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Inhumate - At War With Inhumate [DVD]

Release date: 2007
Style: Death metal, Grindcore

01. Grind Inc.
02. Blasted (History Of A Dive)
03. Putrefaction
04. The Glance
05. Desperate
06. I Want Tto Kill Some... (Part III)
07. The Fight
08. Sodomy
09. Screams
10. No Answer
11. For Lust
12. Copyright
13. Sickness Is The Law
14. A Trip
15. Trance
16. Therapy For Dogs
17. Art, Sex, Intelligence
18. Satyriasis
19. Blind
20. Mother Fuck Her
21. Labyrinth
22. The Scorpion
23. Grind To The Core
24. Genocide/Rising Of The Ancient Ones
25. Dead (And Lost)/Abstract Suffering
26. Intro/Blood
27. Grind To The Core
28. N.D.S.

Staff review by
A couple of months ago I had the chance to review an album from this french sickos, it was a really cool album actually, filled with brutal riffs, catchy beats and agressive music?damn it! The album doesn't even come near their live performance.

The vocalist breaking his forehead with the microphone, the drummer insanely pummeling the drums and the crowd going crazy with the violence presented on stage; you can see it all in this DVD set, plus almost 30 songs that will surely please their fans (not that they have many of them, this band is still quite underground) so, most of us who don't totally know the entire repertoir, will at least be pleased by the imagery inside.

published 29.04.2007 | Comments (0)

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