from underneath. A masterpiece of disjointed death metal.
39. Funeralium - Deceived Idealism
Funeralium play a sort of doom that is so oppressive and heavy it is quite frightening at times (well, if you're new to the genre it will be, I just find it awesome). It's slow, it's dense, and it's simply smothered in layers of agony. The guitars plod along, occasionally sustaining notes into feedback as the vocalist shreds through your ears. At times the band moves to a more upbeat tempo, but only to further extenuate the pain they are conveying, seeing the vocalist switch to a higher pitched shriek over a much "groovier" guitar line.
40. Ghast - May The Curse Bind
Fast pace guitar riffs cycle in and out of harmonic minor keys, chromatic scales, and generally evil sounding chord progressions. The drums blast away with no real technicality, but simply add to the effect of the repetition as the music penetrates you and begins to feel very natural. But once comfort finds you, Ghast change up the style, and may switch to a slower more consistent riffing progression, or turn on turbo-drive. High pitched vocals moan out from behind the torrent, and tie together the dark and dismal vibe this album brings to the table.
41. Gnaw Their Tongues - Eschatological Scatology
A layer of filth and noise resides above savage guitar riffs and subtle orchestral elements which all morphs together to form the monster that is Eschatological Scatology. The pained vocals of a musical genius shriek in the background under the wall of noise and echo throughout the album with horrifying torment. This is not my favorite album from the mastermind Mories', but it is his work which best represents elements of darkness and torture. A black metal album that sounds as if it was recorded in a morgue.
42. Grave Miasma - Odori Sepulcrorum
Few bands can manage to recreate the glorious sound of early 90''s death metal, but Grave Miasma have done just that. The guitar tone just reeks in a style very reminiscent of early Entombed, and the vocals echo out seemingly into a catacomb of pure darkness. High speed, tremolo picked guitar lines combined with these amazing vocals and ungodly drumming create an atmosphere so thick and rotten that it is absolutely wonderful.
43. Grey Widow - I
From the first note of this wretched album, you know what you're in for. Grime-drenched doom metal with black and sludge elements sprawling from every aching orifice Grey Widow can stuff; one begins to believe that the tortured screams accompanying this vile music may simply be the cries in agony of the album itself. Lingering melodies occur through each song, a leitmotif to your suffering, but they offer no true redemption from the torture you must endure. This album shows no mercy.
44. Hjarnidaudi - Pain:Noise:March
The title of this album is surely the most appropriate possible. The violently droning guitars stab you, as you crumble to your knees sobbing from the pain inflicted. But Hjarnidaudi offer no solace, and lashes again, and again, and again, and again, until the torment becomes your blanket, accepting the fate laid out before you. A white noise, a droning chamber, and finally, the march to hell, leading you to your final resting place as the album slowly... ever so slowly, comes to an end.
45. Impetuous Ritual - Unholy Congregation Of Hypocritical Ambivalence
I feel like death metal used to be a fun genre, much like thrash metal. Impetuous Ritual clearly hate that thought, as the music they make is the bleakest most vile form of death metal out there. An empty cavern slowly fills with a green slime as you drown in the dense filth Impetuous Ritual spew towards you. You die, and the band continues on their quest for death, playing the soundtrack to your withering away.
46. Incantation - Onward To Golgotha
Incantation would probably like to disagree with my statement I made in the previous mini-review. From 1992, Onward To Golgotha is THE savage death metal album you need. Way ahead of its' time, Incantation manifest the most devilish creature to tear your flesh from your bones, and ingest it as you are subjugated to violent torture in the form of chaotic riffing, severely maniacal drumming, and vocals that ring out and fade back into the waves of cavernous death metal flowing through your head.
47. Indian - From All Purity
Noisy, filthy, dissonant, inaccessible, and most of all, purely evil; that's how Indian's album From All Purity goes. The violent riffs fly away into feedback, as the noise envelops you. You grasp at melodies, trying to find some semblance of hope, but as the vocals kick in, so does your hope. There are moments in which bright sounding guitar riffs can be found, but they are quickly pounded out by violent drumming and maniacal vocal-work.
48. Infestus - The Reflecting Void
Infestus has once again given the world a lesson in making unforgiving, yet hauntingly melancholic black metal. This album can pound out brutal riffs that shred along in misanthropic agony, and it can slow down to a near halt, slowly dripping in agony. The vocals, filled with pain, shriek out above the bleak melodies and aid in creating a dense atmosphere that can only be described as pain. A simply unbelievable performance from an unbelievable band.
49. Keeper - MMXIV
This album is brutal, it's slow, and its' absolutely fucking's a demo?! Yep, that's right. Keeper are a new band, creating a sludge infused funeral doom with death metal elements and haunting melodies that linger briefly only to be replaced by brutal and arduous riffs that ring out into a void of pain and despair. In my humble opinion, the vocals are where Keeper truly excel, as the singer violently rips his throat apart in a masochistic sense of pleasure. Breathtaking beginning to what will almost certainly be a brilliant band.
50. Khanate - Things Viral
If you enjoy dark and experimental music, you are almost certainly well acquainted with the work of Stephen O'Malley. The man is simply a genius, and his work with Khanate is only emphasizing such a claim. Minimalist percussion slowly builds as light feedback from a guitar hums in the distance. A desolate landscape manifests before you, and standing there, is a cloaked figure, who begins screaming vile poetry of misanthropy through the mist, throwing you back and pinning you down. Subjected to the torture for nearly an hour, you become numb. Not immune to the pain, and not resistant, but rather accepting. Embracing suffering as everything in your life now, and slowly becoming one with the Things Viral.
