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2006-  Jon Davis - guitars, vocals
2014-  Chris Fielding - bass, backing vocals
2017-  Johnny King - drums
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2006  Richie Grundy - drums
2007-2014  Paul O'Neill (I) - drums
2009-2013  John McNulty - bass, vocals
2011-2013  Phil Coumbe - bass, backing vocals
2014-2017  Rich Lewis - drums
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2011  David Perry - bass, backing vocals
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2016-  Renata Castagna - bass

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Conan are one of those bands, much like Primitive Man and Leviathan, whose name simply couldn't possibly go better with the type of music they play. We all know that Conan isn't a pussy. He's a hulking Behemoth of a warrior who knows that battle prowess is a true measure of a man. And much like their namesake, the Brits in Conan do not see any need to deal in excessive technicalities. They're colossal, they're brutish, and all they want is to rattle our bones, which they're doing once again on Revengeance.   Review by Apothecary ››

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