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Behemoth - The Satanist

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Release date: 3 February 2014
Style: Blackened death metal


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Disc I
01. Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel
02. Furor Divinus
03. Messe Noire
04. Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer
05. Amen
06. The Satanist
07. Ben Sahar
08. In The Absence Ov Light
09. O Father O Satan O Sun!
10. Ludzie Wschodu [Siekiera cover] [Australian bonus]

Disc II [DVD] [deluxe box set version]
01. Live Barbarossa
    1 - Intro
    2 - Ov Fire And The Void
    3 - Demigod
    4 - Moonspell Rites
    5 - Conquer All
    6 - Christians To The Lions
    7 - The Seed Ov I
    8 - Alas, Lord Is Upon Me
    9 - Decade Of ΘΕΡΙΟΝ
    10 - At The Left Hand Ov God
    11 - Slaves Shall Serve
    12 - Chant For ΕΣΧΗΑΤΟΝ 2000
    13 - 23 (The Youth Manifesto)
    14 - Lucifer
02. The Satanist: Oblivion

Top 20 albums of 2014: 4

Adam "Nergal" Darski - guitars, vocals
Zbigniew Robert "Inferno" Promiński - drums
Tomasz "Orion" Wróblewski - bass, backing vocals
Patryk Dominik "Seth" Sztyber - guitars, backing vocals

Guest musicians
Michał Łapaj - hammond organ

Session musicians
Artur Jurek - orchestral arrangements
Krzysztof "Siegmar" Oloś - samples
Jan Galbas - backing vocals
Marcin Janek - saxophone
Pawel Hulisz - trumpet, flugelhorn
Michał Szcerba - French horn
Łukasz Łacny - French horn
Bogdan Kwiatek - trombone
Michał Mieczkowski - bass trombone
Alicja Leoniuk-Kit - cello
Magda Miotke-Bajerska - cello
Grażyna Michalec - cello

Additional info
Deluxe box set includes:
  • Black 10" boxset (with gold hot foil & UV gloss lamination).
  • CD/DVD digibook in silver mirror slipcase (44 page booklet).
  • Supersize posterflag (approx 3x5 feet).
  • Black wooden inverted rosary cross.
  • Metal pin.
  • Black communion waffles in black envelope.

    Produced by Behemoth.
    Co-produced by Wojtek and Sławek Wiesławscy and Daniel Bergstrand.
    Engineered by Wojtek and Sławek Wiesławscy.
    Drum tech by Urban Näsvall.
    Recorded at Hertz Studio by Wojtek and Sławek Wiesławscy, February-June 2013 e.v.
    Additional recording at Dug-Out, Radio Gdańsk, Sounsgreat Studio.
    Mixed by Matt Hyde at Hideaway Studio, Los Angeles, August-September 2013 e.v.
    Mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound, New York, September-October 2013 e.v.

    All art and calligraphy by Denis Forkas.

    The excerpt from Witold Gombrowicz's 'Ślub' in the song 'In The Abscence Ov Light' used with the kind permission of Rita Gombrowicz.

  • Staff review by
    Not too many bands could throw a spoken-word, Kenny G sax muzak thing into the middle of a song called "In The Absence Ov Light" and not get laughed away into obscurity. Behemoth can get away with shit like that. They're just too cool to be dismissed. They sound cool and, with a theatrical sense that rivals well over half a Lady Gaga, they LOOK cool. I mean, I'm not gay, but I'd let Nergal and Orion double team me if they still want to.

    published 12.02.2014 | Comments (215)

    Guest review by
    What's my favorite scary movie? The Shining. With its subtle, psychological terror and slow-build that only Kubrick can pull off, it's a masterpiece. Sure, I get down with the gore-ridden creature features too. Everything from Evil Dead to Friday the 13th is cool in my book. Why is this relevant? Aliens. Okay, now you are more confused. Let me elaborate further. I think a lot of long-time fans come to a Behemoth album expecting a certain level of violence. Demigod, Thelema.6, Zos Kia Cultus; these classics are the "Aliens" of the Behemoth discography. Explosions, flame-throwers, disembowelment, "Game over man, game over!" I'm right with you, popcorn ready. The Satanist, on the other hand, is "Alien." Swarms of xenomorphs are replaced with a single, lurking threat in the shadows. The emphasis is on tension as each innocent is picked off one by one and dragged to their grim (and unseen) demise. While both styles are equally valid, I find the imagination to be a far darker place than anything directly fed to my senses.

    published 09.02.2015 | Comments (42)

    Starting with Demigod, Behemoth's albums became more and more soulless. Faster, more brutal, better produced, but devoid of feelings. But no more. This one is spontaneous, wild, unhinged and unpredictable. It has more music than brutality, more feeling than calculation. A fantastic treat.

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    13.08.2018 - 16:01
    "O Father O Satan O Sun!" is a blackened/death metal "Kashmir". An instant classic in a great album, possibly Behemoth's best.
    18.10.2018 - 17:07
    Rating: 9

    Written by nikarg on 13.08.2018 at 16:01

    "O Father O Satan O Sun!" is a blackened/death metal "Kashmir". An instant classic in a great album, possibly Behemoth's best.

    Completely agree. Well kinda, since i think Kashmir is extremely overrated. But I do agree that O Father O Satan O Sun! is a classic. Is one of those songs that the first time i heard it my jaw dropped and i knew immediately that i was hearing something special .
    26.06.2019 - 14:32
    Rating: 9
    The Entity

    This album is still growing on me, now my favorite Behemoth album by a few miles
    Industrial / Cosmic Black Metal
    02.12.2020 - 15:27
    Rating: 8

    Really...i dont get the hype
    02.12.2020 - 16:35
    Rating: 8
    Troy Killjoy
    Written by nikarg on 13.08.2018 at 16:01

    "O Father O Satan O Sun!" is a blackened/death metal "Kashmir". An instant classic in a great album, possibly Behemoth's best.

    It's actually a pretty common influence in black metal. Immortal and Inquisition have both pulled from it (more than once if you consider songs loosely based on the main riff). Much like the vocal pacing of Stairway lends itself to a lot of rock bands when they do ballads.
    "Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something."

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