51. Khlyst - Chaos Is My Name
52. Leviathan - Massive Conspiracy Against All Life
Within this album, dissonant and fast paced guitar riffs trample you in a stampede of violent black metal. Wrest made sure that this album was devoid of any accessible melodies in favor of complex song structure accompanied by relentless drumming to weave an intricate blanket of detailed, yet clear riffing. This album is a stinking heap of blackened misery, and it's rather brilliant because of it.
53. Lord Mantis - Pervertor
Lord Mantis are oppressive and filthy. Many bands that attempt this form of noisy disjuncted blackened sludge end up with a muddy pile of incoherent nonsense, but Pervertor is a masterpiece in the art of grime. Vocals that sound like the screams of a man whose throat has been cut, screaming for help, shriek out above hard-hitting guitar lines that one can't help but groove along to. Despite being ugly, and even dissonant at times, Pervertor still manages to weave its' way into your skull, and remain resting on your brain for the remainder of the day, as you are tormented by this Vile Divinity.
54. Lurk - Lurk
Lurk's approach to sludge is one that is drenched in equal parts doom and vile torture. Repetitive riffs will force you into a hypnotic trance while often hideous growling yells force you to close your eyes and zone out to the mesmerizing brutality. This is a straightforward record, but had it been experimental then all of the initial purpose would have been lost. This is nasty, raw, atonal at parts, but always purely torturous (in the best of ways)
55. Lurker Of Chalice - Lurker Of Chalice
This is the defining gem of this list. No album ever recorded can match the vile, heartless, misanthropy contained within this album. Description of such a masterpiece would be pointless, and I will instead leave this with a Sylvia Plath quote cited within the album: "Sometimes, I feel like I'm not solid. I'm hollow; there's nothing behind my eyes. I'm a negative of a person. It is as if I never thought anything, never wrote anything, never felt anything. All I want is blackness. Blackness and silence."
56. Lychgate - Lychgate
57. Mayhem - Ordo Ad Chao
Ordo Ad Chao is unlike anything you've ever heard. Black metal at heart, but it is something so much more. Unprecedentedly dark, the notes ring together creating a dense atmosphere of puzzling chaos. A more typical chord progression may come into play, but Mayhem quickly swipe it away, and change the direction to something different. Atilla sounds completely deranged. On top of the strange instrumentation, he provides a versatile vocal performance ranging from more standard black metal vocals to grotesque low moans that give off the sound that he is suffering immensely.
58. Mastodon - Remission
Calling Mastodon a dark or ravaging band may seem odd, but their debut is exactly this. Upbeat, intense, and completely drenched in sludge darkness. The riffs (most notably March of the Fire Ants) are dense, layered, juicy, and completely, soullessly dark. The album will smash your face in and play the remainder of the music as a testimony to your demise.
59. Mitochondrion - Parasignosis
Parasignosis is a massive wrecking ball. You know it's coming, but you don't know when it will hit, and when it does, it completely demolishes you. Thundering riffs pound through this album in a disjunct fashion, and puzzle you as it consistently beats you into submission. Dense, thick, and horrifying layers suffocate you in a black abyss of malice and hate. Thundering drums blast out for the entirety of this album, and form a whirlwind of torment to assist in your beating.
60. Mors Sonat - Comforts In Atrocity
The infamous Maurice De Jong returned to us in 2013 with perhaps his most abstract album within his extensive catalog. Comprised primarily of dissonant orchestral instrumentation layered on top of artificial noise and sparse percussion, this album is at its core a noise record. My suggestion for this would be to close your eyes, sit in the corner of a dark room, and let the expertly crafted atmosphere drive you into schizophrenic madness
61. Nasheim - Solens Vemod
Nasheim are much more mellow than the majority of the bands on this list. They play a form of atmospheric black metal that I simply adore. It's very somber, and quite depressive at times, but unlike most other black metal bands of this style, Nasheim create a world so dismal it feels utterly hopeless. The melodies repeat until they are drilled into your brain, just in time for the band to add another layer of sorrow on to this marvelous album.
62. Negative Plane - Et In Saecula Saeculorum
This album is most likely what would happen if you asked Deathspell Omega and Hell to have a jam session. It's upbeat, and surprisingly fun to listen to, but maintains the atmosphere that lends to the thought that the album was recorded inside of a burning church. There is dissonance, but only at the most appropriate times to ensure the listener that what they are witnessing is truly meant to be dark. Potentially the least appropriate album for the list, but those who are not familiar with the genre will find it a harrowing experience at the least.
63. New Risen Throne - Crossing The Withered Regions
A void. Pulsing quiet drones echo in the background. An incomprehensible muttering accompanies the somber echoing of ambiance as various sounds rattle throughout this landscape. A synth being played at maybe one note every couple of seconds pulsates in large drawn out crescendos and forces your head to swirl in the formation these tones manifest.
64. N.K.V.D. - Vlast
The production on Vlast is really what qualifies it for appearing on this list. The fuzzy guitars shriek out in dissonant mayhem, over a full yet subdued drum track that is constantly blasting away in the background. On top of this lay down some vocals that range from audible and discernible to completely washed away by this assault on your ears.
65. Nortt - Gudsforladt
66. Nurse With Wound - Soliloquy For Lilith
67. Ophis - Withered Shades
68. Overmars - Born Again
69. Owl - Owl
Owl were clearly aiming for a more accessible Portal style when they began recording this album. It's mid-paced for most of the time, and one can seem to get into a groove when listening to it. It's thick atmosphere is almost comforting at times, just before they decide to switch it up and create disjuncted "melodies" layered over nearly mismatched drum patterns and dense vocal lines that echo out much like before.
