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Saxon - Hell, Fire And Damnation

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Release date: 19 January 2024
Style: Heavy metal


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01. The Prophecy
02. Hell, Fire And Damnation
03. Madame Guillotine
04. Fire And Steel
05. There's Something In Roswell
06. Kubla Khan And The Merchant Of Venice
07. Pirates Of The Airwaves
08. 1066
09. Witches Of Salem
10. Super Charger

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Biff Byford - vocals
Brian Tatler - guitars
Douglas Scarratt - guitars
Nigel Glockler - drums
Nibbs Carter - bass

Guest musicians
Brian Blessed - narration

Additional info
Released via Silver Lining Music.

Staff review by
They truly age like fine wine.

published 26.01.2024 | Comments (5)

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19.01.2024 - 09:12
Rating: 6
Dr. Quark
Unfortunately too many bland, tired songs. A couple of good ones too, though---"Madame Guillotine" and "Kubla Khan And The Merchant Of Venice" I expect to replay plenty over the course of 2024.
19.01.2024 - 09:37
Rating: 9

Incredible how these legends still sound so energized after almost 50 years. Brian Tatler does a great job on the guitar while capturing the esence of the Saxon Sound. While Biffs voice shows It's age, he still manages to belt out these songs.
Standout Tracks: Madame Guillotine, Fire and Steel, Pirates of The Airwaves
19.01.2024 - 15:09
Rating: 8

This is a really good record to be honest! A couple of great standout tracks, and wasn’t vores at all! I must admit even though I have nothing bad to say about Saxon, their albums are actually quite hit or miss for me. But this one is right on!

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19.01.2024 - 18:19
Bad English
Tage Westerlund
Good good, maybe their best after Dogs of war album, amazing riffs structure, more you listen it more you like it. This band sad they maybe have left 2 albums, what a band!
Life is to short for LOVE, there is many great things to do online !!!

Stormtroopers of Death - ''Speak English or Die''
I better die, because I never will learn speek english, so I choose dieing
20.01.2024 - 01:02
Madame Guillotine - LEMMY style ov singing = great tune
22.01.2024 - 15:02
Rating: 7
Tom Muller

Yeah still rockin with a strong album
Can you see it
25.01.2024 - 17:42
Rating: 8

Hard to belive that those guys must pack something in excess of 300 years old together...

I did not expected I will enjoy it at all. I am not big on heavy metal, probably one and only hm album I ever truly liked was Killers it was so long ago and I was kid.

Surprisingly to me I quite enjoy this album. Maybe I am getting old...

Still best Roswell track belongs to Hypocrisy
26.01.2024 - 12:33
Rating: 7

Really liking this, solid heavy metal all the way. Even some great highlights in Kubla Khan and Madame Guillotine.
Everything's twice as bright with money in your hands
30.01.2024 - 00:48
Rating: 8

I thought It was pretty generic at first but it's really starting to grow on me
30.01.2024 - 09:48
Rating: 8
Nicko's Nose

Written by Coolingsrock on 30.01.2024 at 00:48

I thought It was pretty generic at first but it's really starting to grow on me

It IS pretty generic, but it’s still so fucking enjoyable!
01.02.2024 - 01:07
Rating: 8

Yeah I suppose you're right, I was pretty tired. I guess I meant it didn't grab me at first
09.02.2024 - 02:45
Rating: 6

Huge respect to these guys for continuing to play music till this age but to myself it sounded generic heavy metal. Didn't find anything worthwhile.
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