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2015-  Moritz Fabian - guitars, vocals
2015-  Marco Baecker - drums
2015-2018  Pascal Sommer - guitars
› 2020-  -//-
2023-  Hendrik 'Brede' Bredemann - trumpet
2021  Daniel Droste - vocals

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Eremit’s charm across their first 2 records has come from pushing basic song concepts to and beyond their sensible limits, and in doing so transforming them into gargantuan songs that appeal both because of and in spite of their simplicity and lack of speed. With Wearer Of Numerous Forms, Eremit take things even further, but some things can only be pushed so far before they break.
Review by musclassia ››
This may be the Bearer Of Many Names, but it's not the bearer of many riffs. However, Eremit squeeze every last drop out of the riffs that they do write.
Review by musclassia ››

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