70. Oxbow - The Narcotic Story
71. P.H.O.B.O.S. - Atonal Hypermnesia
Atonal Hypermnesia sounds like Blut Aus Nord being played at a dismally slow pace... under water. This is an industrial doom album that sounds completely inhuman. Dissonant riffs creep along with oppressive massiveness creating a cold, cold atmosphere.
72. Portal - Seepia
Portal are the masters of anti-death metal. Their style includes riffs that pound out with shear dissonant mayhem, bashing the high speed, tremolo picked riffs into your brain until you are inevitably insane. The drumming will blast on consistently for a short period of time, but constant breaks and brief time signature changes manage to create an entirely quizzical experience when observing the drums. There is no follow-able melody in Portal's music. In fact, there is often a lack of a clear distinction of any true notes, and the guitars will sound as though they've been replaced with chainsaws.
73. Primitive Man - Scorn
I can't think of a better title for this album than "Scorn". Primitive Man give us a lesson in brutality with this release, with the vocals, guitar, bass, and drums amalgamating to something so simply crushing, I'm hard-pressed to find a heavier album. The gritty guitar tones are reminiscent of bands such as Alkerdeel while the song structure finds itself being a bit more simple. The band regularly switches between snail-paced sections of blasting anger, and high-tempo sections of raw energy and hatred. And with all of this put together, along with the vocals shrieking and ripping through your speakers with unbelievable force, you get one grimy slab of nearly unbeatable sludge/doom that is certain to get stuck in your head.
74. Profetus - ...To Open The Passages In Dusk
Bleak. Crushing riffs played at the speed of a dead snail (so slower than a snail) are accompanied by a seemingly reverberated organ to give that perfect graveyard feel. Repetition and a lack of any real climax make this album a very sobering experience, and one that always leaves me dumbstruck. Completely wipes your mind, and replaces your brain with that of a dead corpse.
75. Robedoor - Rancor Keeper
Rancor Keeper creates a landscape. The slowly trembling ambient sounds give birth to a world of blackness. The droning swells build up at a monumentally slow pace, and often cut off into more hopeless feeling pits of sustained notes from a guitar that ring into oblivion, possibly sinking further into the depths of the abyss this album has created. When you reach the bottom, ghastly wails cry out from the depths of the drones, with an undeniably inhuman sound.
76. Sink - The Process
This album is unbelievably fantastic. It draws you in with eerie melody and chanting vocals in the distance of the landscape the music creates, and once you are trapped, it plunges into a dark chasm. The ambient swells slowly comfort you, falsely leading you to believe you are safe, but soon enough it builds into a screeching mound of filthy horror. And then you realize, this is only the first track.
77. Skepticism - Stormcrowfleet
Skepticism's Stormcrowfleet is a lesson in pain. The under-produced guitar riffs sing sorrow to back the vocals, which seem buried under a droning ambiance created by bass and organs. Light does not sneak through the thick veil of blackness created by the band. For an hour you are subjected to the tattered songs of men who must have once stood tall, but now, serve only as a memory of the hatred and bleak nature of life.
78. Skitsystem - Stigmata
79. Skullflower - Pure Imperial Reform
Noisy savage lines of ravaging feedback and over-driven bass pound through your speakers for 40 minutes. Random sound clips including screeching guitars and the odd percussive element spice up this massively intense noise piece to keep it interesting. As this drones on you are slowly sucked in and begin noticing little aspects under the wall of noise. It begins to feel natural, and not just like a bunch of chaos. It finally begins to make sense, and once you are finally comfortable, it ends.
80. Spectral Lore - Sentinel
An journey through the mind of a Greek god, metamorphosing into both ambiance and black metal, Sentinel is a monstrous journey. Moments of peace flicker between the lightning speed riffs, but they are hardly even fleeting enough to give way for hope of survival. Ugly chord progressions are accompanied by savage drumming and painful wails in the distance. Such a combination manifests an eerie, yet somehow peaceful and inviting atmosphere.
81. Suffer Yourself - Inner Sanctum
An accurate descriptor for this album would be crushing. There's little innovation to be found here, but these Ukrainians know damn well how to make funeral/death doom. Slowly building tension with smashing, palm muted riffs that crawl to an ascent and then plummet into disorienting harmonies built on misery. The ambiance in the background only further extenuates the atmosphere the band creates, and it is sure to lead you to a dark place.
82. Sun Of The Blind - Skullreader
This album is the experimental result of mastermind Zhaaral (of Darkspace) taking pure artistic direction to create one of the most soulcrushing pieces of music ever. Layers of ambient drones are coupled with slowly building guitar lines that meld together in pure agonizing beauty. This is a heartless album, which has one goal; devastate the listener.
83. Sunn O))) - Black One
84. Teeth Of Lions Rule The Divine - Rampton
85. Terra Tenebrosa - The Tunnels
The Tunnels is a puzzling journey. This is an album that I can only view as a whole, rather than observe the individual instruments. Everything morphs together to create massive swells of crushing musical power. The vocals don't serve as a means to tell a story, or relate a political opinion, but rather to accentuate the underlying riffs and beats which pound in and out of ambient interludes.
86. Terzij De Horde - A Rage Of Rapture Against The Dying Of The Light
87. Thaw - Thaw
Noisey production is heavily coated over this playground of dissonance and misery. The production is surprisingly good, given this is the band's first effort, however not "good" in the conventional sense. There is enough clarity to allow the more minimalist sections to breathe, but enough of a raw edge to make the upbeat portions drill into your psyche and create a nest of festering demons to slowly drive you into madness. Desperate wails reverberate out only to be silenced by subdued shrieks and growls from under the tremelo picked riffs.
88. The Axis Of Perdition - Deleted Scenes From The Transition Hospital
The scene is set in a mental hospital. The lights shut out and the patients begin to emerge from their rooms. Then chaos ensues. This is how I view this album, which is in essence, the musical equivalent of a horror movie. Bleak and dismal ambiance gives way to high speed savage chaos in the form of expertly crafted industrial black metal. An album rivaled nearly by none within its style.
89. The Nihilistic Front - Procession To Annihilation
Very few band names are quite as appropriate as The Nihilistic Front's. Playing an industrial-laden procession through a bleak landscape, this album is nihilistic sounding beyond all prior conceptions. Lifeless riffing is accompanied by hollow screeches from a seemingly dying being as the album slowly draws nearer and nearer to its conclusion.
90. The Ruins Of Beverast - Rain Upon The Impure
Von Meilenwald made no efforts to polish this album. It is raw and it is dark. The guitars rip along with typical black metal speed, but slow down and repeat notes for a few minutes on end in some instances to create a more desolate atmosphere. Blasting drums accompany the riffs and shred away at your flesh until they reach the bone, at which point the music screeches to a crawl, sending you into a trance with hypnotic and ominous melodies.
91. The Secret - Solve Et Coagula
Vicious, grotesque, at times rather groove driven, and most of all filthy. The Secret bring forth with Solve Et Coagula a seamless mixture of sludge, grind, and black elements to create a rather short barrage of high speed riffs and throat tearing vocals. The intro track draws you in with a repeated and (relatively) slow tempo riff, but by the time the second track comes into play, your ears are assaulted with this filthy stinking pile of wonderful grotesqueness for the rest of the album.
92. Throbbing Gristle - The Third Mind Movements
Harrowing industrial music is a tricky task to undertake, but Throbbing Gristle's ability to combine it with disconcerting ambiance manages to staple this album in the nebulous void of dark terror. Foreign soundscapes paint a colorful picture of your demise, as the album curiously oscillates between overbearing walls of sound, and timid yet terrifying electronic-influenced sounds that are certain to make you uncomfortable.
93. Today Is The Day - Sadness Will Prevail
This album is the soundtrack to insanity. High pitched shouts, melancholic clean vocals, over-driven shrieks, and all accompanied by schizophrenic instrumentation that holds no real style. Pianos and violins make appearances, but don't exactly give way to light or uplifting moments. Running for a full 2 hours, making it through this album is a trek, and one that if accomplished, will surely leave you in a confused state of mind for the rest of the day (or week....or life). Sadness Will Prevail is a horrifying journey.
94. Trap Them - Darker Handcraft
This album is, simply put, aggressive fun. Now don't be fooled, just because you'll often find yourself dancing around the room in your underwear to this upbeat blackened-hardcore album does not mean that Trap Them have sacrificed any of the grime and filth that made their previous records enjoyable. On the contrary, Darker Handcraft is refined to perfection, finding a perfect balance between catchy riffs, jammy choruses, and vile abuse of your eardrums. Is it fun? Yes. Is it still grimy violence? More than ever.
95. Tyranny - Tides Of Awakening
Sharing band members with Wormphlegm, it should come as no surprise that Tides Of Awakening is a vile descent into the wretched bowels of funeral doom. This album will strip you of your soul, leave you naked in the freezing cold, and ultimately find you dead from over an hour of torturous pain. With dense layers drenched in synth-influenced misanthropy, Tyranny border the line between depressive and violent quite well, and land in a nebulous plain of misery that any funeral doom fan will find to be excellent.
96. Vanhelgd - Relics Of Sulphur Salvation
With this album, Vanhelgd have proven to be the current masters at recreating that Old School Death Metal sound so many strive for. Dense production with a raw edge creates the sense of being lost in the woods, and endless waves of riffs pummel you as you try to flee from the monster that is Vanhelgd. It's deranged, it's chilling, and it's amazing.
97. Verdunkeln - Einblick In Den Qualenfall
Verdunkeln's form of black metal is one taking heavy influence from psychedelic music, luring you into a trance with hypnotic melodies and occult-like chanting. As you slip into a realm of darkness, the music intensifies, showing its' true form of bleak and miserable despair. This is completely breathtaking music, and completely unique as well.
98. Virus - The Black Flux
A puzzling album. Each chord rings out in haunting dissonance as a seemingly disjointed vocalist echoes in the distance. The album never stops it seems, it quickly envelops you, and suffocates you in an uncomfortable yet addictive atmosphere. You keep coming back, but only to your own suffering. A true masochists album, the feeling is unexplainable.
99. Voice Transmissions With The Deceased - Voice Transmissions With The Deceased
Voice Transmissions is a very minimalist-driven band. Only a few layers of dark ambient can be found here, but these layers work together in such a way that something very beautiful, and very horrifying is created. A very subdues bass lies in the background of this, which pulsates at a coma-like pace. On top of this are very quiet synth/piano/guitar layers which ever so slightly play depressing melodies in repetition until they are finally clear to you. The music is emotional yet bleak, and really, is unlike most drone/dark ambient you will find.
100. Witchrist - The Grand Tormentor
Deeply disturbed and hauntingly vicious: this is the best way to describe Witchrist. The Grand Tormentor is an album of completely mental death metal that will beat you relentlessly against impermeable walls of dense production. The guitar tone is the best part of the album, maintaining an incredibly rich thickness that suffocates you further under the weight of the album.

Disclaimer: All top lists are unofficial and do not represent the point of view of the MS Staff.
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!J.O.O.E.! - 17.04.2014 at 16:52  
Written by Alex Fenger on 17.04.2014 at 16:51

Purely chaotic yet quite listenable black metal. Definitely goes with the "ravaging" aspect of the list

It certainly sounds it going by this track. It suddenly leapt into an almost hardcore-ish punk section briefly.
Alex Fenger - 17.04.2014 at 17:00  
Written by !J.O.O.E.! on 17.04.2014 at 16:52

It certainly sounds it going by this track. It suddenly leapt into an almost hardcore-ish punk section briefly.

Ah yeah it's got a few of those. It's a really interesting mix
Lit. - 25.04.2014 at 06:00  
You ever try Eibon? Seems like it'd be right up your alley. I personally favor the second, but both are nice, dark, meaty offerings of blackened sludge.
Alex Fenger - 25.04.2014 at 14:37  
Written by Lit. on 25.04.2014 at 06:00

You ever try Eibon? Seems like it'd be right up your alley. I personally favor the second, but both are nice, dark, meaty offerings of blackened sludge.

I love Eibon actually. Their debut is a tad better in my opinion, but both of their releases are great. That's a really good suggestion though, I don't know why it never crossed my mind to add them. Thanks for that!
Schnabeltier 24 - 25.04.2014 at 21:37  
Wow, this is undeniably the best list on MS.
So much good stuff to check
Mr. Doctor - 27.04.2014 at 16:57  
Mad respect for the addition of Things Viral. In my not-so-humble opinion it's Khanate's best album and one of my favorite albums of all time. Man, I still remember the first time I listened to that sick shit. They were changing the wallpapers of my room, so before I put all my forniture back in the room I decided to do it the next day. I spent the night sitting in the floor, in one corner of my completely empty room and just took it all in. All lights out. I ended up looking like the dude in the Sadness Will Prevail artwork. That shit literally made me feel sick in the stomach the first time.

Also, I know you love Indian and you do have some other blacked or otherwise sick sludge here. You should put some Indian here.
Alex Fenger - 27.04.2014 at 17:11  
Written by Mr. Doctor on 27.04.2014 at 16:57

Also, I know you love Indian and you do have some other blacked or otherwise sick sludge here. You should put some Indian here.

Holy shit how did I forget Indian. Thanks for the reminder
Mr. Doctor - 27.04.2014 at 17:20  
I just realised I wrote blacked. That sounds hilarious.
!J.O.O.E.! - 27.04.2014 at 17:23  
I find the lack of Sunn O))) disturbing. I find the fact it took me this long to realise the lack of Sunn O))) even more so.
Karlabos - 27.04.2014 at 17:24  
It took the night to realise?
Mr. Doctor - 27.04.2014 at 17:28  

Alex Fenger - 27.04.2014 at 17:28  
Written by !J.O.O.E.! on 27.04.2014 at 17:23

I find the lack of Sunn O))) disturbing. I find the fact it took me this long to realise the lack of Sunn O))) even more so.

Joe I think I deserve a punch in the face. I'm adding White2. It seems dark and harrowing enough, though if you think another one of their albums fits better I'll probably consider it.
Mr. Doctor - 27.04.2014 at 17:30  

I mean... Seriously. I fucking love White 2 and it's probably my favorite but if we're talking DARK SHIT... It's called BLACK ONE for a reason!
Shit Alex, get it together.
!J.O.O.E.! - 27.04.2014 at 17:31  
Written by Alex Fenger on 27.04.2014 at 17:28

Joe I think I deserve a punch in the face. I'm adding White2. It seems dark and harrowing enough, though if you think another one of their albums fits better I'll probably consider it.

I don't think anyone would argue about it being a dark album. Some might argue Black One would be more appropriate though.
Mr. Doctor - 27.04.2014 at 17:31  
Yeah, some..........
Alex Fenger - 27.04.2014 at 17:40  
Written by Mr. Doctor on 27.04.2014 at 17:30


I mean... Seriously. I fucking love White 2 and it's probably my favorite but if we're talking DARK SHIT... It's called BLACK ONE for a reason!
Shit Alex, get it together.

<3 But Black One is basically my least favorite Sunn album
Mr. Doctor - 27.04.2014 at 17:41  
Written by Alex Fenger on 27.04.2014 at 17:40
<3 But Black One is basically my least favorite Sunn album

Ok, that's it. Get the fuck out of my thread. Yeah. I'm taking over, bitch.

... And to think I loved you.
Alex Fenger - 27.04.2014 at 17:42  
Written by Mr. Doctor on 27.04.2014 at 17:41

Ok, that's it. Get the fuck out of my thread. Yeah. I'm taking over, bitch.

K guys, it's Rod's list now, cya.
I'll give it a listen right now to see if I like it enough to include it, because honestly it's been a while.
Also, saying it's my least favorite Sunn release isn't saying much, given i fucking love Sunn...
Edit: Fuck you... I already see how much better it fits. My teenage memory sucks whatever
!J.O.O.E.! - 27.04.2014 at 18:17  
In the interest of getting it to 100, some stuff you might like to consider.

!T.O.O.H.! - Pod Vládou Biče
Agruss - Morok
Akercocke - Take your pick album wise. I don't think any would look out of place here.
Aluk Todolo - Occult Rock
Arkhon Infaustus - Orthodoxyn
Ash Pool - World Turns On Its Hinge
Asunder - Works Will Come Undone
Batillus - Furnace
Bestial Warlust - Blood & Valour
Black Boned Angel - The End
Bloody Panda - Summon
Bong - Beyond Ancient Space
Boris - Absolutego
Brown Jenkins - Death Obsession
Burning Witch - Crippled Lucifer
Chaos Echoes - Tone Of Things To Come
Chthe'ilist - Amechth'ntaas'm'rriachth
Cobalt - Eater of Birds
Convulse - World Without God
Corrupted - El Mundo Frio
Cough - Ritual Abuse
Cruciamentum - Engulfed In Desolation
CSSABA - Underground Lo-Fi Songs
Dephosphorus - Ravenous Solemnity
Diagnose: Lebensgefahr - Transformalin
Disembowelment - Transcendence Into The Peripheral
Earth - Earth 2 - Special Low Frequency Version
Embrace of Thorns - Praying For Absolution
Fantômas - Delìrium Còrdia
Gnome - Under the Black Moon
Godflesh - Godflesh or Streetcleaner
Grey Widow - I
Havoc Unit - H.IV+
Hjarnidaudi - Pain:Noise:March
Hyatari - The Light Carriers
Impetuous Ritual - Unholy Congregation Of Hypocritical Ambivalence
Indesinence - Vessels Of Light And Decay
Ion Dissonance - Cursed
Khlyst - Chaos Is My Name
Knut - Challenger
Les Chants De Nihil - La Liberte Guidant Le Fer
Leviathan - Massive Conspiracy Against All Life or A Silhouette In Splinters
Lurker of Chalice - Lurker of Chalice (where is this?!)
Lvcifyre - The Calling Depths
Lycus - Demo MMXI
Menace Ruine - Die Is Cast or any of the others really
Mgla - Further Down The Nest
Monarch - Omens
Monolithe - Interlude Second
Moss - Sub Templum
MurkRat - Drudging The Mire
Murmuüre - Murmuüre
Negative Plane - Stained Glass Revelations
Negură Bunget - 'n Crugu Bradului
Netra - Mélancolie Urbaine
Nortt - Gudsforladt
Oranssi Pazuzu - Muukalainen Puhuu
Orthodox - Baal
Oxbow - An Evil Heat
Panopticon - Collapse
Paradise Lost - Lost Paradise
Paysage d'Hiver - Paysage d'Hiver
Phlebotomized - Immense, Intense, Suspense
Pig Destroyer - Terrifyer
Planet AIDS - Apokalyptik AIDS
Pyramids - Pyramids
Ramesses - Take The Curse
Repugnant - Epitome Of Darkness
S.V.E.S.T. - Urfaust
Sabbat - The Dwelling
Silencer - Death - Pierce Me
Stagnant Waters - Stagnant Waters
Stalaggh - Either albums. Kind of terrible but very appropriate for this list
TenHornedBeast - Hunts & Wars
The Amenta - n0n
The Angelic Process - Weighing Souls with Sand
Timeghoul - Panaramic Twilight
Tormentor - Anno Domini
Ulcerate - Vermis
Undersmile - Narwhal
Urfaust - Trúbadóirí Ólta An Diabhail
Urna - Sepulcrum
Ved Buens Ende - Written In Waters
Velvet Cacoon - Genevieve
Verdunkeln - Einblick In Den Qualenfall
Watchmaker - Kill. Fucking. Everyone.
Weakling - Dead As Dreams
Wormlust - The Feral Wisdom
Xasthur - To Violate the Oblivious
Alex Fenger - 27.04.2014 at 18:20  
Written by !J.O.O.E.! on 27.04.2014 at 18:17

In the interest of getting it to 100, some stuff you might like to consider.
*fucking suggestions*

Going to add a few of these (especially Lurker Of Chalice... it seems I was missing a few necessary albums D:)
Although a few of these I either don't like enough, or don't find dark enough...
Alex Fenger - 27.04.2014 at 18:27  
Goddammit now I have more shit to write
!J.O.O.E.! - 27.04.2014 at 18:28  
Written by Alex Fenger on 27.04.2014 at 18:27

Goddammit now I have more shit to write

get to it homeslice.
Lit. - 27.04.2014 at 19:00  
I'm gonna swipe some of those for my Angry List. Already on Havoc Unit.

EDIT: Also think Hooded Menace wouldn't look out of place here.
Alex Fenger - 27.04.2014 at 19:03  
Written by Lit. on 27.04.2014 at 19:00

I'm gonna swipe some of those for my Angry List. Already on Havoc Unit.

Just kidding that's probably a good idea
Lit. - 27.04.2014 at 19:05  
Written by Alex Fenger on 27.04.2014 at 19:03

Just kidding that's probably a good idea

Good, cause I've been doing it since I started the list.
Mr. Doctor - 27.04.2014 at 20:27  
I give thumbs up to most of Joe's stuff (inb4 some dutch dude calls me a copycat with no musical identity)

I'm gonna recommend some stuff as well, either for the list or your personal listening in case you haven't heard them (although I'm sure you've heard most of this stuff).

A Forest Of Stars - The Corpse Of Rebirth
A Void in Coma - A Primal Obsession With The Cosmos...
Aaskereia - Dort, Wo Das Alte Böse Ruht
Acid Bath - When The Kite String Pops
Alrakis - Alpha Eri
Amenra - Mass V
Anti - The Insignificance of Life
Boris - Amplifier Worship
Celeste - (Hard to pick here man. I love all their stuff!!! D: Blackened sludge ftw You can check out their latest... Animale(s))
Chaos Moon - Languor Into Echoes, Beyond
Cloak Of Altering - Ancient Paths Through Timeless Voids (We can always get more Mories in our lifes)
Combat Astronomy - Kundalini Apocalypse
Cult Of Fire - Ascetic Meditation Of Death
Diapsiquir - Virus STN (Nevermind Joe, this is good)
Everything Went Black - Cycles Of Light
Evoken - Antithesis Of Light
Fear Of God - Within The Veil
Fleshpress - Pillars
Fleshpress - Acid Mouth Strangulation
Forest of Shadows - Where Dreams Turn To Dust
Forest of Shadows - Departure
Funeral Mist - Salvation
Godflesh - Streetcleaner
The Haunted - rEVOLVEr (Might be a bit off around the others but shit this album gets intense at times and does feel darkf or the genre)
Immolation - Close To A World Below
Katatonia - Brave Murder Day
Lifelover - Konkurs
Loss - Despond
LvxCælis - Mysteria Mystica Maxima XXIII
Nachtmystium - Instinct: Decay
Nasum - Human 2.0
Neurosis - Through Silver In Blood
Neurosis - Times Of Grace
Ondskapt - Draco Sit Mihi Dux (The vocals during the second track... One of my favorite black metal vocals EVER)
Oxbow - The Narcotic Story (The one Joe recommended is amazing but this one has "She's A Find". One of the most disturbing love-songs of all time. No contest...)
Peste Noire - La Sanie Des Siècles - Panégyrique De La Dégénérescence
Regarde Les Hommes Tomber - Regarde Les Hommes Tomber
Shining - IV - The Eerie Cold
Skepticism - Any full length tbh...
Skitsystem - Stigmata
Sun Of The Blind - Skullreader
Svart Crown - Witnessing The Fall
Thy Light - Suici.De.Pression
Tool - Undertow (Yeah, I think they are very dark... At least during this period).
Trap Them - Darker Handcraft
Tribulation - The Formulas Of Death
Tyranny - Tides Of Awakening
Urfaust - Geist Ist Teufel
Urfaust - Der Freiwillige Bettler (Although that Live one Joe suggested is great shit too)
Virgin Black - I honestly believe this is very dark for gothic. I can't recommend an album though. Their debut might be the darkest (Of Your Beauty is quite insane) but the second and fourth album are also dark in their own way.
Warning - Watching From A Distance (Ok, I might be stretching it with the term dark but damn this album...)
Wrathprayer - The Sun Of Moloch: The Sublimation Of Sulphur's Essence Which Spawns Death And Life
Wreck Of The Hesperus - Light Rotting Out
Year Of No Light - Ausserwelt
Lit. - 27.04.2014 at 20:38  
^ Great Laika's ghost!
Erik M. - 29.04.2014 at 00:57  
Holy shit. Joe and Mr. Doctor are really out of control now.
mz - 29.04.2014 at 03:15  
Since everyone is giving recommendations, here are mines:
Corpsessed-Abysmal Thresholds
desolate Shrine-The Sanctum Of Human Darkness
Devil Doll-The Sacrilege Of Fatal Arms (or pretty much anything else)
Diocletian-War Of All Against All
faal-The Clouds Are Burning
Kayo Dot-Choirs Of The Eye
Ophis-Withered Shades
Process Of Guilt-Erosion
Reverorum Ib Malacht-What Do You Think Of The Old God, We Call Him Judas? (not a fan myself)
Svartidauði-Flesh Cathedral
TenHornedBeast-The Sacred Truth or haunts& wars
Weakling-Dead As Dreams
Woods Of Belial-Deimos XIII
Ego depths-Gjerhal ket Bardo
Reverence - The Asthenic Ascension
Xasthur (not heard most of his stuff, but To Violate the Oblivious definitely fits)
Altars - Paramnesia
Ehnahre - Old Earth
Mr. Doctor - 29.04.2014 at 13:34  
Written by mz on 29.04.2014 at 03:15
Devil Doll-The Sacrilege Of Fatal Arms (or pretty much anything else)

I wanted to suggest that one but apparently Devil Doll is a love-or-hate band (at least from what I've seen in different places). I personally love them but I'd suggest the debut as being the darkest. All first three albums can be called dark though. The Sacrilege Of Fatal Arms is basically a remix of Sacrilegium and the last one while good ain't as dark as the others. But yeah, good call!
Alex Fenger - 29.04.2014 at 15:53  
Written by mz on 29.04.2014 at 03:15

desolate Shrine-The Sanctum Of Human Darkness

I added a few of these bands, but I'm kicking myself for forgetting this one. An unjustly overlooked band that deserves a ton of exposure given the immense quality of both of their albums. Really great stuff, and I actually recently just got their sophomore release on 2xLP
mz - 29.04.2014 at 16:35  
Written by Alex Fenger on 29.04.2014 at 15:53

I added a few of these bands, but I'm kicking myself for forgetting this one. An unjustly overlooked band that deserves a ton of exposure given the immense quality of both of their albums. Really great stuff, and I actually recently just got their sophomore release on 2xLP

Yeah I'm baffled by the relative ignorance toward this band. Both their albums are overwhelming and intense.
Btw, I'm jealous of you for having a physical copy of this album. The cover is great and should be beautiful on 2xLP.
Alex Fenger - 29.04.2014 at 16:40  
Written by mz on 29.04.2014 at 16:35

Yeah I'm baffled by the relative ignorance toward this band. Both their albums are overwhelming and intense.
Btw, I'm jealous of you for having a physical copy of this album. The cover is great and should be beautiful on 2xLP.

It is quite beautiful, and listening to it on vinyl gives it a slightly warmer and dirtier sound, which I think enhances the atmosphere. My cats certainly like it, so it must be good
mz - 29.04.2014 at 16:51  
Written by Mr. Doctor on 29.04.2014 at 13:34

I wanted to suggest that one but apparently Devil Doll is a love-or-hate band (at least from what I've seen in different places). I personally love them but I'd suggest the debut as being the darkest. All first three albums can be called dark though. The Sacrilege Of Fatal Arms is basically a remix of Sacrilegium and the last one while good ain't as dark as the others. But yeah, good call!

tbh, I suggested that one because I don't have the others on my HD at the moment and that means that if I wanted to suggest the other ones, I needed to write the name of them but I just copy-pasted this one =p
!J.O.O.E.! - 29.04.2014 at 17:12  
Drone-ish and Non-metal suggests:

Aghast - Hexerei im Zwielicht der Finsternis
Azenzephalia - Ephemeral Dawn
Birchville Cat Motel - Siberian Earth Curve
Black Seas of Infinity - AMRITA - The Quintessence
Burial Hex - Initiations
Dahlia's Tear - Dreamsphere
Double Leopards - Halve Maen
Fall of Because - Extirpate
Fear Falls Burning - Frenzy of the Absolute
Gerogerigegege - Tokyo Anal Dynamite
Halo - Body of Light
Kodiak - Kodiak
Kon Hex - Magnetic Sun
Locrian - The Crystal World
Lull - Moments
Lustmord - Heresy
Münn - Selbstmordwald
Navicon Torture Technologies - Gospels of the Gash
Necro Deathmort - Music of Bleak Origin
Neptune Towers - Caravans To Empire Algol
NON - Blood and Flame
Nurse With Wound - Soliloquy For Lilith
Operation Cleansweep - Powerhungry
Phurpa - Trowo Phurnag Ceremony
Pocahaunted / Robedoor - Hunted Gathering
Propergol - Cleanshaven
Sutcliffe Jugend - Blue Rabbit
Teeth of Lions Rule The Divine - Rampton
Throbbing Gristle - The Third Mind Movements
Torture Wheel - Crushed Under
Vøid - Vøid
Vonn - Victim One: Agony
Wolveserpent - Blood Seed
Yellow Swans - Going Places
mz - 04.12.2014 at 21:14  
Damn. Finish the mini reviews already.
Also, this list needs this so much.
!J.O.O.E.! - 05.12.2014 at 01:59  
I thought the person above mz had amazing taste, then I realised it was one of my posts from ages back
Alex Fenger - 05.12.2014 at 02:01  
Written by !J.O.O.E.! on 05.12.2014 at 01:59

I thought the person above mz had amazing taste, then I realised it was one of my posts from ages back

Now you're just being unintentionally narcissistic haha. I'm pretty sure a few of those got added, but to be honest, I'm too lazy to look. I'm just over 3/4 of the way done with the reviews, and when I am done, I'll probably cry out of joy.
!J.O.O.E.! - 05.12.2014 at 02:04  
Written by Alex Fenger on 05.12.2014 at 02:01

Now you're just being unintentionally narcissistic haha. I'm pretty sure a few of those got added, but to be honest, I'm too lazy to look. I'm just over 3/4 of the way done with the reviews, and when I am done, I'll probably cry out of joy.

Heheh, it was a genuine drunken observation if that's even believable. Actually I've looked at this list often and thought about offering to finish the descriptions off for you just so it could be complete.
Alex Fenger - 05.12.2014 at 02:08  
Written by !J.O.O.E.! on 05.12.2014 at 02:04

Heheh, it was a genuine drunken observation if that's even believable. Actually I've looked at this list offered and thought about offering to finish the descriptions off for you just so it could be complete.

Can you actually do Khlyst? I'll mark it as a "guest review from Joe". I'm finding that even writing a paragraph about that album is a daunting task
!J.O.O.E.! - 05.12.2014 at 02:39  
Written by Alex Fenger on 05.12.2014 at 02:08

Can you actually do Khlyst? I'll mark it as a "guest review from Joe". I'm finding that even writing a paragraph about that album is a daunting task

Yeah Khlyst are a challenge. I'll probably just mention James Plotkin a lot and hope that gets me through =P
idiotindallas - 23.08.2015 at 02:51  
Great set of bands - some I knew about, some in my collection and some that are going to be in the collection soon.

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